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We are a family of 6, soon to be 7 in September 2019, based in South Manchester, we love to craft, splash in puddles, go on holiday and make cakes on the weekend! The 4 children all attend full-time school, whilst Mum and Dad tidy the mess they left behind! We live a hectic routine-based life, largely due to the fact that 3 of my 4 children have autism. We love to review all kinds of things and you can contact us on
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Meet Mum
I'm Mandy a busy stay at home Mum to 4 children who keep me on my toes! I'm newly pregnant, unexpectadly at 37, but looking forward to sharing our journey. I have been blogging for 5 years now and wrote my other blog for 2 years. I was born and raised in Manchester and dream of living by the sea. Prior to having children I worked in retail management, I'm not sure its an area I would ever go back to as people are just so rude! 

Meet Dad

Dave is a keen gamer like the boys, we have had a whole host of consoles in and out of the house, but the current favourite is the Xbox One. He loves a bit of DIY and I am always nagging at him to start the next project. He works in a high street supermarket, which keeps him busy and provides some sanity away from the madhouse.

Meet The Gang

Mr L is the oldest of the gang, he is a busy 15-year-old boy. He loves technology and is wise beyond his years. He states his Autism to be his greatest strength, he says it gives him a great memory! He isn't wrong and he can tell you everything about Formula One from even before he was born. Mr L was diagnosed with Classic Autism when he was 3. He would like to be a gaming programmer when he is older.

Mr D is 11 and is our quiet thinker, he loves to read and loves to build Lego models. When he's not reading or building he can be found playing on his Xbox One. Mr D was diagnosed with Aspergers in December 2014. He would like to be a teacher when he is older.

Miss S is our only Daughter, she is 10 and is a bundle of fun! She loves to watch Surprise Eggs on YouTube and loves Princesses. She was diagnosed with Classic Autism when she was 3 and didn't say her first word till she was 5! She attends a specialist autism school and loves life.

Mr C is the youngest of the gang, aged 7 he loves Marvel, Roblox, Superheroes and riding his scooter! He is a chatty bundle of fun. He has been through the CAHMs system and is not on the spectrum, yet he tests our patience the most!

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  1. Lovely to meet your family, i can imagine your house is a very busy household! I also am a mum of 4 my step son has Aspergers also x.

  2. You look a fantastic little family, so cute

  3. A great family you sound very close x

  4. Hi first time I've seen you all today -going to enjoy reading and learning fro you

  5. God bless you. All united will love.

  6. How do you manage to keep the four children occupied ? Particularly over school holidays. Crafts can be fun, and useful for rainy days.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Lovely to meet the family. I too was a retail manager and would never go back to it, far too many hours, and yes I was spoken to resident as well. Xx

  8. Great to read about your family you really do have your hands full with your kids and the individual focus and need's they have. I take my hat off to you

  9. Lovely to meet your busy family .


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