2018 Recap

Its the last day of 2018, wow it went quickly this year and it has been the usual rollercoaster that we know and love in the RTR house. I thought I would share the most viewed post from each month of the year in a little 2018 recap. Stay tuned for some great 2019 content, it's going to be a great year and I have some exciting things to share!

January 2018 - 14 Years

A post dedicated to Mr L on his 14th birthday the first born and the one we have learnt the most from. We still do learn from him every single day, the one who made us Mum and Dad.

February 2018 - Completing The Quartet

A post all about Mr C and how when he came along he completed our family. He is the one who tests our patience the most and a cheeky little monkey!

March 2018 - 16 Years Down The Line

A bit of a dedication to Mr RTR on our 16 anniversary. We have lived together since day 1 and only spent about 5 weeks apart in 16 years.

April 2018 - Autism Facts & Myths

Breaking down the cold hard facts about autism during autism awareness month. As a Mum of 3 on the spectrum, I see the differences in all 3 of my children. If you have met one person on the spectrum, you have met just one, each one is so wonderfully different.

Things got a bit hectic towards the end of April/May and I took a 3-month hiatus from the blog. We all need time to regroup and regather! I came back in August rejuvenated and raring to go.

August 2018 - Life Update

Where had I been for almost 4 months, a little update of how life had been for the time I was away and an explanation of why I took a break.

September 2018 - Searching Smyths

A post all about searching for an ideal gift for my niece. I think as it was only 3 months till Christmas this post flew in September. Smyths is always a popular choice for shopping.

October 2018 - Cozmo The Little Robot With A Big Personality

This is a review that proved very popular and the kids are still loving Cozmo. He is a clever little robot and hours of fun, he's like a member of the family now.

November 2018 - Kids Christmas Gift Guide

All the gift guides launch in November, but the kid's guide is always the one that proves the most popular. With gifts featured from stocking fillers to main gifts, there was something for everyone.

December 2018 - The Leaky Bowel Puzzle

A post detailing the issue we are having with Miss S's bowels. Its still ongoing but I am hoping that 2019 will bring us some much-needed answers for our girl.

That was our year I love these posts for looking back on, we have so much planned for the year ahead and I hope you stick around for the rollercoaster journey that is set to be 2019!

Happy New Year

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