The Leaky Bowel Puzzle

The issues with Miss S's bowel have been long-running, even as a baby she had trouble. We have been through every type of medication possible to quick or slow down the process. At the age of 10 Miss S still, has to wear nappies due to the constant flow that comes out of her, she can and will go to the toilet for a wee and can hold it really well. This is massively frustrating for her and us and she so wants to go to the toilet independently.

Our doctors have tried everything they can think of and the last part of this puzzle was for  Miss S to go into hospital for a manual clear out. The doctors have always maintained that Miss S's issue was down to constipation and overflow, I have always disagreed with this. But as part of a treatment plan, they wanted us to go down this route to eliminate the possible cause.
We were admitted to the hospital and told we would be there for up to 2 weeks and she would be given clean-prep every day till we saw some action. They initially wanted to give her the clean prep via a nasal gastric tube. Again I knew this wouldn't happen, shes is too sensory to allow anyone close enough to thread a tube down her nose. The staff were amazing with her though but the nasal tube failed. This meant that she would have to drink 2 litres of clean prep each day. She isn't a big drinker so drinking 2 litres in a day for her is a challenge, when you factor in that clean prep smells like cat wee, we had a dilemma. We watered it down with blackcurrant and amazingly she drank it! We took in her cup from home which has a straw, this held 400ml so that broke the 2 litres down into 5 cups a day. The play specialist who worked with lots during our 10-day stay made her a sticker chart. Every time she finished a cup she got a sticker, every time she got 5 stickers she got to have a dig around un the play specialists prize cupboard. The carrot and stick approach works wonders with Miss S, she loves a prize.
During our 10 day stay and 2 litres of clean-prep every day we saw little success, we had one big explosion the whole time. So not the result her doctors hoped for, but the result I was adamant we would get! Following this, we were sent back to the Children's Hospital for a bowel transit study, where she will take some tablets and then have X-rays to see where they end up! I'm a bit behind in sharing this story, we were in hospital in August!! We have now also done the transit study and find out the results on December 19th so I will share an update soon.

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  1. Aww! Bless her. It sounds like your girl has a lot to deal with.
    I hope the results are the one's you want x

  2. Fingers crossed for something positive on 19 December.


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