Playmobil City Life Childrens Playground Set

Playmobil is a brand we all know and love and I can even remember my little brother and sister having loads of it when they were little. Even now 20 years later is just as popular with families. With Christmas just around the corner, I have just received the fab Playmobil children's playground set from Smyths for review. We are big Playmobil fans and Mr C who is 7 still loves Playmobil. This set retails at £39.99 and includes two slides, a swing, skateboard ramp, chair carousel, loads of accessories and 9 Playmobil figures.
Fully set up this looks impressive and gives lots of imaginative play opportunities. I love that all the bits and pieces are removable and can all be played with. There are lots of accessories with this set from burgers for the bbq, to flowers and birds for the trees. There is a lot of attention to detail.
Each piece of the set is incredible quality and life like for a children's toy. The mini bbq is fab they can actually take the burgers off the bbq and serve them onto the tray. All the little pieces like the basket can be held by the figures. They simply click into the figures open hands, the figures can even hold onto the handles on the bike and scooter.
The carousel is fab and you can safely strap your figures in before you spin them into a frenzy. Its so bright and colourful and will be really eye-catching for your little ones, it's actually suitable for ages 4 and up due to some of the smaller pieces in the set.
The largest part of the playset has a sand pit area, slide, picnic table and ramp. The table is great for putting the bbq next too. My boy loved the ramp he used to run the scooter, skateboard and bike up and down. I loved the tiny bucket and spade set, again they can all be held by the figures so they can be as interactive as they want with the accessories.
It did take me some time to build the set, it's not hard just some bits are fiddly and I have sausage fingers!! Thankfully I built it while the kids where at school, so I didn't have them breathing down my neck! As predicted they love the set and gave it a good playing with when they got in. Mr C even wanted to make a little video to tell you about this set.

This Playmobil City Life Childrens playground set is available exclusively to Smyths toys priced at £39.99, the ideal selection for your Playmobil collector this Christmas.
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