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It's that time of year again, I can't believe it came around so quickly! I have been busy since the end of August searching and gathering all the best items you need to have this Christmas. Rather than have an endless guide I have split it into sections again, as this worked well last year. This guide is for gifts for the men in your life from cheeky stocking fillers to full-sized gifts.
The Eurobike award-winning CLUG is the world’s smallest bike rack. It works with your floor to store your bike. You won’t believe something so small works so well, but it does. All you do is roll your bike up, and ‘CLUG’ it in. It’s like a hug for your bike! Available in three sizes, for every size of bike tyre (23mm to 62mm), the CLUG mounts in minutes using the screws and wall plugs provided to give you beautiful bike storage. Available from the Hornit website retailing at £15.00.
The Good Night Anti-Snoring ring is a completely natural remedy which uses acupressure points on the little finger to cure snoring. Unlike other cures on the market, the simple rung is non-invasive with no nasty chemicals, mouth guards or nose clips. This product is a great way to resolve sleep exhaustion and is priced at £29.99. The rings two acu-activators in your little finger work to free up your breathing passages and promote your natural biorhythms to give a snore-free restful nights sleep. You simply place the Good Night Anti-Snoring ring on the little or pinky finger just before you go to sleep, and take it off when you wake up.
Recognised worldwide as one of the oldest cologne brands, 4711 has amassed a loyal following that spans over 200 years. This is why the cologne is the perfect gift all round! Not only will it go down a storm with your Gran, It is sure to be a new favourite amongst your friends! The traditional German fragrance is available in a range of products including Eau de Cologne, Care Shower Gel, Cream Soap and Cool Stick. Perceived as invigorating and soothing in equal measure, ingredients include the unmistakable aroma of bergamot, lemon and orange to revitalise your mind, body and soul. With blends of lavender and rosemary to relax and steady any nerves and a note of neroli to soothe and guarantee a positive attitude, it’s the perfect fragrance to brighten up your loved one's day! Available from Boots and Amazon, 100ml splash bottle priced at £9.99
In a world with so many non-stick pans on offer, you need to know when you’ve got the best. JML made enhancements to every aspect of their design and the result? Copper Stone Pans. Using cutting-edge non-stick technology, they’ve created a pan with unparalleled heat distribution with class-leading levels of durability and scratch-resistance. Copper Stone Pans heat up faster too, stay hotter for longer and cook more evenly, giving you the perfect non-stick experience on any kind of hob. But best of all is that beautiful copper toning and finish, as well as a hand-sculpted, wood-styled Bakelite handle, that gives Copper Stone Pans a professional, high-quality look that will wow family, friends and guests. Available in 3 sizes direct from JML with prices starting from £24.99.
The Dorco PACE6 Plus with six, precision aligned blades on the front; one precision trimmer on the back; a non-slip handle; the PACE6 Plus has all the ingredients for a perfect shave. Dorco's most premium product available on the subscription service, the PACE6 Plus is guaranteed to give you a comfortable, close and beautifully curated shave. Why not ensure that your gift means he's groomed, not just for a week or so, but for all year round, by signing him up to the Dorco PACE6 Plus subscription service! The first month costs just £1, and from then on, prices start at just £2 a month (depending on the regularity at which you shave). Available from the Dorco website retailing at £7.99.
For the man who works outdoors you can't go wrong with the O'Keeffes skincare pack priced at £14.99. It contains a hard-working hand cream, a foot cream and a lip repair balm. Ideal for the cold winter months. Lots of men are into manscaping now and this is perfect for it. The set comes in few different options available from Boots, Sainsburys and Lloyds pharmacys nationwide.
The brand new limited edition Mach3 gift set for your bearded wonder! RRP £17.99 available in both Chrome and Black and exclusive to Boots. The set which includes additional cartridges, a shave gel and, for the first time, a stand for the razor - making it an ideal gift for Christmas! The stand is ingenious, as I hate finding the hubby's discarded razor thrown on the sink!
Born Gifted have some great personalised gifts available at the moment. The chocolate bar can be personalised with 12 characters in the front and a message on the back, perfect for a special gift for only £4.99. I love the No1 Socks available in Dad, Grandad or any name up to 8 characters. They are size 6-11 and machine washable, these are just 2 of the fab range available.
Now my hubby was fascinated by this when it arrived, which is why I have included it here! The Ecosphere was developed by scientists at NASA to create a self-contained ecosystem which features small marine shrimp, algae and micro-organisms – all contained within filtered sea water in a hand blown, completely closed class sphere. As each and every ecosphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, the living organisms will utilise the natural resources to thrive and will not overpopulate or contaminate their environment. Because of the nature of the ecosphere it does not require essentially any maintenance. Scientifically, each ecosphere demonstrates the delicate nature of our earth environment. The only care the sphere requires is a source of indirect natural or artificial light. The gorgonia, gravel and glass provide the ecosystem with a place for the micro-organisms to flourish that help feed and sustain the life cycle that allows the ecosphere to function. A pod the same as this is priced at £99, but you can buy a larger pod at £199.
The Royal British Legion has done it again! With a fab Christmas jumper online in The Poppy Shop. Wear your poppy with pride throughout the Christmas period, with the Royal British Legion Polar Bear jumper. Available in sizes small right the way through to xxxl. This years design is a polar bear wearing a poppy scarf! Priced at £34.99, you can support the Royal British Legion whilst celebrating Christmas.
Paladone has a fab range of gifts for the men in your life. I love the Sega smartphone controller, rrp £29.99. Play your favourite classic Sega games on your mobile phone with a Sega Smartphone Controller. A Bluetooth HID Sega Saturn shaped controller with removable smartphone holder that makes playing games on your mobile device easier than ever. Featuring a D-pad and buttons in the classic Sega layout, the controller is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included). Choose to play with your phone either attached to the controller or detached from the controller and used remotely. The smartphone holder can also be rotated to landscape or portrait view to support games in both formats. The PlayStation Mug, rrp £12.99 is designed from the unmistakable original PlayStation. A retro-cool gift for gamers, the PlayStation Controller Mug features a grey decal with classic PlayStation logo and controller symbols, as well as an original controller shaped handle. Mr RTR is going to love having his morning coffee from this huge mug. The Harry Potter egg cup and toast cutter, rrp £8.99 is the ideal gift for any Potterhead. Dress your morning boiled egg up as Harry Potter himself with this super-cute Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toast Cutter. Plonk your egg in the egg cup and place the egg topper on top and you've got your very own little Eggy Potter. There's also a spoon in the pack, and a toast cutter designed to make your soldiers the same shape as Harry's famous lightning bolt scar. 
Have you spotted anything that you want in the above guide? Are you sorted for Christmas or a last minute kinda person? We are all but a few larger gifts sorted and excited for Christmas.
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