Weekly Weigh In 15

No weigh in for week 14 as I was on holiday all week with the little ones, we visited Haven, so knew I wasn't going to be able to make it for weigh in. I went Monday morning and I weigh Monday evening and didn't come back till Friday.

I headed on holiday with the mindset of enjoying myself but trying to be as good as possible while on holiday. We are out for lunch or dinner and ate in the caravan also. I made good choices when I was eating out and went for low syn or syn free options as much as possible. I didn't go without though, we ate dessert, drank wine and even had a sneaky burger king. But we were extremely active every day, running around after the 2 youngest is consuming. I wasn't 100% sure that I would get a loss this week but was hoping the activity counteracted the food intake......... 

I did and I was happy to see that I had lost 2lb this week, which means I am just 4lb away from the stone and half award! I will see you next week, one step closer to that award. I'm not going to say I will have it, as whenever I do that it doesn't happen!

Weight Loss This Week - 2lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 1 stone 3lb
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