Weekly Weigh In 13

There was no week 11 or 12 weigh in, week 11 I just completely forgot to write an update for. I gained a pound, which I was pretty frustrated about as I had a really good week. But it was star week and that makes me super bloated. I still stayed for the group though as I always do, image therapy is such a big part of Slimming World for me, I love to stay and chat to everyone. Week 12 the children were sick and my Mum was not well enough to watch them while I went for weigh in. She'd just had major surgery and there was no way she could look after sick kids and possibly catch their lurgy!

I weighed myself at home which they don't recommend but I can't go a week without knowing my results, and according to my scales, I had maintained! No big surprises though I had a pretty crap week of comfort eating!

I am determined to get my head out the clouds and get into gear now, I do have 2 holidays coming up, but with pre-planning, I know its pretty easy to stick to plan and eat out! 

I have a lot of stress recently with Miss S hospital visits and the prospect of dealing with her having to have a colostomy bag and I always revert to type when I'm stressed. Unforomteunyl my type is to eat, that why I am overweight in the first place. Previous CBT has helped with this, but old habits have crept in a little and I'm fighting against them. Despite going off the rails I actually managed a sneaky 2lb loss this week!

There will be no weigh in week 14 as I am actually on holiday with the 2 youngest children. That's the week when I want to control my eating. When I come back for week 15 weigh in I would love to be closer to my 1 and a half stone award!
Weight Loss This Week - 1.5lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 1 stone 1lb
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