Family Games Night - #LTGamesNight

We were challenged by Little Tikes to go head to head with the kids and have the ultimate family games night. We were sent a fab bundle to enable us to take part which included 2 new Little Tikes games, a takeaway voucher and a voucher to get some tunes to listen to or a movie to watch to calm the gang back down.
Crazy Toaster is a fast and furious game that the kids will love. Load the toast into the toaster and take it in turns to push the button down. Up to 4 players can play and choose a plate and pan each to play with. As the toast pops out you have to try and catch a piece and match it up to the toast on your plate. My family are super competitive, so they loved this game.
This is ideal for our younger gamers too as it is suitable for ages 3+ and great for hand-eye coordination practice. Added bonus when you've finished having fun is all the pieces fit nicely back inside of the box for next time. Play got very competitive and the winner that reigned supreme for Crazy Toaster was Mr C! He was very happy with this.
We moved onto Hot Hoops for round 2 and the boys were eager to get stuck in. It's so easy for even the youngest family members to get included in. Place your ball on the spring loaded shoot, take your aim and shoot. The first person to get boy their basketballs through the hoops onto the other side is the winner!
The boys and auntie battle back and forth for 10 minutes, with both the boys being in the lead at one point. Auntie bombed out in round 3 so it was left to the boys to battle it out for the ultimate victory.
Mr C seemed more excited by keeping the scores on the doors and seeing who was going to be the overall winner, the deal was the overall winner would be able to choose what movie we used our voucher to watch and choose the pizza toppings on our takeaway!
In the end, it was Mr D who own the contest, much to Mr C's annoyance, he's a really bad loser LOL He opted to watch the Lego movie and a pepperoni pizza, so Mr C wasn't sad for too long as who doesn't love a pepperoni pizza delivered to the door. We all had a blast and it was nice to have some family competitive fun. The Little Tikes games were ideal and prices at around £12.99 they would make fab Christmas gifts. Do go and check out our #LTGamesNight video over on our Youtube channel and see the fun in action.
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