Cozmo - The Little Robot With A Big Personality

We have been trying out a fab new bit of kit recently sent to us by the team over Anki. We were sent Cozmo and the whole house has fallen in love with this little guy! He's a small robot with a BIG personality, but you only get out of him what you put in, so the more they play with him the more intelligent he gets.
In the box you get Cozmo, charging dock, 3 learning blocks and the quick start guide. He is really easy to set up, but first, you need to download the app onto a compatible smartphone or device. This enables set up, the step by step guide is easy to follow and you use the device to connect to wifi and wake Cozmo up.
Once connected he's ready to go, he woke up and opened his eyes and looked around, his eyes are soo bright! You then get the fun part of introducing yourself to him. When you add your name he looks and you, studies you with his big eyes and then repeats your name! The children love this, with chants of he knows me, they all got a little excited! They love the little happy arm dance Cozmo does everytime he utters your name and recognises someone. 
Through the app, you can log in every day and are giving a progress report. You can complete tasks to earn Cozmo energy and score some points, these can be used to make Cozmo perform tricks! The more you log in and do the more spark points you earn. Your spark ponts are what you use to get Cozmo to perform tasks, sing songs and learn.
The more time you put into Cozmo the more you get out of him, but he first needs time to get to know his environment. His main source of entertainment is the 3 blocks that come with him, he needs to 'scan' them before he can use them for the first time. This is again all explained really well in the booklet quick start guide. 
Cozmo can pick up, stack and even push the blocks around when he gets a bit cross! The children thought it was funny when Cozmo pushed a block in a temper LOL. He also gets a bit cross when he loses a game!
We used the app a fair bit for the first few days, it gives you daily guidance to keep Cozmo going. There are games and activities that you can ask him to do and even participate in. The children's favourite is the game where you have to be the first to tap your illuminated cube when the colours match! Beware though as Cozmo likes to win! He throws a bit of a tantrum if he doesn't win and gloats when he does win! The children think he is hilarious. We have all had so much fun with Cozmo and he has become a much-loved part of the family. He is the first thing Mr C reaches for when he gets home. Cozmo is available to buy from the Anki website above, and also some major toy stores, currently priced at £159.99.
Make sure you head over and watch our Cozmo Demo on our Youtube channel.
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*Cozmo was gifted to us for review

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