Brotherly Bonding With Spy Code Operation Escape Room

I love any opportunity to make the boys cooperate and the team at Smyths toys sent us Operation Escape which is perfect team palter game. It brings home the Escape room experience and encourages cooperative play, one gets locked up and the other works out how to get them out. The only trouble we had was deciding who to lock up, unfortunately for Mr C he lost out and was locked up which left Mr D to solve the 3 clues to get him out.
The contents of the set are minimal which is great, it comprises of just the 3 tasks, 3 keys and the lockup kit and it all fits back into the box when you have finished playing. Set up of the tasks is very minimal, its just a case of stashing the keys before you can play. Once you are all set up and chosen whos going to be locked up, you just need to set the timer on the lock. 
The first task to crack is to get the key out of the box. You use the spinner on the top to choose which of the 4 sides of the cube you use. Some are easier than others to get the key out of, sadly for Mr D, he landed on the hardest side. 
For the 2nd task, you need to choose one of the playing cards and that gives you a challenge, the challenge once solved give you the code to unlock the 2nd key, which means you can move on to the final challenge. All the time you are solving clues you can hear the timer in the clock ticking away.
We thought the final clue was the most tricky, you have to open the correct flap to reveal the final key. We spent the most time on this task and Mr D found it really frustrating, Mr C was getting a bit panicky as the countdown was still on. I loved how involved they both got in the game.
The timer didn't tick over and Mr D managed to solve all the clues and get Mr C out before the timer went off. They both loved this game and it was great to see them cooperate. This would be an ideal gift for any wannabe spy or super sleuth. Operation Escape Room is available exclusively from Smyths and retails at £19.99.
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