7 Reasons You Should Be Doing Your Yoga Training In India

India is a deeply sacred country. It is home to the Hindu religion, which is what the Buddhist religion is based on. They have gods and deities and the people here are devout to the ones they believe in. When you do yoga training in India, you’ll get a great reaction from people back at home. There is a good reason for that too.
You are immersed in the birthplace of yoga so your training is probably considered more authentic to the Western world. In many ways, it sort of says something about the lengths you’re willing to go to so that you can be of service to your community and to your students. Here are 7 great reasons why you should be doing your yoga training in India.

1. A Deeper Learning Experience
Doing yoga training in India will allow you to take in a deeper yoga experience. Being the birthplace of yoga, the teacher training is intense. They are usually one month immersions so you can get back to your life and start teaching. You will live the life of a true Eastern yogi and begin to experience the benefits of non-clinging, not overeating, working hard, waking up early, letting go of ego and more. Yes, you will dive deep into anatomy and learn how to do complex poses but you learn more about the soul. India is unapologetic about where yoga comes from and what it was meant to do for people.

2. Inspired by Your Surroundings
Whether you're doing your yoga training in Goa, Rishikesh, or Dharamsala, you will be inspired by your surroundings. Goa has the beach and jungle, Rishikesh has the backdrop of lush forest and the Ganges River. Dharamsala is a hillside city with the backdrop of the Himalayas. These are all inspiring and peaceful places that exude peace and tranquility. They are beautiful in nature and show you a lovely aspect of day-to-day life in India. The locals and the scenery alike will inspire you to take your practice seriously and focus on the eight limbs of yoga. These ways of life are equally as important as knowing how to do complex poses. Yoga teacher training in India shows you that.

3. It Costs Less Than Most Places
Despite being an immersive experience with gifted yoga teachers to train you, it is also cheaper than most places around the world. Yoga training in India will often include accommodation, food, and all the teachings for much less then you if you attended teacher training in your home country. This is because the cost of living is less in India. Food costs less and so does accommodation. They afford to offer you the training for much less without sacrificing the quality of education. Even with the flight, you would pay far less for a 28 immersive yoga teacher training than you would in many other places around the world.

4. More Authentic
Locals live the life of yoga. It is something their parents taught them at a young age. The ways of being that were not taught in the West such as non-grasping, non-aggression, honesty etc. When people have very little, for some reason, they seem happier. They know the secret…having things does not bring you happiness. It is likely that your yoga training in India will not be a five-star retreat. It will be modest and you won’t be eating meat or a whole lot of carbs. Your life will be quite basic, just like that of the locals. This is the authentic way of living and when you can find happiness despite how little you have, you will truly understand the way of yogis. This allows you to translate that back to your students when you’re back home. The authentic experience in many ways is just one more thing you’ll learn when it comes to yoga teacher training.

5. Looks Excellent on Your Resume
Yoga studios are going to be impressed that you did your yoga training in India. It has a well-established reputation for developing excellent teachers. Being the birthplace of yoga, it is taken seriously here and you will learn many things that aren’t taught in Western yoga training. In many ways, it will be a great leg up for your new career. When you advertise retreats of your own or your yoga classes on offer, you can mention where you took your yoga teacher training.

6. Diving into Spirituality
You may go to India thinking you’re just going to learn how to teach people how to do yoga. You might be excited about a new career. What you might be surprised at is how deeply touched you will be when you feel the energy of this spiritual place. No matter what area you do your yoga training in India, you can’t help but feel the energy that exists. Your teachers will have a great emphasis on how important the limbs of yoga are. How you should care for yourself and others. How important community is and how you can heal yourself through acceptance and kindness. The lessons you will learn during your time in India will be far more than just learning how to teach yoga. You will also get a glimpse into your self.

7. You Get to Visit India in a Group Setting
India is cultural. It’s got tropical weather and the food is incredible. Although a great place to visit, many people will feel a little uncomfortable travelling on public transit alone. This is what makes yoga training in India so appealing. You are in the safety of a community setting with other westerners that also speak English. You will quickly create bonds with others so you can go into town and have a coffee safely. Also, when the teacher training is over, you might end up going travelling with some of the group.

Yoga training in India has many benefits. Some will be noticeable right away while others will only become apparent later. The experience will be rewarding and transformative. It will make you a well-rounded teacher. What you learn here will allow you, future students, to have a greater understanding of their body, mind, and soul. This gift you give yourself will be put onto the ones you teach later.

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Written By Meera Watts 
*This is a guest post

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