Weekly Weigh In 15

No weigh in for week 14 as I was on holiday all week with the little ones, we visited Haven, so knew I wasn't going to be able to make it for weigh in. I went Monday morning and I weigh Monday evening and didn't come back till Friday.

I headed on holiday with the mindset of enjoying myself but trying to be as good as possible while on holiday. We are out for lunch or dinner and ate in the caravan also. I made good choices when I was eating out and went for low syn or syn free options as much as possible. I didn't go without though, we ate dessert, drank wine and even had a sneaky burger king. But we were extremely active every day, running around after the 2 youngest is consuming. I wasn't 100% sure that I would get a loss this week but was hoping the activity counteracted the food intake......... 

I did and I was happy to see that I had lost 2lb this week, which means I am just 4lb away from the stone and half award! I will see you next week, one step closer to that award. I'm not going to say I will have it, as whenever I do that it doesn't happen!

Weight Loss This Week - 2lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 1 stone 3lb
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Family Games Night - #LTGamesNight

We were challenged by Little Tikes to go head to head with the kids and have the ultimate family games night. We were sent a fab bundle to enable us to take part which included 2 new Little Tikes games, a takeaway voucher and a voucher to get some tunes to listen to or a movie to watch to calm the gang back down.
Crazy Toaster is a fast and furious game that the kids will love. Load the toast into the toaster and take it in turns to push the button down. Up to 4 players can play and choose a plate and pan each to play with. As the toast pops out you have to try and catch a piece and match it up to the toast on your plate. My family are super competitive, so they loved this game.
This is ideal for our younger gamers too as it is suitable for ages 3+ and great for hand-eye coordination practice. Added bonus when you've finished having fun is all the pieces fit nicely back inside of the box for next time. Play got very competitive and the winner that reigned supreme for Crazy Toaster was Mr C! He was very happy with this.
We moved onto Hot Hoops for round 2 and the boys were eager to get stuck in. It's so easy for even the youngest family members to get included in. Place your ball on the spring loaded shoot, take your aim and shoot. The first person to get boy their basketballs through the hoops onto the other side is the winner!
The boys and auntie battle back and forth for 10 minutes, with both the boys being in the lead at one point. Auntie bombed out in round 3 so it was left to the boys to battle it out for the ultimate victory.
Mr C seemed more excited by keeping the scores on the doors and seeing who was going to be the overall winner, the deal was the overall winner would be able to choose what movie we used our voucher to watch and choose the pizza toppings on our takeaway!
In the end, it was Mr D who own the contest, much to Mr C's annoyance, he's a really bad loser LOL He opted to watch the Lego movie and a pepperoni pizza, so Mr C wasn't sad for too long as who doesn't love a pepperoni pizza delivered to the door. We all had a blast and it was nice to have some family competitive fun. The Little Tikes games were ideal and prices at around £12.99 they would make fab Christmas gifts. Do go and check out our #LTGamesNight video over on our Youtube channel and see the fun in action.
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Laser Hair Removal Tactics and Treatment Expectations

Body hair is natural for all of us, but sometimes it can be present in embarrassing or annoying areas. If you have such unwanted hair, there are many ways to remove it. For example, you can shave it off or wax it away. But what happens when you are tired of those traditional at-home methods? One alternative you can try is laser hair removal.

Lasers have been used for decades to treat a multitude of skincare concerns, including wrinkles. Laser hair removal, however, has stood out as one of the most popular procedures. They work by sending beams of light down through hair shafts to the roots, which are called follicles. The treatment weakens the follicles, causing eventual hair loss in the treated area.

How Laser Hair Removal Devices Can be Used
One of the reasons laser hair removal devices are so popular is they are precision tools. Therefore, they can treat any part of your body. So, whether the unwanted hair is on your arms, legs, bikini area or other part of your body, you may be eligible for laser hair removal. However, the laser hair-removal machines for sale on today's market vary in specializations and their abilities to treat certain skin types.

Years ago, laser hair removal would not have been recommended for you, if your hair is lighter than your skin. That is because the hair removal lasers of the time used hair color to help the laser beams locate their targets. Darkness on a light background helped the beams to focus. Today, there are so many laser machines available that you can find equipment to treat your unwanted hair safely, even if you have dark skin. So, they can be used in almost any situation, but you must still verify your eligibility for treatment with your clinician.

Potential Laser Hair Removal Benefits to Consider
You may think laser hair removal is inconvenient compared to waxing or shaving. However, those techniques only remove the hairs for a short time. Shaving in particular is not very effective because the lower portions of each hair remain intact. When you undergo laser hair removal it takes some time after treatment for hairs to fall out, but once they do they may not return for weeks. After multiple treatments you may even see some permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal can also be beneficial if you cannot reach the area with the offending hair to shave or wax it off. Additionally, if you want to remove all the hair in a specific area, lasers are much more accurate than razors or waxing. Lasers can also treat your unwanted hair in a minute to an hour, depending on the size of the area where the hair is located.

Minimizing Potential Laser Hair Removal Risks
Laser hair removal is like any other medical procedure. It should be performed by a certified or licensed professional in a clean environment. Make sure the clinic and clinician you select have well-established reputations for excellence before booking a procedure to minimize risks.
Also, you must avoid sun exposure before and after laser treatment. Your clinician will tell you for how long, but a standard period is about six weeks. Exposure before the procedure can make it difficult for the lasers to target your unwanted hairs. After, your skin can be red and sensitive, making sun exposure hazardous.
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Cozmo - The Little Robot With A Big Personality

We have been trying out a fab new bit of kit recently sent to us by the team over Anki. We were sent Cozmo and the whole house has fallen in love with this little guy! He's a small robot with a BIG personality, but you only get out of him what you put in, so the more they play with him the more intelligent he gets.
In the box you get Cozmo, charging dock, 3 learning blocks and the quick start guide. He is really easy to set up, but first, you need to download the app onto a compatible smartphone or device. This enables set up, the step by step guide is easy to follow and you use the device to connect to wifi and wake Cozmo up.
Once connected he's ready to go, he woke up and opened his eyes and looked around, his eyes are soo bright! You then get the fun part of introducing yourself to him. When you add your name he looks and you, studies you with his big eyes and then repeats your name! The children love this, with chants of he knows me, they all got a little excited! They love the little happy arm dance Cozmo does everytime he utters your name and recognises someone. 
Through the app, you can log in every day and are giving a progress report. You can complete tasks to earn Cozmo energy and score some points, these can be used to make Cozmo perform tricks! The more you log in and do the more spark points you earn. Your spark ponts are what you use to get Cozmo to perform tasks, sing songs and learn.
The more time you put into Cozmo the more you get out of him, but he first needs time to get to know his environment. His main source of entertainment is the 3 blocks that come with him, he needs to 'scan' them before he can use them for the first time. This is again all explained really well in the booklet quick start guide. 
Cozmo can pick up, stack and even push the blocks around when he gets a bit cross! The children thought it was funny when Cozmo pushed a block in a temper LOL. He also gets a bit cross when he loses a game!
We used the app a fair bit for the first few days, it gives you daily guidance to keep Cozmo going. There are games and activities that you can ask him to do and even participate in. The children's favourite is the game where you have to be the first to tap your illuminated cube when the colours match! Beware though as Cozmo likes to win! He throws a bit of a tantrum if he doesn't win and gloats when he does win! The children think he is hilarious. We have all had so much fun with Cozmo and he has become a much-loved part of the family. He is the first thing Mr C reaches for when he gets home. Cozmo is available to buy from the Anki website above, and also some major toy stores, currently priced at £159.99.
Make sure you head over and watch our Cozmo Demo on our Youtube channel.
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*Cozmo was gifted to us for review

Weekly Weigh In 13

There was no week 11 or 12 weigh in, week 11 I just completely forgot to write an update for. I gained a pound, which I was pretty frustrated about as I had a really good week. But it was star week and that makes me super bloated. I still stayed for the group though as I always do, image therapy is such a big part of Slimming World for me, I love to stay and chat to everyone. Week 12 the children were sick and my Mum was not well enough to watch them while I went for weigh in. She'd just had major surgery and there was no way she could look after sick kids and possibly catch their lurgy!

I weighed myself at home which they don't recommend but I can't go a week without knowing my results, and according to my scales, I had maintained! No big surprises though I had a pretty crap week of comfort eating!

I am determined to get my head out the clouds and get into gear now, I do have 2 holidays coming up, but with pre-planning, I know its pretty easy to stick to plan and eat out! 

I have a lot of stress recently with Miss S hospital visits and the prospect of dealing with her having to have a colostomy bag and I always revert to type when I'm stressed. Unforomteunyl my type is to eat, that why I am overweight in the first place. Previous CBT has helped with this, but old habits have crept in a little and I'm fighting against them. Despite going off the rails I actually managed a sneaky 2lb loss this week!

There will be no weigh in week 14 as I am actually on holiday with the 2 youngest children. That's the week when I want to control my eating. When I come back for week 15 weigh in I would love to be closer to my 1 and a half stone award!
Weight Loss This Week - 1.5lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 1 stone 1lb
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Wally The Washer Review & Giveaway

We have big love for Drumond Park games in our house and we are ready to share another fab review and giveaway with you, this time for the fab family game! Introducing Wally The Washer - A wacky new toy washing machine that every child will love!
Wally requires very little setup, you need to insert some batteries, put the stickers on the smelly socks and Wally himself and you're ready to go. Wally is suitable for up to 4 players and you get 4 washing lines, 1 for each player, you need a minimum of 2 players to play.
To start play load all the laundry and the smelly sock into Wally and close the door, the drum comes to life and the laundry will whirl around. Someone then presses the button on top of Wally and the door will fly open and the laundry spills out onto the floor. The players then have to grab their laundry and fill their washing line with the corresponding colours.
The first player to fill their washing line is the winner, but beware of the smelly sock, if you grab him as he flys out of the washer you have to wear the peg on your bose for the rest of the round! The kids thought this was hilarious and actually sought the sock when it flew out.
It's a fab game, it is great for young ones learning their colours, as you have to colour match your laundry. Its also good for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, fab to get some learning in whilst playing! Wally The Washer is available to buy, rrp £24.99 from most good toy store and Amazon. For your chance to win a copy for yourself just enter via the widget below, do read the terms and conditions before entering.
Wally The Washer
Terms & Conditions.         
1. One prize for one winner.
2. Winners email will be sent to PR who will arrange delivery.
3. Competition ends Midnight 12/11/18.
4. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
5. UK entries only.

We Had A Num Noms Smoothie Movie Night

I love to spend time with Miss S, she prefers her own company the majority of the time if I'm honest. But when Num Noms got in touch and offered to send us a fab bundle to enable us to have a fab Mummy and Daughter movie night I jumped at the chance.
We were sent the Num Noms Silly Shake Maker,  Num Nom light surprise jar, a drink cup, cuddly blanket, sweetie cone and a voucher to enable us to watch a movie on google or Netflix. Before we got down to watching the movie though Miss S wanted to investigate the Silly Shake Maker.
Its a great set up and enables your little makers to design and make their own slime and silly shakes. Making the slime is really easy, just pop some of the plain slimes into the mixer and add your choice of colours, glitter and confetti. The more colour you out in the darker your slime so you can make lots of different colours.
Once you've made your slime you can make your silly shake different coloured slimes, Miss S lost interest and wanted to eat the sweets she was sent instead. Once you've made your silly creations you can store them with lids on in the back of the kitchen. 
The Silly Shaker Maker is a great hands-on piece of kit and is available in most good toys stores retailing at £39.99. A must-have piece for any Num Noms fan that can be used again and again. It fits in well with the rest of our Num Noms stuff and its great to have some pieces that Miss S will actually play with and won't just sit gathering dust!
While I tidied up the slime and kitchen Miss S got her cosy on in the corner of the new sofa. We decided to watch The Greatest Showman as Miss S loves a good sing song. She loves her new fluffy pink blanket! I really liked the  Num Noms light surprise jar, its got a cuddly scented Num inside, Miss S is very sensory so I knew it would be a hit. It also has a flashy Nom in the jar which she loved. The sweeties didnt last long and she's not great at sharing!! I managed to sneak a few marshmallows while she was busy belting out show tunes!
Even the dog wanted to get in on the girly movie action! Gotta love family time. We had a lovely few hours Mummy and daughter time, some new toys to play with, rounded off with a cosy blanket and some sweets! What's your favourite thing to do with family time? Movie night always wins hands down here!
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7 Reasons You Should Be Doing Your Yoga Training In India

India is a deeply sacred country. It is home to the Hindu religion, which is what the Buddhist religion is based on. They have gods and deities and the people here are devout to the ones they believe in. When you do yoga training in India, you’ll get a great reaction from people back at home. There is a good reason for that too.
You are immersed in the birthplace of yoga so your training is probably considered more authentic to the Western world. In many ways, it sort of says something about the lengths you’re willing to go to so that you can be of service to your community and to your students. Here are 7 great reasons why you should be doing your yoga training in India.

1. A Deeper Learning Experience
Doing yoga training in India will allow you to take in a deeper yoga experience. Being the birthplace of yoga, the teacher training is intense. They are usually one month immersions so you can get back to your life and start teaching. You will live the life of a true Eastern yogi and begin to experience the benefits of non-clinging, not overeating, working hard, waking up early, letting go of ego and more. Yes, you will dive deep into anatomy and learn how to do complex poses but you learn more about the soul. India is unapologetic about where yoga comes from and what it was meant to do for people.

2. Inspired by Your Surroundings
Whether you're doing your yoga training in Goa, Rishikesh, or Dharamsala, you will be inspired by your surroundings. Goa has the beach and jungle, Rishikesh has the backdrop of lush forest and the Ganges River. Dharamsala is a hillside city with the backdrop of the Himalayas. These are all inspiring and peaceful places that exude peace and tranquility. They are beautiful in nature and show you a lovely aspect of day-to-day life in India. The locals and the scenery alike will inspire you to take your practice seriously and focus on the eight limbs of yoga. These ways of life are equally as important as knowing how to do complex poses. Yoga teacher training in India shows you that.

3. It Costs Less Than Most Places
Despite being an immersive experience with gifted yoga teachers to train you, it is also cheaper than most places around the world. Yoga training in India will often include accommodation, food, and all the teachings for much less then you if you attended teacher training in your home country. This is because the cost of living is less in India. Food costs less and so does accommodation. They afford to offer you the training for much less without sacrificing the quality of education. Even with the flight, you would pay far less for a 28 immersive yoga teacher training than you would in many other places around the world.

4. More Authentic
Locals live the life of yoga. It is something their parents taught them at a young age. The ways of being that were not taught in the West such as non-grasping, non-aggression, honesty etc. When people have very little, for some reason, they seem happier. They know the secret…having things does not bring you happiness. It is likely that your yoga training in India will not be a five-star retreat. It will be modest and you won’t be eating meat or a whole lot of carbs. Your life will be quite basic, just like that of the locals. This is the authentic way of living and when you can find happiness despite how little you have, you will truly understand the way of yogis. This allows you to translate that back to your students when you’re back home. The authentic experience in many ways is just one more thing you’ll learn when it comes to yoga teacher training.

5. Looks Excellent on Your Resume
Yoga studios are going to be impressed that you did your yoga training in India. It has a well-established reputation for developing excellent teachers. Being the birthplace of yoga, it is taken seriously here and you will learn many things that aren’t taught in Western yoga training. In many ways, it will be a great leg up for your new career. When you advertise retreats of your own or your yoga classes on offer, you can mention where you took your yoga teacher training.

6. Diving into Spirituality
You may go to India thinking you’re just going to learn how to teach people how to do yoga. You might be excited about a new career. What you might be surprised at is how deeply touched you will be when you feel the energy of this spiritual place. No matter what area you do your yoga training in India, you can’t help but feel the energy that exists. Your teachers will have a great emphasis on how important the limbs of yoga are. How you should care for yourself and others. How important community is and how you can heal yourself through acceptance and kindness. The lessons you will learn during your time in India will be far more than just learning how to teach yoga. You will also get a glimpse into your self.

7. You Get to Visit India in a Group Setting
India is cultural. It’s got tropical weather and the food is incredible. Although a great place to visit, many people will feel a little uncomfortable travelling on public transit alone. This is what makes yoga training in India so appealing. You are in the safety of a community setting with other westerners that also speak English. You will quickly create bonds with others so you can go into town and have a coffee safely. Also, when the teacher training is over, you might end up going travelling with some of the group.

Yoga training in India has many benefits. Some will be noticeable right away while others will only become apparent later. The experience will be rewarding and transformative. It will make you a well-rounded teacher. What you learn here will allow you, future students, to have a greater understanding of their body, mind, and soul. This gift you give yourself will be put onto the ones you teach later.

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Written By Meera Watts 
*This is a guest post

Brotherly Bonding With Spy Code Operation Escape Room

I love any opportunity to make the boys cooperate and the team at Smyths toys sent us Operation Escape which is perfect team palter game. It brings home the Escape room experience and encourages cooperative play, one gets locked up and the other works out how to get them out. The only trouble we had was deciding who to lock up, unfortunately for Mr C he lost out and was locked up which left Mr D to solve the 3 clues to get him out.
The contents of the set are minimal which is great, it comprises of just the 3 tasks, 3 keys and the lockup kit and it all fits back into the box when you have finished playing. Set up of the tasks is very minimal, its just a case of stashing the keys before you can play. Once you are all set up and chosen whos going to be locked up, you just need to set the timer on the lock. 
The first task to crack is to get the key out of the box. You use the spinner on the top to choose which of the 4 sides of the cube you use. Some are easier than others to get the key out of, sadly for Mr D, he landed on the hardest side. 
For the 2nd task, you need to choose one of the playing cards and that gives you a challenge, the challenge once solved give you the code to unlock the 2nd key, which means you can move on to the final challenge. All the time you are solving clues you can hear the timer in the clock ticking away.
We thought the final clue was the most tricky, you have to open the correct flap to reveal the final key. We spent the most time on this task and Mr D found it really frustrating, Mr C was getting a bit panicky as the countdown was still on. I loved how involved they both got in the game.
The timer didn't tick over and Mr D managed to solve all the clues and get Mr C out before the timer went off. They both loved this game and it was great to see them cooperate. This would be an ideal gift for any wannabe spy or super sleuth. Operation Escape Room is available exclusively from Smyths and retails at £19.99.
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