Weekly Weigh In Week 10

My week 9 on Slimming World was much better, I was more focused, I tried to reign in my over synning and upping my speed foods. We were hit with the news that Mullers are no longer syn free and the uproar its caused in social media has had me rolling around! Its all a fuss about nothing! It's a syn people if you don't wanna spend a syn then don't eat the damn yoghurt its simple. If you are happy with your losses and want to carry on eating them and not synning them, carry on regardless! I love how the social media world blows up with the crap! Personally, I don't eat a lot of the things as they are the rankest thing ever, they are so over-sweetened and leave a coating on my teeth! Then the 2nd travesty smash is now synned, this killed me more than #mullergate, I mean come on people Smash!!! It tastes like absolute shite, looks like wallpaper paste and is just plain god damned lazy! If you want mash boils some damn potatoes! 

Anyhow on to the weight loss and it was a loss, I said in last weeks post I wanted a 3lb loss to enable me to get my 1 stone award, I ate out twice last week but used my syns wisely and was able to make some good choice to maintain my weight loss. I spent all Monday before weigh in painting and had just got out of the shower to get ready when I had a phone call from Miss S's school! She got a magnetic letter O stuck on her finger and it wouldn't budge! So, she needed to be taken to A&E (post to come on that little incident soon), so I had to weigh and dash.
But I did it! I'm not gonna lie I was gutted that I couldn't stay to the group and get my award given to me. I also picked up to boxes of the sticky toffee bars and OMG I love them, I'm a box down 2 days in already. I needed this 3lb this week to get the ball rolling again after a slow 2nd month on plan. I've got a busy week coming up to get the decorating finished. See you next week with another loss.
Weight Loss This Week - 1.5lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 1 stone
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