Weekly Weigh In 7

So last night I went to group and activated my 12-week countdown and I have started my new 12-week weight loss journal. My dream for the next 12 weigh-ins would be to lose 3lbs each week which would be 36lbs by the end of the countdown. That would be at least 3 stone down before Christmas!

I had a pretty good week, I tracked everything I ate even down to the Mcdonalds breakfast I had on Sunday morning. I was over my syns on a few of the days this week. But on the days I was on plan I was doing sp. For those not familiar with SP it basically means all the food I eat has to be a speed food or a protein food, plus on an sp day, you get to have to HEXB options. On sp days I also cant hve pasta, roce, ypghurst etc. If it's not a speed food or a protein food I can't have it. I usually carry my book around with me when I do SP, the majority of fruits and vegetables are speed, but there are a few that aren't.

I am still loving my Tetley cold infusions and drinking around 3 a day, which is great for my water intake and no caffeine! My meal plan is all set up for the week. I have included my breakfasts and lunches on there too, this takes the thinking out of meals and I can just look and know what I am having. I think it's a definite way to keep my 100% on track. I am not only 4lbs away from my stone award. I would love that this week but don't want to put too much pressure on myself to lose loads each week.

Weight Loss This Week - 2lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 10lbs

See you Next Week

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