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I have been back on the weight loss wagon now for about 2 months and for the last month I have been trying out Maxislim BerryTrimStudies have also shown that Glucomannan is fantastic for gut bacteria, helping to create a favourable environment for good bacteria to grow. These good bacteria are involved in good immune function and in helping to maintain the integrity of the gut lining, which is vital for healthy digestion and the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. Glucomannan can also help to encourage healthy bowel regularity. In addition to Glucomannan, Maxislim BerryTrim also provides Inulin, a well-documented prebiotic that helps to establish good levels of healthy bacteria in the gut, CLA which helps to favourably alter the ratio of lean to fat in the body, and a rich phytonutrient complex of berries for nutritional support.
It's really easy to use simply mix with water to make a pleasant-tasting drink. Each serving contains only 22 calories. So it doesn't interfere with the healthy eating plan I am following. It has a pleasant berry flavour. You can take it between 2-3 times a day, so before each meal, if you like. I opted to just take it twice a day, before breakfast and dinner. I didn't find I needed to take it at lunch time. It made me feel too full having it 3 times a day. I also don't have a big lunch as I'm more a morning and evening eater.
The girly in my love that it looks like a glass of glitter b3efore you drink it, it has a slight gel consistency. I found if I drank it as soon as I made it I preferred it. It tends to go thicker the longer it is sat. I definitely felt fuller after drinking it, so its great for the days when I wake up feeling hangry but I need to sort the children out first. It became part of my morning routine and I actually enjoyed drinking it. In my first month on the weight loss wagon with this 5 out of 7 days twice a day I actually lost 8lbs, the average of 2lbs per week. Maxislim BerryTrim is available direct from Health Arena Products for £29.95, it contains 42 servings. Following its industry launch last year Maxislim BerryTrim has since won best supplement at the UK Natural Health Trade Summit in October 2017. You can find full details on the Health Arena website.
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