Getting Cosy For Autumn in 5 Steps

Now the children are back at school we can finally continue with the house redecoration. We started way back in June but we had to halt proceedings due to the bathroom remodel. Once the bathroom was finished the children had finished and trying to redecorate around the 4 children is a big no-no. I had already purchased all the decorating materials in advance, so they have been sat under the stairs gathering dust for the past 10 weeks! My lounge has looked like this for the past 10 weeks, so we can't wait to get started!
The weather really feels like it closing in fast and I really want to get the lounge cosy and autumn ready, it doesn't have to cost the earth either. Here are my 5 steps to getting your lounge autumn ready.

1. Fireplace
I love my fireplace, but I don't use it to heat the room though as the cost of running an electric fire is just ridiculous. We have full central heating so don't need it anyway. But you will be surprised how using the light effect on the fire makes you feel all warm and cosy. We flick the lamp on and turn the light effect on the fireplace and it instantly makes you think of warm log fires. Its really relaxing to look at the lights flickering too.

2. Rugs
A big fluffy rug is a must for the autumn, especially if you have a wooden floor like me. I do find it a bit chilly in the autumn and winter, so always pop a rung down, usually in front of the fireplace. The children always seem to congregate on it.

3. Lighting
A bit of lighting always helps to warm the room up, I have got a corner lamp which we use at night times with the fire lights. We are also looking at a LED dimmer switch from LED hut. I love the idea of being able to use mood lighting and LED lights last so much longer.

4. Cuddly Blankets
I love a snuggly blanket and you can't beat them in autumn. I love nothing more than getting right into the corner of my sofa and hiding under a fluffy blanket on a cold day.

5. Candles
There is honestly nothing cosier than lighting your favourite candle, especially if its a scented one. I have a stunning mango and lime one at the moment. But I can't wait to break out the pumpkin ones for autumn.

Autumn is most definitely my favourite season, I much prefer to be snuggly warm than sweating in the intense heat of summer. Are you the autumn type or do you love the summer sun.
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