Fingerlings Monkey Hugs Review

If there is one thing that Mr C loves its the chance to review a new toy. You will all remember how popular Fingerlings where last Christmas, you literally had to trawl the shops to find one. I think the Fingerlings Hugs is going to be just as popular.
We were sent Boris the blue Fingerlings to test out, you can also get Bella. They retail at £29.99 and are available from most good toy shops including Argos and Smyths.
We made a little clip for our Youtube Channel, Fingerlings Boris Demo, go check it out. Its safe to say Mr C loved Boris, he's a lovely soft cuddly monkey. What makes Boris super great is the fact that he responds to you.
When you chuck him up in the air he shouts "weeeee", when you tickle him he giggles, kiss him and he kisses you back. We even discovered after we did our demo of Boris that he even copies what you say! When your little ones have had enough Boris they can rock him to sleep and hear him snoring. He's super cute and provides lots of different play options.
He has little velcro hands so he is perfect for giving hugs to and his velcro hands mean he won't ever let go! Mr C had lots of funs chucking him around, a making him laugh and giving him snuggle. Miss S even showed a little interest, she's not a big cuddly toy fan. But I think the fact the Fingerlings Hug Monkey responds makes it a winner, he's so much more than just a cuddly toy. He is not suitable for children under 3 years, so although your younger ones may love him it's not recommended. He does have a battery pack inside his back which little hands could get hold of. He retails at £29.99 which is a fair price for a cause and effect toy in my opinion. He comes with batteries and he even has an off switch, so when the kids are at school you can shut him off! I think the Fingerlings Hug Monkey is going to be super popular this Christmas so get yours while you can!
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  1. My youngest loves fingerlings and already has these on her Christmas list. They look so sweet x


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