Super Cute Collectable Num Noms

Children's collectable toys are all the range and have been for the past year, my children love them just as much as most. We have a whole array of collectables lying around the house, all discarded because once you collect them what do you do with them? Last week we got the answer in a super delivery of Num Noms, which offer not just collectables but a playset to accompany them, so you can actually play with your collectables.
The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck contains everything that you need to make your own flavoured lipgloss! They can choose to make vanilla or cherry flavour and if they want to add glitter as who doesnt want sparkly lipgloss? The truck comes ready assembled and has a special edition scented num on the set. Both of my younger 2 loved playing with this, they loved all the bots and pieces and one that once you made your lipgloss you can store it on one of the lipgloss containers. From an adults perspective, all the pieces are easy to clean after play to be used again and again and no batteries required. The truck retails at £29.99 and can be found in Argos.
The ideal accompaniment for the lipgloss truck is the series 4 starter pack of frosted donuts. They would also make the ideal stocking filler. Inside you get 3 scened baked goods nums, a flavoured lip gloss, a spoon and a food tray to keep them all in. The spoon and little donuts go great with the truck, they fit nicely on the side shelf. This set is available from Smiths for just £6.99.
The Num Noms mystery packs are a must have for any collector each tub contains a surprise Num and we got 2 of the series 5 mystery tubs. Each tub contains a scented num outer and a nom inner. The inner will be a scented lipgloss or nail polish, some of the mystery pots contain special edition Num Noms and if you're lucky you will get one of those. We got a nail polish in pot 1 and a lip gloss in pot 2. These retail at £3.99 so are ideal pocket money toys for avid collectors.
The final item we received in the bundle was this adorable Num Noms Lights Surprise JarThese sweet and huggable Num Noms Surprise in a Jar now light up! They're scented and smell so delicious, you'll want to collect them all! The adorable, all new smoothie jar they come in doubles as a piggy bank or storage for your Num Noms collection! Includes a removable light-up Nom, just like the Mystery Packs! These retail at £12.99 and Miss S absolutely loved this item and they smell amazing. Each jar contains a different Num Nom so you can collect them all. The kids absolutely loved our Num Noms delivery and there is plenty of bits to keep them busy and get them excited for Christmas.
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Weekly Weigh In Week 10

My week 9 on Slimming World was much better, I was more focused, I tried to reign in my over synning and upping my speed foods. We were hit with the news that Mullers are no longer syn free and the uproar its caused in social media has had me rolling around! Its all a fuss about nothing! It's a syn people if you don't wanna spend a syn then don't eat the damn yoghurt its simple. If you are happy with your losses and want to carry on eating them and not synning them, carry on regardless! I love how the social media world blows up with the crap! Personally, I don't eat a lot of the things as they are the rankest thing ever, they are so over-sweetened and leave a coating on my teeth! Then the 2nd travesty smash is now synned, this killed me more than #mullergate, I mean come on people Smash!!! It tastes like absolute shite, looks like wallpaper paste and is just plain god damned lazy! If you want mash boils some damn potatoes! 

Anyhow on to the weight loss and it was a loss, I said in last weeks post I wanted a 3lb loss to enable me to get my 1 stone award, I ate out twice last week but used my syns wisely and was able to make some good choice to maintain my weight loss. I spent all Monday before weigh in painting and had just got out of the shower to get ready when I had a phone call from Miss S's school! She got a magnetic letter O stuck on her finger and it wouldn't budge! So, she needed to be taken to A&E (post to come on that little incident soon), so I had to weigh and dash.
But I did it! I'm not gonna lie I was gutted that I couldn't stay to the group and get my award given to me. I also picked up to boxes of the sticky toffee bars and OMG I love them, I'm a box down 2 days in already. I needed this 3lb this week to get the ball rolling again after a slow 2nd month on plan. I've got a busy week coming up to get the decorating finished. See you next week with another loss.
Weight Loss This Week - 1.5lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 1 stone
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Fingerlings Monkey Hugs Review

If there is one thing that Mr C loves its the chance to review a new toy. You will all remember how popular Fingerlings where last Christmas, you literally had to trawl the shops to find one. I think the Fingerlings Hugs is going to be just as popular.
We were sent Boris the blue Fingerlings to test out, you can also get Bella. They retail at £29.99 and are available from most good toy shops including Argos and Smyths.
We made a little clip for our Youtube Channel, Fingerlings Boris Demo, go check it out. Its safe to say Mr C loved Boris, he's a lovely soft cuddly monkey. What makes Boris super great is the fact that he responds to you.
When you chuck him up in the air he shouts "weeeee", when you tickle him he giggles, kiss him and he kisses you back. We even discovered after we did our demo of Boris that he even copies what you say! When your little ones have had enough Boris they can rock him to sleep and hear him snoring. He's super cute and provides lots of different play options.
He has little velcro hands so he is perfect for giving hugs to and his velcro hands mean he won't ever let go! Mr C had lots of funs chucking him around, a making him laugh and giving him snuggle. Miss S even showed a little interest, she's not a big cuddly toy fan. But I think the fact the Fingerlings Hug Monkey responds makes it a winner, he's so much more than just a cuddly toy. He is not suitable for children under 3 years, so although your younger ones may love him it's not recommended. He does have a battery pack inside his back which little hands could get hold of. He retails at £29.99 which is a fair price for a cause and effect toy in my opinion. He comes with batteries and he even has an off switch, so when the kids are at school you can shut him off! I think the Fingerlings Hug Monkey is going to be super popular this Christmas so get yours while you can!
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Searching The Smyths Toys Catalogue For Gift Ideas

We got a very exciting delivery this morning the brand new Smyths toys catalogue! Its come just in time too as it's my nieces 3rd birthday soon and I need to the children to help me pick her some fab gifts. My eldest is nearly 8 so I'm so out of the loop when it comes to toddler gifts.
Mr C was straight on the case when and was flicking through the catalgoue before I even got it out of the envleope. His cousins Birthday coming around in the calendar always excites him as he knows it means its very nearly Christmas. He will no doubt start flicking through for gifts for himself when we have finished.
Smyths is always our first choice and we all get excited when the new catalogue comes around. As a Mum of 4 I love that Smyths toys have gifts to suit all budgets and when you spend £25 you get free delivery, order by 5pm for next day delivery option and you can click and collect within 1 hour.
My Niece like all little ones loves all these collectible items and most importantly surprise bags and eggs. The Hatchimals and Nom Noms collections on page 116 would be one perfect option. Mr C seems to think she will love them. There is actually a really good selection of collectables in the catalogue from LOL to Shopkins!
If you are looking for a cuddly Mr C spotted the Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise on page 129. A cute and cuddle plush with a hidden surprise inside. I love this and I think it would be my choice of gift. I love that the heart on the chest is removable, you can swish your hand over the sequins to turn them over. Its a real sensory toy, I think Miss S would love it as she loves her sequin cushion.
It didnt take long for Mr C's eyes to start to wander and he was fully checking off his Christmas list. He found himself in Pokemon heaven and apparently he NEEDS the Pokemon clip and go belt. I've told him we will have to see what Father Christmas thinks. I am really impressed with the new catalogue and think it offers a good selection of products. There are even bikes and games consoles in there if you are looking for main gifts. You can order your Smyths Toys Catalogue now and get a jump start on your gift lists for the rest of the year.

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Weekly Weigh In 8 & 9

So last week I completely forgot to post my weekly weigh on post, we are in the midst of house redecoration and its absolute madness. We are literally doing the hall stairs and landing, boys bedroom, lounge, and our bedroom all at the same time. I bought all the stuff before the summer holidays but I'm not stupid enough to attempt to decorate with the 4 kids buzzing around the house. Anyway I digress! Back to the weight loss!

Week 7
I actually had a half a pound gain, it wasn't completely unexpected. I was lazy with my healty extras which is stupid as its literally the only thing you have to weigh and measure. I also over compensated with my syns, so was lucky to scrape through with a minimal gain. But that did put me 4.5lb away from my stone award and I really wanted it!

Week 8
I headed into week 8 knowing that I would be off plan pretty much the whole weekend. My sister was home for a visit and when family gets together it usually involves eating out, movies and chocolate, you name it we eat it! To prevent a massive gain I spent Monday to Thursday 110%, measuring my healthy extras and having minimal syns of just 5 per day. I also drank 3 litres of water every day, 1 litre to be drunk by lunch and 2 after. I had a great Friday to Sunday, I really enjoyed it. But then I am a binge eater at heart, so I know how to take advantage. My careful planning to prepare for the weekend means that I still got a loss tonight! I lost 1.5lbs, which gives me 11lbs in total. I'm just 3lbs away from that 1 stone award and I've promised myself I WILL get it next week, stay tuned for a certificate!!

Weight Loss This Week - 1.5lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 11lbs

See you Next Week

8 Mistakes That Can Drive Your Customers Away from Your Shop

For your business to be a successful one you need to not only attract customers but maintain your customer base. It is not an easy task to keep your customers interested in your shop. With competitive shops popping up, you cannot afford a slip up that can cost you your customers. You need to be aware of some of the mistakes that some businesses make to end up losing customers.

Bad Customer Service
If your employees are not attentive and are rude, then your customers are sure to never return to your store. There will always be the occasional rude customer. Even the rude customers need to get excellent customer service. So, you need to train your employees well in handling customers.

Insufficient Items On The Shelves
Your customers should not have to go to another shop to complete their shopping. Having a variety of item in stock is sure to ensure that your customer leaves your store with what they were looking for. If the customer has to go to another shop after visiting your shop regularly, they are sure to go to the other shop directly next time.

Expired Products
Just having a large variety of items on your shelves is not enough. You need to have a product that is not expired. The moment a customer finds an expired article on your shelf, they lose trust in your brand. Customers will never return to your store since they have to keep their guards up when shopping from your store.

Anti-Environment Image
Most customers today are aware shoppers. By having Customised cotton printed bags, you create an eco-friendly image for your shop. When you settle for plastic bags instead of Customised cotton printed bags your customers associate your business with pollution that plastic bags cause. Customised cotton printed bags are trendy items that allow your shop to have a clean image while being inviting to conscious shoppers.

Unmaintained Shop
You must keep your shop clean. If you have dusty shelves and grimy appliances, customers will just walk out without buying a single item from your shop. Your employees have to ensure that your shop, as well as their appearance, is tidy.

With so many competitive shops around, any product that is set slightly above the market price can dive away customers. Unless the product is premium or unique, your customers will not want to pay more for an item in your store.

Insufficient Advertising
Getting the name of your shop out is essential. If you do not advertise your store, then your customer base will not increase. Your customers may notice how few customers you have and choose to go to a shop that has more customers. A large customer base encourages more new customers to come to your store.

Lack Of Discounts
Shoppers always look for the best deals. If your shop is known for never giving discounts, then hopeful shoppers will avoid your business. By offering discounts and sales, you attract customers. Planned discounts can help you make money.  

Avoid making these mistakes to have a booming business.

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Weekly Weigh In 7

So last night I went to group and activated my 12-week countdown and I have started my new 12-week weight loss journal. My dream for the next 12 weigh-ins would be to lose 3lbs each week which would be 36lbs by the end of the countdown. That would be at least 3 stone down before Christmas!

I had a pretty good week, I tracked everything I ate even down to the Mcdonalds breakfast I had on Sunday morning. I was over my syns on a few of the days this week. But on the days I was on plan I was doing sp. For those not familiar with SP it basically means all the food I eat has to be a speed food or a protein food, plus on an sp day, you get to have to HEXB options. On sp days I also cant hve pasta, roce, ypghurst etc. If it's not a speed food or a protein food I can't have it. I usually carry my book around with me when I do SP, the majority of fruits and vegetables are speed, but there are a few that aren't.

I am still loving my Tetley cold infusions and drinking around 3 a day, which is great for my water intake and no caffeine! My meal plan is all set up for the week. I have included my breakfasts and lunches on there too, this takes the thinking out of meals and I can just look and know what I am having. I think it's a definite way to keep my 100% on track. I am not only 4lbs away from my stone award. I would love that this week but don't want to put too much pressure on myself to lose loads each week.

Weight Loss This Week - 2lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 10lbs

See you Next Week

Getting Cosy For Autumn in 5 Steps

Now the children are back at school we can finally continue with the house redecoration. We started way back in June but we had to halt proceedings due to the bathroom remodel. Once the bathroom was finished the children had finished and trying to redecorate around the 4 children is a big no-no. I had already purchased all the decorating materials in advance, so they have been sat under the stairs gathering dust for the past 10 weeks! My lounge has looked like this for the past 10 weeks, so we can't wait to get started!
The weather really feels like it closing in fast and I really want to get the lounge cosy and autumn ready, it doesn't have to cost the earth either. Here are my 5 steps to getting your lounge autumn ready.

1. Fireplace
I love my fireplace, but I don't use it to heat the room though as the cost of running an electric fire is just ridiculous. We have full central heating so don't need it anyway. But you will be surprised how using the light effect on the fire makes you feel all warm and cosy. We flick the lamp on and turn the light effect on the fireplace and it instantly makes you think of warm log fires. Its really relaxing to look at the lights flickering too.

2. Rugs
A big fluffy rug is a must for the autumn, especially if you have a wooden floor like me. I do find it a bit chilly in the autumn and winter, so always pop a rung down, usually in front of the fireplace. The children always seem to congregate on it.

3. Lighting
A bit of lighting always helps to warm the room up, I have got a corner lamp which we use at night times with the fire lights. We are also looking at a LED dimmer switch from LED hut. I love the idea of being able to use mood lighting and LED lights last so much longer.

4. Cuddly Blankets
I love a snuggly blanket and you can't beat them in autumn. I love nothing more than getting right into the corner of my sofa and hiding under a fluffy blanket on a cold day.

5. Candles
There is honestly nothing cosier than lighting your favourite candle, especially if its a scented one. I have a stunning mango and lime one at the moment. But I can't wait to break out the pumpkin ones for autumn.

Autumn is most definitely my favourite season, I much prefer to be snuggly warm than sweating in the intense heat of summer. Are you the autumn type or do you love the summer sun.
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Maxislim BerryTrim Review

I have been back on the weight loss wagon now for about 2 months and for the last month I have been trying out Maxislim BerryTrimStudies have also shown that Glucomannan is fantastic for gut bacteria, helping to create a favourable environment for good bacteria to grow. These good bacteria are involved in good immune function and in helping to maintain the integrity of the gut lining, which is vital for healthy digestion and the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. Glucomannan can also help to encourage healthy bowel regularity. In addition to Glucomannan, Maxislim BerryTrim also provides Inulin, a well-documented prebiotic that helps to establish good levels of healthy bacteria in the gut, CLA which helps to favourably alter the ratio of lean to fat in the body, and a rich phytonutrient complex of berries for nutritional support.
It's really easy to use simply mix with water to make a pleasant-tasting drink. Each serving contains only 22 calories. So it doesn't interfere with the healthy eating plan I am following. It has a pleasant berry flavour. You can take it between 2-3 times a day, so before each meal, if you like. I opted to just take it twice a day, before breakfast and dinner. I didn't find I needed to take it at lunch time. It made me feel too full having it 3 times a day. I also don't have a big lunch as I'm more a morning and evening eater.
The girly in my love that it looks like a glass of glitter b3efore you drink it, it has a slight gel consistency. I found if I drank it as soon as I made it I preferred it. It tends to go thicker the longer it is sat. I definitely felt fuller after drinking it, so its great for the days when I wake up feeling hangry but I need to sort the children out first. It became part of my morning routine and I actually enjoyed drinking it. In my first month on the weight loss wagon with this 5 out of 7 days twice a day I actually lost 8lbs, the average of 2lbs per week. Maxislim BerryTrim is available direct from Health Arena Products for £29.95, it contains 42 servings. Following its industry launch last year Maxislim BerryTrim has since won best supplement at the UK Natural Health Trade Summit in October 2017. You can find full details on the Health Arena website.
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Facts You Should Know Before Getting a Rhinoplasty

Nasal aesthetics involving rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job’, has been trending for decades and it has not gone out of style. People who are unhappy with their nose for one reason or another have the option of choosing rhinoplasty to fix those issues. Those who thought they had a ‘big’ nose wanted reduction procedure to make it proportionate to the rest of their facial features.

Initially, the main concerns were the size, shape, length, nasal projection, pointedness of the tip, or alignment of the nose. But now, the rhinoplasty procedure has been extended to include correcting issues with the nostrils as desired by the client. In fact, more and more advanced technology is being introduced to focus on detailed refinement of the nose all the way down to the width and shape of the nostrils.

The Basics About Rhinoplasty
Nose surgery is broadly classified as rhinoplasty reduction, rhinoplasty refinement, and rhinoplasty reconstruction. Each of them has specific benefits and may be ideal based on the client's medical or aesthetic needs. Whichever is done, the goal is to fix one or more flaws with the nose or nostrils. Clients may opt for refinement rhinoplasty when they are seeking better nose definition. Nose refinement surgery can be beneficial when these issues are present:
  • Shape or contour irregularities
  • Misaligned nose
  • Crooked nose bridge
  • Poor projection of the nose
  • Hump on the nose bridge
  • Poor nose symmetry with rest of the face (especially lips, eyes, and brows)
  • Poorly defined nose tip, e.g., wide, bulbous, or boxy tip
  • Large or wide nostrils
The Rhinoplasty Procedure
Nose surgery is a safe procedure done by a certified plastic surgeon to improve the appearance or function of the nose. It can be performed using either a closed procedure or an open procedure.

During a closed procedure, the incision is made inside the nose to reduce the appearance of scars. An open procedure means the incision is made across, but inside, the narrow strip of tissue at the tip of the nose separating the nostrils.

Nasal skin and tissue are then separated from the bone and cartilage of the nose. The surgeon will continue by sculpting the bone and cartilage to the desired shape, before replacing the tissue and redraping the skin over the bone structure. Sometimes tissue is added or bone cartilage removed based on the desired results.

Nostril Reduction During Rhinoplasty
Nostril reduction, also called alar base reduction or alarplasty, can also be safely done at the same time of the rhinoplasty. The alar base or lower part of the nose may be naturally large or wide in some clients. This causes the nostrils to flare and spread outwards to the cheek. The procedure essentially reduces the width of the alar base to improve the appearance of the nostrils and nose.

Using a special technique, the surgeon will proceed to reduce the size of the nostrils. An incision will be made at the crease where the cheek and nostril meet. The length of the nostril sidewalls is then shortened and the nostril bases narrowed. The nostrils are then shaped and contoured. Once the creases are closed and sutured, the nose may immediately appear smaller and narrower.

Alar base reduction during rhinoplasty is usually done at the plastic surgeon’s office under local or general anesthesia or a combination of both. This helps to reduce discomfort. Surgery may take a few hours to complete. A nasal splint or nasal packing is usually used to protect the nose for a few days as it heals. The risk of scarring is minimal and hidden in the nose crease.

Addressing flared or large nostrils during rhinoplasty is done more for enhancing the attractiveness of the nose tip and base and balancing the nose with the rest of the face. Nostril reduction is popular among ethnic rhinoplasty patients. Even subtle changes in the width or shape of the nostrils can provide a huge confidence boost for clients. And, they are still able to maintain their unique facial features linked to their ethnicity.

Best Reasons for Doing Nostril Reduction
If you feel embarrassed, self-conscious and unhappy about the way your nose and nostrils appear, you may be a good candidate for nostril reduction during rhinoplasty. These are some of the great benefits of undergoing nostril reduction:
  • It reduces the size of the nostrils
  • Eliminates flaring of the nose;
  • Improves nostril shape and contour;
  • Leaves no visible scar;
  • Will not upset facial balance and harmony;
  • May improve breathing;
  • Make you fall in love with your nose;
  • Can give your self-confidence a boost
  • Can save money when done during rhinoplasty
During the initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, you will be examined and evaluated to ensure you fit the other eligibility criteria for rhinoplasty and nostril reduction. You must be in good health and have reasonable expectations about a nose job.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon
Not everyone was born with the best-looking nose, but almost anyone can change the way their nose looks with rhinoplasty or alarplasty. Nostril reduction during rhinoplasty is a highly specialized aesthetic procedure. It calls for the use of skills and techniques with accuracy and precision. To prevent a botched surgery, you should do your research before choosing a plastic surgeon that can meet your needs.

Dr. Andrew Frankel, MD, FACS is a world-renowned, board certified plastic surgeon in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He practices in Beverly Hills, CA, and specializes in reduction, refinement, reconstruction, and revision rhinoplasty. He has a passion for helping to improve the facial appearance of his clients.
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