Weekly Weigh In 6

One thing I know from previous attempts to lose weight is when I fall off the wagon I struggle to get myself back on again. Coming off the back of a 1.5 gain last week I knew I needed to be on point. I started the week fully on plan and made sure I tracked what I ate and kept my water intake up. I discovered the Tetley cold brew teas and fell in love, I don't mind plain water, but having it taste of a little something is perfect, plus its caffeine free! 

At the weekend I fell off the wagon a little, but I was really proud of the fact I didn't binge, which I would normally do. I over synned on both weekend days though, massively, but I was still accountable for my syns, even if they were massively over. I even had a kebab on Saturday night and synned it. For me its all about being in control, so even though I went off the rails I still made my self-accountable by writing it in my food diary. Seeing it written down and how much you have gone over helps me and prevents me from doing it again.

So this week I was hoping to scrape a maintain but was fully expecting a gain, but I actually still lost half a pound! Bringing me to 8lbs lost in total. I'm ploughing on ahead now for that stone award and hope to have it in 2 weeks. Its only 6lb away so it's completely do able! I have already pre-purchased my next countdown and I activate my 12-week countdown at weigh in on Monday night. I would love to lose 3lb every week of my countdown, that would be an amazing 36lb! 

As usual I have written a meal plan and I am loving cooking out of the new Take 5 recipe book, all of the dishes are so simple, we tried the cauliflower chicken tikka curry last week and it was so nice. I have 3 meals planned out of the book this week to so I will let you know how they go.

See You Next Week

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