Weekly Weigh In 5

I headed in for my weekly weigh in on Monday evening as I always do. If you read last weeks post you will know I was heading for weigh in off the back of a 10-day hospital stay.

I found it pretty easy to stick to breakfast and lunch slimming world style whilst in, but as dinner time rolled around I found options rather limited. Well unless I wanted jacket potato every day. As I was alone once Miss S was asleep there was nobody there to save me from my greedy self and tell me not to eat the chocolate! But on the whole for 10 days 50/50 on plan, I was pretty pleased with how it went. I definitely think that keeping breakfast and lunch on plan 100% helped reduce my inevitable gain this week.

I headed into weigh and was pleasantly surprised with just a 1.5lb gain. I had in my head that anything less than 2 was a win in my book. I stayed for group, I always do, I don't see the point in going if you're not going to stay. I find image therapy a massive help, its a chance to hear recipe idea, have a chat, a giggle and find out how everyone is doing. 

I'm relieved to be home and able to eat well again and actually eat from my own fridge. I have the new Take 5 cookbook that I won a few weeks back and it is packed full of some fab recipes I can't wait to try.

My aim for this week would be a 3lb loss, I have my meals planned and no going anywhere significant so keeping on the plan should be easy.
This Weeks Result = +1.5lb
Total Weight Loss = 7.5lbs

See You Next Week

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