Weekly Weigh In 2, 3 & 4

After a long spell away and attempting to do Slimming World from home I admitted defeat and hauled my slightly larger ass back to class! From the moment I stepped through the door, I felt like I was at home again. Its such a lovely sized group and some of the lovely ladies are still there. I always loved Mondays when I was at Slimming World as it was my 90 minutes of the week with no kids, no chores and time with a lovely group of people all in the same boat working towards to same end goal.

I am about to go for my 4th weigh in on Monday, so thought I would catch you up on how the previous 3 weeks have gone for me. As I've been on the plan before I already know the drill and did a big shop, rid the house of syns and made a meal plan. This is something I have always done its a great money saver. I also find that it helps to keep me on plan as I know exactly what I'm eating and when.

In previous Slimming World attempts, I was quite rigid, I never used all of my syns, I only ate carbs once a day and I never synned food, my syns were for actual treats not meals. This time I decided to scrap my ridioulos restrictions, the point of Slimming World is that it is easy to follow. So for my first week, I concentrated on sticking to plan, making sure that a 3rd of my plate was full of speed and using my syns for whatever I needed. I used al 15 of my syns every day, drank 3 litres of water per day and tried to be active for a good portion of the day. My first weigh in resulted in a 5lb loss and I was chuffed to bits.

Week 2, I stuck to the same as the previous week, I did over syn on 2 of those days, not by much but it was all written down so I can be accountable. I definitely find that writing things down helps me, I literally write as I eat it. I didn't have as much water as the week before, but week 2 still brought a 4lb loss, I was happy with 9lb in 2 weeks. 

Week 3 came around and I was stuck in the hospital with Miss S, I was actually headed there straight from the end of weigh in on week 2. I don't think week 3 would have been a fantastic result, eating in a hospital is tricky. The ward provided me with breakfast each morning, which was Slimming World friendly. Lunch was salads from M&S and Subway. it was always dinner where I came unstuck as the choice was limited after 5pm. To be honest with the stress of being in the hospital all day trying to make Miss S drink a putrid bowel cleanser sticking to plan was the last thing on my mind. So in hind site, I am glad I couldn't go as we were still in the hospital. We were allowed home from the hospital on Wednesday after a long 10-day stay and I have been bang on plan since then. I am doing 4 days on SP before I head to week 4 weigh in on Monday. I am hoping that the SP will help counterbalance the bad and maybe means I can scrape a maintain for week 4. This means I can power on for a 4lb loss in week 5 and get my stone award. Then I can add it to the fridge with this!
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