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I can't believe its only a few weeks until the children go back to school, these holidays have flown by. We actually started on the back to school supplies in the 2nd week of the holidays, when you are buying for 4, 2 of which are in high school it can be expensive! It's not just uniforms and shoes though, there's lunch bags, backpacks, stationery and coats! I've been working with a few brands and they have sent us over some back to school supplies that you might need September.
Sushi Lunch Boxes - Find Me A Gift - £6.99
This year will be the first year that Miss S will be having packed lunches, she hates her food to be touching so these sushi lunch boxes from Find Me A Gift are perfect. The stack neatly inside each other for great space saving when not in use. I love the bright and funky sushi design and the 3 different sizes are perfect for putting her snacks and main lunch in. They are hand wash only, so not to mar their cute design.
Hedrin All In One Shampoo - £9.99
In the primary year's headlice can be a nightmare, we have been quite lucky and only had to deal with them once or twice. Hedrin all in one shampoo kills lice in just 10 minutes. It's so gentle that you can actually use it as part of your daily bath routine. Its allergy certified, gentle and doesn't have a strong nasty odour. Hedrin all in one shampoo doesn't contain pesticides, so lice cant build up a resistance and it works every time.
Kleenex Pocket Packs - £1.50
Most definitely a coat pocket essential for Mums and kids this back to school season. For us Mums its to wipe away the tears of sadness as our little ones start school for the first time, or in my case the tears of joy that the long 6 weeks holidays are finally over. For the kids, it's for those inevitable snotty noses and colds that they seem to catch from October through to February. You can't go wrong with a pocket pack stashed in their pocket, they and you will never be caught short. 
 Biocare Back To School Essentials - From £16.95
BioCare have put together a Back to School survival kit for the whole family to make those morning errands that little bit easier by supporting your immunity, encouraging relaxation and giving you the energy boost needed to make you feel you can tackle anything. The BioCare Children's Red Berry BioMelts are delicious, natural red berry flavoured powder melts and come as individual sachets of unique live bacteria with vitamin D. The Children's Complete Complex (Multinutrient) is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula for children in a pleasant tasting, easy to use powder form. Suitable from 6 months of age and ideal for young children, this product easily mixes into milk, juice, yoghurt or pureed foods is dairy-free and formulated with the intolerant individual in mind. Methyl Multinutrient is a superior, high potency multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant complex, providing nutrients in metabolically active, bioavailable forms. Methyl Multinutrient contains folate as methylfolate or 5-MTHF. 5-MTHF is the natural form of folate found in food such as leafy green vegetables and is already active and ready for the body to use. NT Complex is a unique, high potency combination of L-theanine, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, magnesium taurate and B-vitamins to support a balanced nervous system.
Magical Sequin Notebook - Find Me A Gift - £7.99
I love a good notebook, as a Mum of 4 and a blogger I live by to do lists. I love how tactile the outside of this notebook is and I'm not convinced that Miss S will try and steal it from me if I don't hide it well enough. There are 80 pages inside and each page has a mermaid tail at the bottom and the lines are wavy, like the waves in the sea.
Huggies Wipes - £1
My youngest child maybe 7 years old but we still use wipes on a daily basis. You can guarantee once everyone is washed, fed and dressed for school that someone will spill something, not have washed to toothpaste from around their mouth or have a dirty coat! I do love wipes, perfect all-round family cleaner!
Nims Kids Fruit Crisp - 89p
If like me you have a child who is mad on crips then you will appreciate this healthy alternative. Miss S is a crispoholic and isn't that keen on fruit. Nims have the same crunch as a potato crisp, minus the salt, oil, artificial flavours and preservatives. They are basically thinly sliced fruit that's been aired dry. The full fruit is used as Nims have a zero waste policy, so they are packed full of fibre and vitamins, plus at 50 calories per bag, they are a good all-round choice for pack lunch bags this term. 
Personally Presented - Personalised Backpack - £17.49
A backpack is an essential part of any back to school kit, but you find that all the children tend to have the same backpack. Its easy for their bag to get lost in a crowd. This personalised backpack is the perfect antidote to that, it's bold and bright. You can have the backpack personalised with up to 12 characters of your choice. The rainbow motif is super cute and it's a really roomy backpack.
Smiggle - Prices From £12.50
Show me a child who doesn't get excited when they walk past the Smiggle store, it's so bright and inviting. They have all your back to school needs covered. From scented pencils to lunch bags, the children are chuffed to ribbons with this little haul. The 2 youngest boys are arguing over the pencil case already! Miss S is excited to use her new double layer lunch bag loads of room for all her snack selections too.
They aren't going to get their pencils mixed up with these beauties from Gift Pup. You can have them personalised with your child's name in a lovely golden text. A full set of their own colours in every colour of the rainbow. These would also make a lovely birthday or Christmas gift.
 Silver Water Bottle - £12.99
The children are encouraged to take water bottles into school. I love this silver named bottle for Mr C. He can use it with the sports cap and take it to school and he can use it with the screw lid and clip for when he goes to his Beavers group. With his name on it hes not going to lose it or get it mixed up. Saves the environment to by not using plastic bottles.
These are the perfect go-to snack and each bag has a 40g serving of 6 soft apricots. They are low fat and ideal for sending for the kids break time snack. They are in bags so ideal for popping into their coat pocket for them to grab out. They are so soft and juicy and fit perfectly into our school healthy snacking policy.
These are a fab option for getting some fruit and veggies into your reluctant little ones. With fruit and vegetable options availble there is plenty of choice. The crunchy red apple where a hit in our house and Miss S demoished them. I can see them being a lunch box staple for her. Bonus being she doesnt see them as any different to normal potato crisps.
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