Putting Treads To The Test

With 3 ever growing boys in school shoes its a mighty expense in the family budget. The quest to find the shoe that will last the test of time has been a challenge. I was contacted by Treads to see if Mr D, the shoe destroyer would like to put some of their shoes to the test if anyone was up for the challenge it was Mr D!
So whats different about Treads?
Treads are constructed using a “Strobel” technique where the upper is placed into a mould and the sole is then injected around it creating one unit without the need for any glueing. This not only creates a really strong bond but offers additional flexibility, perfect for active kids. The Permair® leather is a breathable performance leather, the reinforced heels prevent splitting through stamping, which is great for Mr D, as he's so heavy on his feet! The flexible injection moulded soles are hardwearing, non-slip and non-marking, they also provide reinforced seams for that additional strength. The outer shoe is easy to wipe clean surface, scuff-proof to withstand bumps and scrapes and they have a Texon® board inner which is designed to reinforce the sole and wick away moisture. Treads are available in 8 different styles suitable from boys ages 6 years to 16 years.
We opted for the Madrid style as Mr D has motor skill issues and can't do laces, he gets himself tied up in knots! The Madrid is designed and built for active boys. An additional scuff resistant toe offers additional durability and the soft padded ankle gives all day comfort support. The touch-fasten rip tape allows easy on-off access and that made to measure feel. Handcrafted using the finest of components. Made with permair leather that is soft enough to allow easy flexible movement offering unrivalled comfort and engineered to cope with the rigours of a schoolyard. The sole is tough and strong but also flexible and lightweight. Teamed with durable ‘dual fit’ technology and subtle stitching finishes off the look.
My boys have been cursed with my wide feet, so shoes can be a problem, but Treads have you covered on that front with dual fit technology. Simply try the shoe on as it comes out of the box. If the fit is comfortable and to your liking, you're good to go. If however, you feel you could do with a bit more room just remove the orange EVA footbed to convert to the wider fit option. Removing the footbed also gives more depth, making dual fit footwear ideal should you wish to use orthotics.
We removed the footbed and the shoe fitted Mr D perfectly, the touch-fasten Velcro is fab for him to, he doesn't have to think about fastening his shoes, it just does it. He said the shoe fits well and it was comfortable which is a big plus for him, he hates wearing anything on his feet, so comfortable shoes is a must. I was pleased with how the shoe looks, its great quality.
The shoes are really easy to care for to, a quick wipe over with a cloth and they are ready to go again.Mr D has worn these daily for school for 2 weeks and doesn't have a single scuff on them yet! They still look brand new, we are going to continue using them and update you in a few months to see how they are standing the test of time!
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