Psychological Hacks That Help You Design A Better Workplace

Did you know that your working conditions and the surroundings that you work in can have a profound impact on your productivity and efficiency? There are ways in which you can design a workplace that will psychologically help you perform your tasks in a more productive, creative and efficient manner. Nowadays companies do not measure the productivity of employees based on their numbers or by set standards. It is a known fact that the office design, the environment of the company and other factors play a very important role in the overall performance of the employees. Today we have a list of psychological hacks that help you design a workplace that enables employees to perform their best. Here’s everything you need to know:

Take The Average Age Of Employees Into Consideration When Designing The Workplace
You need to keep the demographic that you are catering to in mind when setting up the workplace. For instance, if the majority of your staff members are middle-aged and are more comfortable with an equal balance of paperwork and digital interactions, but your office has suddenly made a 100 percent switch to paperless and digital functions, the functioning and productivity of your employees will be hampered. Thus, when making changes in office systems, ensure that you take into consideration the overall age or demographic or preferences of the employees before taking drastic steps that will only prove to be counterproductive.

Provide Comfortable Chairs, Tables And Furniture For Best Results
If your office is filled with chairs that are uncomfortable, constantly require adjustments and provide zero back support, the productivity of your employees is going to be greatly hampered. The constant need to stretch, move around and make adjustments to the chair or desk can make it nearly impossible for employees to stay focused. The chairs provided to your employees should provide proper back support and should be able to recline to avoid constant pressure on the spinal cord. The desk should be at such a height that when the computer or laptop is placed on it, the top of the computer is at eye level and a proper footrest should also be provided for individuals with desk jobs. Comfortable seating arrangements play a vital role in increasing productivity of the employees.

Decorate The Office With Artificial Landscaping Products
Did you know that the lush green leaves and foliage of trees and plants can have a positive impact on the overall productivity of your employees? The colour green is known to inspire and motivate people to work better and being surrounded by nature also boosts the productivity of workers. Now you can motivate your employees and staff members to work more productively by installing faux plants and trees in and around the office. You get several varieties of faux plants that look absolutely lifelike and real. From breathtaking hanging baskets at your office entrance to flower arrangements for the centre of the tables, bonsai plants or ficus plants for the cabins and so on, you can give your entire office an exotic, charming and naturally outdoorsy look.

Flexibility In Working Hours
The employees of today are not just concerned with the monetary compensation they get for the hours of work that they pump in. Today’s employees are also concerned with convenient work timings, flexibility in working hours and often want the option of being able to work from home. People are not robots and expecting them to work monotonously day after day is a little harsh. Nobody likes 9 to 5 jobs anymore. People want the freedom to work at timings that are suitable for them. Many employees feel that they are most productive in the second half of the day than they are early in the morning. As an organization, you need to give your employees a little bit of freedom and flexibility in working hours if you want to extract maximum productivity.

Clear Out Excess Clutter
If your office looks like a warehouse of file cabinets and has papers and reports and magazines strewn all over, this will automatically reduce the efficiency and productivity of your employees. Clutter around the workspace can be counterproductive. When an employee or a staff member is forced to work amidst clutter, his thinking becomes limited, he will constantly be distracted and so on. For your staff members and employees to be able to perform their best, you need to give them a work environment that is clean and clutter-free.

Add A Little Colour To The Walls
Nobody likes to work in an office space that is dull, boring and drab. A boring office space will automatically reduce the overall productivity of the employees and staff members. While in earlier times most offices had white walls, nowadays many organizations are opting for captivatingly and vibrantly coloured walls. Having brightly coloured walls can have an impact on the brain function and moods of your employees. Further, opting for the perfect colours for your office walls will positively affect the productivity of your employees. Soothing blues, pretty peaches, and pastel colours are particularly popular office wall colours.

Lighting Plays A Very Important Role In Overall Productivity
Lighting has a major psychological impact on the overall productivity of employees and staff members. If the lights in your office space are ridiculously bright and hurt the eyes, it will only give your employees a headache and reduce their productivity. If the lights are too dim and dull, this too can reduce the productivity of the employees because dull lighting can induce a slumber amongst the staff members. Hence, the lighting in the office has to be perfect to enhance the overall productivity of the employees.

The next time you find the productivity numbers in your office dropping, try using some of these psychological hacks to boost and motivate your employees and staff members. These tried and tested methods have proven to be highly effective and will give you guaranteed results.

When you find that staff members in the office are counterproductive and your sales and production numbers are dwindling, use these psychological hacks to get things back on track instantly!

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