Autism - Facts & Myths

So apparently April is deemed autism awareness month, however in our house it doesn't matter what month it is every single day is about autism awareness. When your a family of 6 and 4 of those people have autism its hard to escape it. As someone has deemed April as autism awareness month I thought I would share with you 10 facts and 10 myths about autism.

Fact - Autism is a lifelong neuro-developmental condition that affects more than 700'000 people in the UK alone
Fact - Autism is a hidden disability, you can't tell by looking at someone if they have autism
Fact - Autism is incurable, but the right support at the right time makes a huge difference
Fact - Over 50% of children who have autism are not in an educational setting deemed appropriate by their parents to meet their needs
Fact - 1 in 5 children with autism have been excluded from school more than once
Fact - Fascinations, repetitive behaviour and routine can be a source of enjoyment
Fact - Special interests in children with autism can help develop self esteem and encourage socialising
Fact - People with autism demonstrate above-average levels of concentration, reliability and accuracy
Fact - People with autism can lead fulfilling lives with the right understanding and support
Fact - If you have met one person with autism, you have met just one person with autism. Each one is so wonderfully different

Myth - Autism is a mental health condition
Myth - Autism is the result of emotional deprivation, emotional stress or bad parenting
Myth - People with autism are being deliberately rude when avoiding eye contact
Myth - People with autism prefer to spend time alone
Myth - People with autism are incapable of leading a normal life, getting a job or having a family of their own
Myth - ADHD and autism are the same condition
Myth - Aspergers Syndrome is a middle class condition made up by parents to excuse bad behaviour
Myth - Non verbal autistic are severely mentally impaired
Myth - A child with autism will not be able to attend a mainstream school
Myth - All people with autism are geniuses like Rainman
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