World Autism Awareness Week 2018

No matter what the condition or illness there seems to be weeks or days popping up all throughout the year in celebration or to raise awareness of these things, Autism awareness week, national stress day, ovarian cancer month etc, the list is endless. There is even a website dedicated to listing all these awareness days. I am all for celebrating and raising awareness for conditions and illnesses, but why are they only shouted about during these specified times? What about the rest of the time when us people who go through our daily lives with these conditions & illnesses. 

You then have the people who like to bandwagon jump, they will share the shit out of something and have very little clue why, or even bother to research why, but they are sheep and just share it because everyone else it. This then ends up with lots of misguided people sharing stuff they know NOTHING about! The most common one I am going to talk about is people sharing the 'LIGHT IT UP BLUE' slogan for Autism Awareness. 

Autism is a much talked about condition, when my 14-year-old was diagnosed there was very little known about autism, aside from the good old vaccine debate, but we won't get into that, that's a WHOLE other post!! As a Mum of 3 children on the spectrum, I think its great that people want to speak about it, share their stories and get more awareness out there, but only if it the right kind of awareness. The slogan 'Light It Up Blue' was penned by the organisation Autism Speaks, who on the face of things offer up support to families in the spectrum. But when you do a little digging only 4% of their annual profits fund family support, the rest goes into finding a 'cure' for Autism!! It's not an illness or a disease, it's a neurological condition. I am all for therapy, but that's not what Autism Speaks means by a cure. The largest funded project of theirs is to run prenatal testing to rule out Autism, they want all Mothers to be offered the chance to terminate their pregnancy. Autism speaks want Autism to be eradicated from society, in one of their reports they go as far as saying Autism has no place in our society. They are also behind some awful anti-autism videos floating around the internet. Basically, they are nobbers and they make my blood boil. Sorry, I don't normally swear here but I am 1000% against this crackpot organisation. In October 2016 an apparent vote of the trustees was taken and it was decided that part of their funding that goes into finding a cure will be cut! But they still want to research for prevention and therapy, so they still believe autism is a condition that needs 'fixing'. 

I am very much the stance of a leopard can't change its spots and I'm pretty sure in my opinion that they are just as shady now as they have always been. So do what you want to do this autism awareness week, but don't light it up blue, not for my children! Don't get me wrong awareness is great when the person spreading the awareness knows what they are talking about! 

The main thing most of us parents want is not awareness, its acceptance! Our children want acceptance and understanding to go hand in hand with all this supposed awareness.

Keep an eye out for my post next week on 10 facts and 10 myths about autism!
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