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You all know Paladone is one of my favourite companies, their ever expanding range is amazing! Its been a while, but I'm back with a new Paladone bundle and its a goody! Released tomorrow, Ready Player One is the film adaptation of a science fiction novel, written by an American Author, Ernest Cline. It is a contemporary sci-fi story set in a dystopian future, but most of the narrative takes place in a virtual reality game called OASIS. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Warner Bros. In celebration of this new epic movie, Paladone has got all the merchandise you will NEED after you have watched the movie and they have sent it to me to show you!
Protect your table with these stylish Ready Player One Coasters featuring some of the films most loved characters. These coasters are perfect for fans of the original novel or the film, and feature fantastic characters including Parzival, Art3mis and Aech. These stylish coasters have black backgrounds and bright, eye-catching designs. This pack contains a set of eight double-sided card coasters and are priced at just £2.99. Mr L has already nabbed these for his computer table in his bedroom
In my line of work you can never have too many notebooks, so this one has been securely sneaked into my office draw! Plot your next victory inside the OASIS with this super-cool Ready Player One IOI Notebook. This hardback notebook, which has 200 lined pages, features the famous Innovative Online Industries logo on its cover, along with the Standard Issue Laser Rifle design drawings and some other sketches taken from the fantastic Ready Player One movie. This notebook is great for use at home, at work, or at school and is the perfect gift for any organised Ready Player One fan! I'm really impressed with the quality of this notebook, the paper is really thick and good quality, retail price is £6.99.
As much as I would have liekd this, Mr RTR has swiped this from me! He does the school run and goes out to work, so I thought it was only fair he was allowed the travel mug, I rarely travel, so he will definitely get more use of it! Enjoy a hot beverage on-the-go during your next adventure inside the OASIS with this super-slick, stylish Ready Player One Gunter Travel Mug. This stainless steel travel mug is perfect for commutes, long journeys, and short walks to the office and allows you to keep your hot beverage warm whilst out and about. The mug features the slogan 'Gunter Life'™ on one side and the official Ready Player One logo on the other, both in bright, vibrant neon colours. The mug is double-walled for extra insulation and also comes with a plastic lid making it easy to drink from wherever you are! The travel mug retails at £11.99.
Now I have saved the best of the collection for last! I LOVE this infinity light and its now got pride of place in the boy's bedroom. They are huge gamers, so the Ready Player One slogan is right up their street! Escape the crazy dystopia that surrounds you and dive headfirst into virtual reality with this stylish Ready Player One Infinity Light. The design features the words 'Ready Player One'™ in bright colours on the shiny, mirrored background, which works to create an optical illusion when the light is switched on. Gaze into the light and escape to the OASIS. This infinity light is dual powered either by USB or batteries and creates a nice optical illusion disappearing off into the distance. It can be wall-mounted or free-standing and is 31.5cm tall. It takes three AA batteries, which aren't included. However, a USB cable can also be used to power the light, which is included. The boys have it on the bedside table so we use the USB option, but I love the battery option too. Its a fab looking light and looks great in the boy's room, the infinity light retails at £34.99.

How fab are these items, were off to the cinema during half term to check out the movie as its right up Mr RTR street! You can see these and more Ready Player One merchandise over on the Paladone website.
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