Being A Mum Is Pretty Awesome

The team over at The Old Church have sent me a lovely Mothers Day box filled with goodies to make me smile this Mothers Day. I can't wait to indulge in these treats. A Mum is something I never planned to be, it was never really on my agenda. I suspect this is because I never really had a serious relationship till I was much older, 21 in fact. I guess once in a serious relationship, that's when the thought of children comes up. You find the one and the idea of a family comes up and you just know whether is for you or not. I had always loved babies, there was a lot in my family growing up and I always loved caring for them, but never really saw myself having one. When Dave and I met, we knew instantly we wanted a family and I ended up being a Mum of 4!! 
My firstborn came along in 2004 when I was 23 and I took to motherhood really easily. I loved every minute of it and knew I wanted to have more kiddies and by 2011 I had 4 of the rugrats in tow. Our family is pretty full and my youngest 'baby' is now 7 years old. It's pretty awesome being a Mum, you are never lonely, even when you want to be! I mean going to the toilet by yourself is a thing of the past, just as you step in the shower someone needs a poo! You rarely get to drink a hot cup of tea, eat a hot meal or pee in peace! But the positives outweigh the negatives LOL. I'm never short of a cuddle, I have boxes of handmade cards and school pictures, they are totally priceless and far outweigh any gifts I have ever been bought ever. But the most awesome thing is seeing little bits of myself in the kids. My daughter has my attitude! My Mum warned me having a girl would be a challenge after 2 boys and she was right, she's a cheeky monkey. My 3 boys are all so different and I love their personalities. I think I am pretty lucky, 3 of the kids have autism and that presents challenges, but at the moment we are going through a pretty good stage at the moment. Everyone is calm and happy, I cherish moment like this, as life can be pretty hectic here most times. I think overall I am pretty lucky, I have 4 healthy and happy kids and being a Mum is pretty awesome!
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