16 Years Down The Line

I've never really believed in love at first sight, I was hugely inexperienced when it came to boys. I was a quiet teenager and only had 1 serious boyfriend before I met you at 21. A skinny waif and a friend of a friend the attraction was instant. But being a quiet girl I kept my feelings to myself, but every time I saw you my stomach flipped. I didn't for a minute think you would be interested in me, I was under-confident, inexperienced in the whole dating thing. So when my friend told me you were interested, I was still to chicken to do anything about it. So where you it seems, it took half a bottle of Aftershock for you to make your move. From that night we were inseparable and have been apart for a total of 12 weeks in the past 16 years. Yes! I do mean we lived with each other from the very first night we got together. Sometimes in life, you have to be reckless and do what feels right. I was young, no kids, what did I have to lose? As it turns out I had absolutely nothing to lose, I gained a man who loves me unconditionally, tells me I'm beautiful, gave me 4 beautiful babies, is a pretty good housewife and an amazing Dad.

We've had our ups and downs in the past 16 years, it's not been plain sailing, people trying to break us up, we've lost family members, friends. It's not been a bed of roses, but that's life, it's not supposed to be perfect. My family initially didn't like you, you were no angel, but then neither was I. I was the good to your bad and you were the bad to my good, we just fitted. In 2004 we became a family when our beautiful boy was born. Little did we know how much he would flip our life upside down. Just before his brother was born in 2007 we found out he had autism. We have never heard of it and wondered what it meant for our little boy. I suppose we always knew he was different, but he was our first born and we had nothing to compare him to, so to us he was perfect. Until I met you I didn't want children, I was happy to coo and hand them back. After Mr L was born I knew I was born to be a Mum and we have 4 amazing kids. They are the perfect mix of us both, it's not been easy, 3 of them have autism, we don't let it define us as a family. We do things differently, it's not easy to do things all together as a 6, but we get on, we do things our way like we always have. In the past 16 years people have tried to advise us, tell us we should be doing things a certain way, they had good intentions. But we always do things our way, they might not be perfect but in our house, it works! Not always but on the whole, we can't complain.

We often get asked if we are married, when we say no we are asked why and when are we going to get married. Our answer is always the same, it's not for us. We are both from split families, we have seen families fall apart. We have a strong unit, we built it that way, strong support and good foundations. What difference would a piece of paper saying we are married make to that? NONE! If it ain't broke don't fix it. 

Anyway, that's quite enough of that, I don't normally do slop! But as today marks our 16th year anniversary I thought it only fair to tell everyone about Mr RTR, the man who taught me to love myself, care what no one says, be happy and live life the way you want to live. I probably don't tell him enough how much I love him, I think he knows I'm just as crazy about him now as I was 16 years ago. If you have someone who can still makes your heart skip a beat and your belly flip, grab them, build your foundations, make them strong and grow.
Love You David 

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