Completing The Quartet

They always say as a Mum you know when you're done after I had your sister I wasn't so sure I was done. With just a 15 month gap between her and your brother, I knew I didn't want to add to the family anytime soon and we waited for 3 years before deciding to make our trio into a quartet.
I knew very early that you were in my belly, and 7 weeks in a bleed took us into the hospital, but you had held on and we got passed the danger zone. My pregnancy flew by and I was booked in for a scheduled induction on your due date. Mummys body never wants to let go of pregnancy, So I expected a full 3 day wait for you! I was right and even after 3 days of induction you wouldn't come, so I was taken down for a section. At just 7lb 4oz you were my tiniest baby and you looked so scrawny and small. You were a dream baby though and never an ounce of trouble, you slotted right in as the baby of the family.
Ours is a hectic home at times, with 3 siblings on the spectrum you had to fit in with our schedule and you did without a grumble. We started you in a nursery at just 15 months, as the youngest of 3 autistic siblings we had no idea if you would have autism too. You were a quiet boy, so we thought the socialisation would do you good. It did and you are such a loving and sociable boy. You came under scrutiny at nursery, sadly being a sibling to an autism family means people tended to over analyse your behaviour. A referral was even made to CAHMS, but I knew it was unnecessary, I knew right away with your siblings and I knew you were different. As I predicted CAHMS said you were the least autistic little boy they had seen. You don't meet any of the criteria for diagnosis, it was a relief to hear, even though I knew it!
The past 7 years have flown by, you have grown into a cheeky, intelligent and headstrong little boy. You can be quite cheeky and challenging, but show me a 7-year-old that's not! You are so patient with your siblings and try really hard to understand them and their ways. You openly ask all about autism and we try to explain it best we can. I think you get it, but even if you don't you are the best little brother and know when you just need to leave them alone. You started Beavers this year, we thought it would be a great thing to do that's just for you. It seems that you love it so far and you are even booked on for your very first camp away next month. 
Its been a wonderful 7 years and I am so excited to spend the next 7 years growing and getting to know you. You came into our family and made it complete, we've always called you our little bookend and it's a name that looks like its going to stick.
Happy Birthday Cody!

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