5 Tips For Creating A Dream Nursery

When I was pregnant I literally spent hour and hours planning and designing my babies nurseries in my head. I was all about it being practical, but functional, colourful but not too bright and buying nursery sets that will last. It was such an exciting time, I know so many people who are having babies at the moment so I thought I would share my top tips on planning your dream nursery.

Colour Scheme 
Think about your colour scheme, you want something that will grow with the child. I'm not into bold colour, but I do like bright. I always opt for plain clean walls, no patterned wallpaper that they may grow out off. Wall stickers are a good way to go, they good ones peel off without damaging the walls. There is also the option of canvasses to add some design to the wall. Both of these options are a way to add colour to your scheme without splashing paint all over the walls.

Flooring Options
Let's face it in the first few year of their life kids puke a lot, add in tummy bugs when they get into school, it's really never-ending. This means you need to consider your flooring options, a carpet will add warmth, but it won't be easy to clean up those puke stains. Wood flooring, in my opinion, is the best option, it's easy to clean and looks really stylish. If you want to add warmth you can put down a nice fluffy rug.

Get A Cot Bed
I have never bothered with Moses baskets, cribs or travel cots and my babies have always gone straight into a cot bed. It saves a fortune and a cot bed will last the baby until they are around 3 years old.

Start A Savings Plan
Planning a nursery and the general cost of having a baby is expensive. You want your baby to have the best of everything, so as soon as your able start saving. There are lots of stores around who let you go in select what you want, pay a deposit and then make regular payments.

Style It Out
You can make the whole look of a room totally unique by adding little accessory touches. Scatter cushions, picture frames, curtains and blinds can totally transform the look of a plain room. It doesn't have to cost the earth if you dot want it to either. You can pick up cute little accessories for just a few £1's in local stores.

Its a fun journey decorating and planning your little one's nursery. It can be as costly or as cheap as you need it to be. You can even pick up some good quality items from reselling sites and second-hand stores. What matters is that it's to your taste and what you want for your baby.
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