Mothers Day Gift Guide

Its nearly time for Mothers day, so I have been busy collection some fab items to feature in my Mothers day gift guide. I have all bases covered by the chocolate lover, the pamper queen and even the health conscious Mama. Take a look through the highlighted links take you straight to the brand's website!
For the Mama who needs to unwind (this is so me!) how about the De-Stress & Unwind gift set from Indigo HerbsThis kit is packed with all things relaxing and herbal to help you unwind - naturally. It includes Chamomile tea, and Aromatherapy blends designed to help you de-stress. A wonderful little herbal wellbeing kit with all you need to soothe, relax and really let go. In the fast pace of today’s world, everybody needs a moment to let the body have a good rest. Sometimes a little herbal help can accelerate the unknotting of stress and ease one’s being out of tension. This wellbeing kit makes a perfect gift for a friend or family member whose life might be in need of rebalancing. It has been put together with the intention of being used when all you need is to stop, drop everything and take time to nurture and restore.
My Mum has terribly dry eyes as she has an issue with her tear ducts, now this is a more unusual gift to give this Mothers day but I know its one my Mum would really appreciate. Eyelergy eye drops are specially designed to combat the symptoms of hay fever eyes and eye irritation such as dry eye or irritation caused by dust and other airborne pollutants. The drops’ protective barrier gel technology rinses and shields the eyes from allergens and irritants such as pollen, mould, dust mites, pet dander, dust and airborne pollutants. Available in packs of 20 handy-sized single-dose droppers, Eyelergy eye drops are perfect for use on the go whenever required. What’s more, because each single-use dropper is sterile, the drops contain no preservative and so can also be used by contact lens wearers
If you have got a Mum who loves healthy eating and cooking then how about these! A matching tea towel and oven glove are a fab gift. They are from The Food Nutritionist which is a fab website that offers some great services such as baby weaning classes and wellness retreats. Make sure you check out the recipes section for some fab meal ideas. You can buy the tea towel and oven glove individually or as a set for just £20.
For the Mama who cares about how she looks Curaprox has launched a new charcoal based toothpaste, Black is White which effectively yet naturally strengthens and whitens teeth. Available in a refreshing mint with citrus flavour. The pack includes a Black Is White limited edition CS 5460 ultra-soft toothbrush, helping your teeth and gums to feel amazingly clean and fresh every day. Unlike typical whitening toothpaste that contains abrasive particles and bleaching agents which erode the enamel; Black is White use activated Carbon to gently adsorb and remove stain particles that discolour teeth, without wearing enamel away, leaving you with healthy, naturally white teeth.
Now, most Mums love some chocolates and Guylian are definitely mines and my Mums favourite chocolates. The Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells are Guylian’s star product. The hazelnut praliné filling is still produced according to the unique recipe in the age-old traditional manner, a heritage of the company’s founding father Guy. The secret method of roasting and caramelizing hazelnuts gives Guylian chocolates their signature taste.
If you have a Mother that loves a bit of a pamper then how about a gorgeous pamper hamper from 7th Heaven. They have recently launched LOADS of beauty hampers, topped up with fantastic treats for your skin, hair and body. These beauty hampers won’t break the bank and are guaranteed to leave you feeling pampered and beautiful from head to toe. This basket full of goodies is only £9.99 and contains face masks, hair masks, bath bombs and a body scrubber!
The team over at beefayre offer up a fab range of gifts for the Mum in your life. The mummy bee range is beautiful. This box contains some lovely lavender & geranium lip balm, bath & body wash and a scented candle. You can buy all the items individually and choose what you fancy or go for one of the lovely gift sets. They come beautifully presented in a gift box and with a greeting card too.
From an icon of glamour and sophistication, Joan Collins has her own iconic fragrance. A reflection of her personality, I AM WOMAN has presence and the power. Also what about some luxury lipgloss, Pearl is million dollar sparkle in a lightly iridescent high shine gloss!  Pretty on its own or apply over any lipstick to give that shade a little va-va-voom!
Nibbling brings individually designed collections of teething necklaces, dummy clips and teething toys every season. Beautifully stunning on the outside, the new collection is made from untreated natural wood, which is both ethical and environmentally friendly, making it just as sensational on the inside.  Nibbling is the ultimate must-have range of teething accessories to provide that special bond between parent and child.  
Designed especially with pregnant ladies and mums in mind, Mummy Loves Organics deliciously scented candles contain no nasties, are non-toxic and burn clean due to the 100% cotton wicks. They are safe to light in the home around children and pets and are scientifically formulated so they warm to the perfect temperature to apply to the skin. When lit, they melt into a magical massage oil for an ultimate luxurious, hydrating experience, which soothes both body and mind.
Quintessentially chocolatier Elizabeth Shaw has a range of delicious treats perfect for gifting and sharing for Mother’s Day. Including their new and tempting range of biscuits in four delectable flavours, the crisp collection of chocolate boxes and moreish chocolate flutes. They are available in selected Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado, with prices starting from just £1.79.

No matter what your budget Aldi have you covered for Mothers Day, from cards to gift bags they have it all. They sent me a lovely box of some of the products they have available in store right now. The range consists of cuddly toys, dressing gowns, lunch bags, makeup bags and even handbags. With prices starting from just £2.99 you are bound to find agiftt that suits your budget.
The new Stellar beech cutting boards collection is a perfect example in point, a board that can be used to serve in style and be the perfect surface for chopping, slicing or dicing. They are created from high grade 20mm laminated beech, each is finished with an attractive and useful stainless steel hanging loop. Also worth  noting is one side is simply smooth for serving, whilst the reverse has a draining channel. The range consists of 8 pieces with priced starting from £8.40.
Thanks for having a look through, do keep your eyes on this guide as I will be adding more items on the run up to Mothers Day.
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Completing The Quartet

They always say as a Mum you know when you're done after I had your sister I wasn't so sure I was done. With just a 15 month gap between her and your brother, I knew I didn't want to add to the family anytime soon and we waited for 3 years before deciding to make our trio into a quartet.
I knew very early that you were in my belly, and 7 weeks in a bleed took us into the hospital, but you had held on and we got passed the danger zone. My pregnancy flew by and I was booked in for a scheduled induction on your due date. Mummys body never wants to let go of pregnancy, So I expected a full 3 day wait for you! I was right and even after 3 days of induction you wouldn't come, so I was taken down for a section. At just 7lb 4oz you were my tiniest baby and you looked so scrawny and small. You were a dream baby though and never an ounce of trouble, you slotted right in as the baby of the family.
Ours is a hectic home at times, with 3 siblings on the spectrum you had to fit in with our schedule and you did without a grumble. We started you in a nursery at just 15 months, as the youngest of 3 autistic siblings we had no idea if you would have autism too. You were a quiet boy, so we thought the socialisation would do you good. It did and you are such a loving and sociable boy. You came under scrutiny at nursery, sadly being a sibling to an autism family means people tended to over analyse your behaviour. A referral was even made to CAHMS, but I knew it was unnecessary, I knew right away with your siblings and I knew you were different. As I predicted CAHMS said you were the least autistic little boy they had seen. You don't meet any of the criteria for diagnosis, it was a relief to hear, even though I knew it!
The past 7 years have flown by, you have grown into a cheeky, intelligent and headstrong little boy. You can be quite cheeky and challenging, but show me a 7-year-old that's not! You are so patient with your siblings and try really hard to understand them and their ways. You openly ask all about autism and we try to explain it best we can. I think you get it, but even if you don't you are the best little brother and know when you just need to leave them alone. You started Beavers this year, we thought it would be a great thing to do that's just for you. It seems that you love it so far and you are even booked on for your very first camp away next month. 
Its been a wonderful 7 years and I am so excited to spend the next 7 years growing and getting to know you. You came into our family and made it complete, we've always called you our little bookend and it's a name that looks like its going to stick.
Happy Birthday Cody!

5 Tips For Creating A Dream Nursery

When I was pregnant I literally spent hour and hours planning and designing my babies nurseries in my head. I was all about it being practical, but functional, colourful but not too bright and buying nursery sets that will last. It was such an exciting time, I know so many people who are having babies at the moment so I thought I would share my top tips on planning your dream nursery.

Colour Scheme 
Think about your colour scheme, you want something that will grow with the child. I'm not into bold colour, but I do like bright. I always opt for plain clean walls, no patterned wallpaper that they may grow out off. Wall stickers are a good way to go, they good ones peel off without damaging the walls. There is also the option of canvasses to add some design to the wall. Both of these options are a way to add colour to your scheme without splashing paint all over the walls.

Flooring Options
Let's face it in the first few year of their life kids puke a lot, add in tummy bugs when they get into school, it's really never-ending. This means you need to consider your flooring options, a carpet will add warmth, but it won't be easy to clean up those puke stains. Wood flooring, in my opinion, is the best option, it's easy to clean and looks really stylish. If you want to add warmth you can put down a nice fluffy rug.

Get A Cot Bed
I have never bothered with Moses baskets, cribs or travel cots and my babies have always gone straight into a cot bed. It saves a fortune and a cot bed will last the baby until they are around 3 years old.

Start A Savings Plan
Planning a nursery and the general cost of having a baby is expensive. You want your baby to have the best of everything, so as soon as your able start saving. There are lots of stores around who let you go in select what you want, pay a deposit and then make regular payments.

Style It Out
You can make the whole look of a room totally unique by adding little accessory touches. Scatter cushions, picture frames, curtains and blinds can totally transform the look of a plain room. It doesn't have to cost the earth if you dot want it to either. You can pick up cute little accessories for just a few £1's in local stores.

Its a fun journey decorating and planning your little one's nursery. It can be as costly or as cheap as you need it to be. You can even pick up some good quality items from reselling sites and second-hand stores. What matters is that it's to your taste and what you want for your baby.
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Money Saving Ideas From Us

As a SAHM Mum of 4 children I am always looking at ways I can save a little here and there, every penny saved gradually builds to a pound and when the pounds build up I can take the children for an extra day out somewhere nice. With Christmas now behind us, the inevitable is now happening, that is paying off everything we bought for them, whether it be from replenishing our savings, repaying small loans, credit cards and even paying back family. There are a few ways in which we save money and I am going to share them with you.

  • Recycle Everything - If we aren't using it its getting recycled! There are many ways you can recycle and make money nowadays. There are clothing banks where you can take your old clothing and they give you a few pounds per pound of weight. There are technology sites where you can recycle your old games consoles and dvds. We even have a toy clear out every few months and put bundles of toys on eBay or local selling sites.
  • Meal Planning - I have meal planned for as long as I can remember, I think I do it because I always saw my Mum do it. I hate to waste food so I only buy what we need. Meal planning means I only buy what I need and none is wasted. We sit down together on a Thursday evening and decided together what we will have each night and compile our shopping list.
  • Discount Code - I have for as long as I can remember tired never to pay full price for anything. If I am shopping online then I always search online for discount codes to try and get a better deal.
  • Switch To Vaping - Mr RTR is a smoker and he spends around £100 per month on tobacco. If he switched to vaping with cuttwood e liquids he could save £70 per month! That's a massive amount for the savings pot.
  • Use comparison sites - I use online comparison sites as part of daily life if I am buying anything I will get on google first and find the ultimate deal to make sure I am saving the most. There are comparison sites around for everything from house insurance to your weekly food shop.
  • Consider A Loan - If like me you have several small loans and credit cards to pay off, consider getting a one-off loan to pay them all off at once. There are a few companies around who can offer this service, you might be able to get a loan even with bad credit. A one-off loan means you are only paying one lot of interest, instead of 3 or 4 different lots of interest.
  • Make Your Own Cleaning Products - My Grandma used to say there isn't much that can't be cleaned using lemon juice and vinegar. She wasn't far wrong, it gives your windows a fab shine. There is a whole host of recipes out there for homemade cleaning products that save you money.
  • Bulk Buy - Anything I can bulk buy and save on gets a thumbs up here. As a large family, we use lots of households essential like toilet paper, laundry detergent and fruit juice. I do my shopping online so I can source the very best deals, it always saved me a few pounds and it also means we never run out of anything.

  • Do you have tried and tested ways of saving money, I would love you to share with my some of the ways you save the pennies. I am always looking for new ones to add to my list.
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    Tonka is now on sale in selected ASDA stores!

    For almost 70 years, TONKA trucks have been the undisputed kings of the sandbox for decades. Built on the notion that “a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it,” they’re strong, sturdy and long-lasting. All of my kids have had a Tonka toy to play with at some point and they always last really well. We have been sent a box containing a selection the Tonka items that are now on sale in selected ASDA stores, they aren't available online just yet!
    Mr C was tasked with being our chief tester for the new Tonla toys we were sent. He was very excited to get the box opened and to see what was inside. For a closer look do check out the Youtube Unboxing Video
    The range on offer is fab and ideal pocket money toys. Some of the range is as little as 99p! The most expensive being just £9.99 for the mini playset, which would make an excellent birthday gift for any parties you have coming up!
    Car Crush Escape £9.99
    The Tonka Mini playset is available in 2 designs, the above design is car crush escape and also blast and dash quarry. The sets come's with a tiny vehicle and accessories, they are perfect sets to extend play opportunity with the rest of the collection. 
    Tonka Diecast Big Rigs £6.99
    The Tonka die cast big rigs Tonka tough rig can really haul! This rig is built to last with realistic detailing that looks just like an actual big rig! The logs can be loaded and unloaded and the trailer removed from teh rig.
    Tonka Diecast Monster Trucks £6.99
    The Tonka Monster metal diecast collection was built for the extreme! Your favourite urban, construction, and emergency vehicles now sit atop massive, Monster wheels, perfect for crushing anything in their paths!
    Tonk Tinys 3 Pack £4.99
    The Tonka Tinys Three Pack comes with two on display vehicles and a third which is a surprise! Which vehicles will your kids is all part of the fun! Most kids love the surprise element so these are sure to be a hit. The vehicles are perfect for using with the playset too!
    Tonka Tinys Blind Garages £1.99
    Now Tonka tough kids can collect their favourite Tonka vehicles in miniature! The Tonka Tinys range is a collection of palm sizes vehicles that are perfect for small-scale adventures.
    Mr C really enjoyed playing with the Tonka range, Mr D even got drawn into the play, which is highly unusual for him. They both enjoyed the mini garages, they love surprise toys. I think the range offers great value for money, they are really great quality too. I can see a lot of pocket money being spent on these in the future. The range is available in Asda stores now.
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    Stellar Electric Family Wok

    My wok is my most used piece of kitchen equipment, I use it for nearly all my cooking. You just can't beat the taste of fresh food cooked over a hot wok. My current wok has seen better days from lots of use, but Stellar got in touch and asked if we would like to road test the Stellar Electric Family wok.
    The New Stellar Electric  Family wok SEA37 is perfect for entertaining or for use in the kitchen. With its generous 35cm diameter, it’s easy to achieve perfect stir-fry results to feed the family. The wok has a PFOA Free non-stick to ensure that the clean up is easy and hassle-free, and it has large carrying handles so you can simply detach power cord and serve straight to the table.

    The Stellar Electric Wok is highly efficient, there is variable heat temperatures from level 1= 90°C to level 5 190 °C and the body of the pan responds instantly to the heat selection by heating up and cooling down rapidly. It can achieve the high temperatures associated with traditional Wok Cooking. It sounds just fab, the main draw for me is the ability to take the wok to the table and place it down. My table is full of marks from having a hot wok placed down on it. This electric wok is on a raised platform that doesn't get hot. You simply take out the power cable and it can be carried through to the table.
    The other big draw for me is the non-stick element, I don't like to use any oils in my cooking, so the claim of being non-stick was really going to be put to the test. I started with the wok on number 2 as it started to heat up instantly. The chicken was cooked in just a few minutes, I wasreally impressed and even more so at the fact that it wasn't sticking to the bottom of the wok.
    The going was good, so I added the veggies and my fajita mix. It's at this point that in my usual wok things would start to get a bit smokey and the mixture would start to stick to the bottom of the wok. I am really pleased to say the Stellar did the job and it truly is non-stick even without oil. 
    The chicken didn't dry out either which is great and the fajita powder tasted so good. I like the option of turning it down to 1, which is a nice gentle heat and keeps it warm. I am really impressed and think it warrants the £65 price tag (current Amazon selling price)
    Obviously, it's not suitable for putting in the sink or dishwasher, but it was soo easy to clean. I simply wiped it out with hot soapy water from the sink and it was ready to use again. I can see this being a well used and well-loved kitchen accessory. Make sure you check out this all the rest of the Stellar range on the website above.
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