Christmas With Raising The Rainbows

I won't lie the word Christmas strikes a cord of dread right through our hearts. The children have always hated it, lack of routine, people coming and going, no real meal times, presents and just the whole unpredictability of it.
There are some rules to follow for Christmas with Raising the Rainbows
1) The tree MUST go up December 1st
2) Aside from getting their advents chocolate, no talk of Christmas is allowed
3) Absolutely no Christmas music is to be played ever
4) Christmas is a 3-day celebration, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day
5) The Christmas tree must come down on Boxing day evening
6) December 27th the word Christmas is banned again until next year, it's done and its over, deal with it!
So we started at the top of the list as we always do! The tree went up and the chocolates were out, this normally stresses the kids out, but this year they seemed rather excited by it all. They were asking questions, wanted to know plans, who was coming when etc. To be honest, by December 15th I was a little tired of hearing about Christmas. They were so swept up in it and it was great to see, if a little draining, I thought it may wear off and they would hate it again.But their excitement was still going strong on Christmas Eve. Getting them to sleep on Christmas Eve was not fun, 4 hyped up kids full of treats from their Christmas Eve box means no one was asleep before 10pm. I escaped to the neighbours and got a little drunk! This means Santa was in a bit of a state come present time, which meant some of the presents ended up in the wrong pile! ooppss!!
We had a traditional Christmas lunch, which is another sticking point as the kids are all so picky about their food. But do you know what they all sat down and are it no fuss at all? We spent the rest of the day chilling out and enjoying the kid presents. It was honestly a super relaxing experience and it's made me hopeful that this is the shape of things to come. We had all the family around on Boxing day, this would normally make the kids twitchy, but they all enjoyed themselves. We still stuck to our tradition of taking all the decorations on Boxing day and getting back into a normal routine. I think Miss S was slightly disappointed at the lack of Christmas tree, but she thought the longer it was up the more likely she would be to get more presents! Not happening kid!! I am really pleased with the turning point that occurred for Christmas and hope it is the shape of things to come, roll on this Christmas!
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