14 Years......

14 Years since you were dragged into the world (stubborn from day 1)
14 Years since you made me a Mum
14 Years since you made us a family
14 Years of learning
14 Years or growing
14 Years of learning it ok not to be ok
14 Years of learning not everyone is the same
14 Years of seeing the world through your eyes
14 Years of learning about autism
14 Years of fighting to get everything you need
14 Years of being your biggest supporter
14 Years of no sleep (still team no sleep!)
14 Years of driving me mental
14 Years, it has been a steep learning curve
14 Years I wouldn't change a moment
14 Years I wouldn't change a single inch of you
14 Years I have loved every moment
14 Years I would do it ALL again

It's hard to believe that its 14 years since you made your impact on our world, a chunky 8lb 10oz bundle with black hair. You've never slept, still don't for more than a few hours. Its been a long road, we've had some bumps along the way. When you were 3 we got your autism diagnosis. We didn't know what an impact that would make on ours and your life. We vowed to ALWAYS ensure we fought for what was right for you. We were told at 5 mainstream wasn't right for you, we disagreed and fought to keep you there. We succeeded and were proved right. You showed me that as a parent always trust your instinct. You taught me to not let others opinions dampen your day. They don't know the truth they see a fleeting moment in our lives. With the help of 2 amazing teaching assistants, to whom I will always be eternally grateful you smashed primary school. I don't think they will ever realise the difference they made to your school days. The helped me nuture you and are partly responsible for the intelligent caring boy you are today. I know they miss you still as much as you miss them. 

I am dumbfounded that you are now in Year 9, doing GCSE, for a boy who at age 4 they said had the comprehension and understanding of a 2-year-old, you are still smashing down all the walls others try to put up in front of you. You NEVER let anyone tell you that you cant, you always try your best. Now you're not perfect, we've had our issues, and I know we have obstacles to come. But being a teenager is tough. You have a quick temper, you react in anger, but you always know when you are in the wrong, you always apologise. So you see the boy who they said had no understanding or feelings, consequences, his own actions, they were wrong. I always knew they were, you're a complex boy, you cant be worked out in 1 assessment. You have so many layers and it takes time to get through them.

You have big plans for your future and know that we will always support your decisions. We will continue to ensure that you are treated failry. You made me the Mum I am today, you will never know how much you taught me and continue to teach me. Wishing you a Happy 14th Birthday, may the next 14 years be just as epic as the last.
Lots Of Love

  1. LOVE this , you are an amzing mum and logan is very lucky . happy birthday big man xx


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