Life Update

My regular followers may have noticed I haven't been seen for the past 3 months! Life got a little bit hectic and when you're spinning plates something has to fall and it always tends to be the blog as it's easiest! I mean I can't drop one of the kids lol. Things have settled and we are finally back into a good routine so I have some time to carry on with my blog!

I have spent most of the past 3 months homeschooling Mr D, after a 3 year battle with his school we came to the decision that that school wasn't the best place for him. He was just 9 short weeks away from completing year 6, but as it was at the time him being in school was damaging his mental health and making his anxiety so much worse, so we pulled him out.

Homeschooling didn't come easily if you throw in balancing life, a house, other kids and a boy whos educational confidence was rock bottom it was tough. I think me and him both were relieved when the summer holidays came around and we could call it a day! He is now enjoying his free time until he starts high school in September. We have chosen for him to go to the same school as Mr L, as he has made amazing progress since starting there 3 years ago, so we hope the same for Mr D. 

Mr L is going into year 10 and GCSE terrority, scary to think that we have to start thinking about colleges etc this year! I have no idea at all how we are going to jump that hurdle! There is going to be some big changes for him going back next month as his whole care team is changing and he's not happy about it. We will do as we alwys do and deal with issues as they arrive, we just need to teach him to do the same!

Scarily it was also time to make a high school choice for Miss S, we made the decision to move her to the local specialist high school. She has attended her current school since she was 4 years old and it's going to be a big transition if she gets a place. We think it will be a good change for her though and for the first time ever we will actually be able to take her to school ourselves as it is within walking distance of our new house. Its rated good by Ofsted to and it all seems positive, so fingers crossed.

Mr C has enrolled in the local scout group and loves it, he has even done his first camp away from home and stayed away for 2 nights. He starts in KS2 in September, my youngest child is going into juniors, he will be leaving before we know it too.

Mr RTR has a new job, he finally got tired of the ridiculous conditions he was made to work in and resigned. He went straight into a new job which he loves, its nights so I only see him 2 nights a week now, but he loves it, so that's what matters. As for me working in the conventional sense is not an option with 4 kids and 3 different schools, add in doctors visits, school phone calls and early collections my place is at home. We are fortunate that Mr RTR job pays enough for us to survive on one income, but I needed something for me apart from my blog, some real human interaction. Thanks to his new job I have been able to rejoin my local Slimming World! I have missed it so much, his old job meant I couldn't make the meeting time. He now starts at 10pm, so I can actually go. I am 3 weeks in and 9lbs down already, but I will update you on that separately and I will be sharing what I eat in a day vlogs and of course the weekly weigh-in posts.

I think I have covered all my 3-month absence, I am currently sat on a hospital camp bed, its out 8th night here and we go home tomorrow! I never thought I would miss the madhouse, but I can't wait to go home. I will update you on details of our stay soon.

Its good to be back, I hope you loyal readers have stuck around, do leave me a comment below and let me know your still here!
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Stay Cool Cookware From Stellar

We have slowly built up a nice collection of Stellar kitchen items and I am definitely a convert. Every item I have tried has been amazing quality, check out our electric wok review and our rocktanium. I have just been sent 2 more items from the epic range and the stay cool cookware collection. A 20cm stay cool draining saucepan and a 24cm stay cool draining casserole pot. Both are going to prove very useful as a family of 6 who likes to cook. Both have some great features, from stay cool handles to built-in drainage, so no more digging out the sieve!!
The built-in drainage vents are amazing, no need for a separate sieve to drain excess water out. The lids have a silicone around them so you can actually touch the lid to hold it on while you drain it. There is 2 vents dependant on what you're draining too.
Both of the pans have handy internal measuring guide, which is another ingenious time saver. The measure lines are actually inside the pans so you can fill them straight up from the tap. I am all for time-saving hacks as a busy Mum, so these pans are ticking all the right boxes so far!
The stay cool collection features a unique handle design that actually stays cool and directs all of the heat into the pan base to ensure efficient cooking. When you combine this with the silicone edged glass lids it seals in all the goodness when you're cooking making your food extra tasty. I love the silicone lid, the silicone runs around the whole lid which means it makes no noise when you put the lid on and off.
I noticed that the water for my noodles heated up so much quicker than my old pans, I think the fact they are stainless steel makes them more efficient. As the pans are stainless steel they are suitable for use on all cooking surfaces including induction hobs. They are also dishwasher safe.
I have used the pans to make pasta, noodles, soup, risotto and even meatballs. The pans are still in immaculate condition and wash incredibly well. As you can see from the below picture, I used the pan to cook risotto. I cooked the chicken in here with olive oil, sweated the rice out and left it to simmer for 20 minutes, I even melted the cheese in here. Absolutely nothing fazes these pans, you can see nothing is stuff to it at all.
It would prolong the life of the pans if you use nylon or wooden utensils when cooking. Metal ones would obviously scratch the insides. The pans do however come with a lifetime guarantee, so you know that you're getting quality. The Stellar Stay Cool cookware is available from Amazon with prices starting from around £16.
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Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

 We were sent some fab Project Mc2 items for review, the Camryn Doll which I shared last week and this is the second review I am going to share with you. If you haven't heard of Project Mc2 then here is a little low down...Smart is the new cool with Project Mc2! The team of four super smart, seriously cool girls combine their love of science and spy skills to take on different missions for a secret organisation, NOV8 (that’s “innovate”!). Real girls with real skills who are ready to take on anything! 
The Project Mc2 Lab Kit is the first step to becoming a cool agent just like the girls.The kit appears to be an oversized lab bag but unzips to reveal the ultimate collection of science apparatus and fun! Take it to a friend’s house to impress them with your experiments. All you need to add are household items to make chemical reactions. The real working microscope provides endless hours of discovery so the fun doesn’t have to stop after the experiments. Once you’ve mastered the experiments included head over to to discover more.
As well as a real working microscope there are over 30 pieces including test tubes, a funnel, beaker, pH strips, a pipette, petri dish, safety goggles and a Project Mc2 ring. You can over 15 experiments from the included booklet and create some of your own!
I love that all the pieces are housed in the bag, it means less chance of us losing bits and pieces. We really enjoyed conducting our own experiments using simple household items we all have in the cupboard. 
The microscope has provided hours of fun, the kids have loved picking up random objects from the garden and looking at them close up using the microscope. It's a great way to introduce the kids to science in a fun way. They want to head out to the park next week and collect some items to look at more closely.
This kit is a must for Project Mc2 fan, its bound to spark their interest and is the perfect accompaniment if you already own some of the experiment dolls. The Ultimate lab kit is available from most good toy shops and retails at £49.99.
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Ravensburger Avengers Infinity War XXL Jigsaw Puzzle Review

With the Easter holidays in full swing (we get 2 weeks in our area) we had a welcome distraction from Ravensburger come through the post to get the kid's brains ticking over a little bit. As huge Marvel and general action hero fans they were excited to see the Avengers Infinity War XXL 100 piece jigsaw.
From the new movie, Avengers Infinity War movie is sparked their interest straight away, its a high quality 100 piece jigsaw puzzle with XXL pieces making them easier to spot, find and connect. As with all Ravensburger puzzle, it is made from strong premium grade recycled cardboard that has a linen finish print which minimises glare on the puzzle image. The puzzle itself is suitable for ages 6 years and over and once complete is measure 49 x 36cms.
Mr C was the one who decided to have a go at the puzzle, he is the only one with the patience to do it. I love the concentration on his face when he is puzzling, its a really good brain work out! I helped him with some of the outer patterns, so he had the base there to work on. I think the XXL pieces are a great help for the younger ones, you can see the picture better which means they can easily match it up to the design. We always have the box lid on hand to display the complete picture for ease.
I think that Mr C was quite pleased with himself for completing the puzzle (with a little help from me) and it was a rainy day activity after some lovely sunshine the day before. I am sure it will be taken out a few times during rainy April. The Avengers Infinity War jigsaw is available from Amazon for £8.99.
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Putting Treads To The Test

With 3 ever growing boys in school shoes its a mighty expense in the family budget. The quest to find the shoe that will last the test of time has been a challenge. I was contacted by Treads to see if Mr D, the shoe destroyer would like to put some of their shoes to the test if anyone was up for the challenge it was Mr D!
So whats different about Treads?
Treads are constructed using a “Strobel” technique where the upper is placed into a mould and the sole is then injected around it creating one unit without the need for any glueing. This not only creates a really strong bond but offers additional flexibility, perfect for active kids. The Permair® leather is a breathable performance leather, the reinforced heels prevent splitting through stamping, which is great for Mr D, as he's so heavy on his feet! The flexible injection moulded soles are hardwearing, non-slip and non-marking, they also provide reinforced seams for that additional strength. The outer shoe is easy to wipe clean surface, scuff-proof to withstand bumps and scrapes and they have a Texon® board inner which is designed to reinforce the sole and wick away moisture. Treads are available in 8 different styles suitable from boys ages 6 years to 16 years.
We opted for the Madrid style as Mr D has motor skill issues and can't do laces, he gets himself tied up in knots! The Madrid is designed and built for active boys. An additional scuff resistant toe offers additional durability and the soft padded ankle gives all day comfort support. The touch-fasten rip tape allows easy on-off access and that made to measure feel. Handcrafted using the finest of components. Made with permair leather that is soft enough to allow easy flexible movement offering unrivalled comfort and engineered to cope with the rigours of a schoolyard. The sole is tough and strong but also flexible and lightweight. Teamed with durable ‘dual fit’ technology and subtle stitching finishes off the look.
My boys have been cursed with my wide feet, so shoes can be a problem, but Treads have you covered on that front with dual fit technology. Simply try the shoe on as it comes out of the box. If the fit is comfortable and to your liking, you're good to go. If however, you feel you could do with a bit more room just remove the orange EVA footbed to convert to the wider fit option. Removing the footbed also gives more depth, making dual fit footwear ideal should you wish to use orthotics.
We removed the footbed and the shoe fitted Mr D perfectly, the touch-fasten Velcro is fab for him to, he doesn't have to think about fastening his shoes, it just does it. He said the shoe fits well and it was comfortable which is a big plus for him, he hates wearing anything on his feet, so comfortable shoes is a must. I was pleased with how the shoe looks, its great quality.
The shoes are really easy to care for to, a quick wipe over with a cloth and they are ready to go again.Mr D has worn these daily for school for 2 weeks and doesn't have a single scuff on them yet! They still look brand new, we are going to continue using them and update you in a few months to see how they are standing the test of time!
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Psychological Hacks That Help You Design A Better Workplace

Did you know that your working conditions and the surroundings that you work in can have a profound impact on your productivity and efficiency? There are ways in which you can design a workplace that will psychologically help you perform your tasks in a more productive, creative and efficient manner. Nowadays companies do not measure the productivity of employees based on their numbers or by set standards. It is a known fact that the office design, the environment of the company and other factors play a very important role in the overall performance of the employees. Today we have a list of psychological hacks that help you design a workplace that enables employees to perform their best. Here’s everything you need to know:

Take The Average Age Of Employees Into Consideration When Designing The Workplace
You need to keep the demographic that you are catering to in mind when setting up the workplace. For instance, if the majority of your staff members are middle-aged and are more comfortable with an equal balance of paperwork and digital interactions, but your office has suddenly made a 100 percent switch to paperless and digital functions, the functioning and productivity of your employees will be hampered. Thus, when making changes in office systems, ensure that you take into consideration the overall age or demographic or preferences of the employees before taking drastic steps that will only prove to be counterproductive.

Provide Comfortable Chairs, Tables And Furniture For Best Results
If your office is filled with chairs that are uncomfortable, constantly require adjustments and provide zero back support, the productivity of your employees is going to be greatly hampered. The constant need to stretch, move around and make adjustments to the chair or desk can make it nearly impossible for employees to stay focused. The chairs provided to your employees should provide proper back support and should be able to recline to avoid constant pressure on the spinal cord. The desk should be at such a height that when the computer or laptop is placed on it, the top of the computer is at eye level and a proper footrest should also be provided for individuals with desk jobs. Comfortable seating arrangements play a vital role in increasing productivity of the employees.

Decorate The Office With Artificial Landscaping Products
Did you know that the lush green leaves and foliage of trees and plants can have a positive impact on the overall productivity of your employees? The colour green is known to inspire and motivate people to work better and being surrounded by nature also boosts the productivity of workers. Now you can motivate your employees and staff members to work more productively by installing faux plants and trees in and around the office. You get several varieties of faux plants that look absolutely lifelike and real. From breathtaking hanging baskets at your office entrance to flower arrangements for the centre of the tables, bonsai plants or ficus plants for the cabins and so on, you can give your entire office an exotic, charming and naturally outdoorsy look.

Flexibility In Working Hours
The employees of today are not just concerned with the monetary compensation they get for the hours of work that they pump in. Today’s employees are also concerned with convenient work timings, flexibility in working hours and often want the option of being able to work from home. People are not robots and expecting them to work monotonously day after day is a little harsh. Nobody likes 9 to 5 jobs anymore. People want the freedom to work at timings that are suitable for them. Many employees feel that they are most productive in the second half of the day than they are early in the morning. As an organization, you need to give your employees a little bit of freedom and flexibility in working hours if you want to extract maximum productivity.

Clear Out Excess Clutter
If your office looks like a warehouse of file cabinets and has papers and reports and magazines strewn all over, this will automatically reduce the efficiency and productivity of your employees. Clutter around the workspace can be counterproductive. When an employee or a staff member is forced to work amidst clutter, his thinking becomes limited, he will constantly be distracted and so on. For your staff members and employees to be able to perform their best, you need to give them a work environment that is clean and clutter-free.

Add A Little Colour To The Walls
Nobody likes to work in an office space that is dull, boring and drab. A boring office space will automatically reduce the overall productivity of the employees and staff members. While in earlier times most offices had white walls, nowadays many organizations are opting for captivatingly and vibrantly coloured walls. Having brightly coloured walls can have an impact on the brain function and moods of your employees. Further, opting for the perfect colours for your office walls will positively affect the productivity of your employees. Soothing blues, pretty peaches, and pastel colours are particularly popular office wall colours.

Lighting Plays A Very Important Role In Overall Productivity
Lighting has a major psychological impact on the overall productivity of employees and staff members. If the lights in your office space are ridiculously bright and hurt the eyes, it will only give your employees a headache and reduce their productivity. If the lights are too dim and dull, this too can reduce the productivity of the employees because dull lighting can induce a slumber amongst the staff members. Hence, the lighting in the office has to be perfect to enhance the overall productivity of the employees.

The next time you find the productivity numbers in your office dropping, try using some of these psychological hacks to boost and motivate your employees and staff members. These tried and tested methods have proven to be highly effective and will give you guaranteed results.

When you find that staff members in the office are counterproductive and your sales and production numbers are dwindling, use these psychological hacks to get things back on track instantly!

Take Advantage of Buying Custom Paper Online

Some students are opting to buy a custom paper online. It can be challenging to find the right service that will give them quality work for a low price. Many of these services ask students to pay high costs or have weird hours that don’t work with students’ schedules. Luckily, this service offers helpful features that we will talk about later.

You might be wondering if it worth it to hire someone to write a paper for me. There are a handful of benefits to ordering a custom paper online, and the major ones are outlined here:

1. It is affordable. Students have a lot on their plates and usually, don’t have extra spending money. It’s essential that affordable services are available to the students. By creating a cost-conscious service, this website gives students the freedom to get help without worrying about their financial situation.
2. Your grades will improve. The main reason that students choose to use a custom paper writing service is so that their marks will be higher. Some students find it nearly impossible to achieve high enough grades on their own so that they will seek out a service like this one. By crafting better writing, students will get better grades in school.
3. You can reference the essays for help on future essays. Sometimes, students will just need a little bit of guidance to become even better writers. They might choose to use a custom paper service once or twice to get some examples of how their papers should look in the future. The documents that they receive from these services can make excellent resources when students get stuck while writing other essays.
4. You can receive one-on-one help with already written essays. One standard issue that students have is that they just need help with minor issues. They might be able to ask their teacher for help, but the timing doesn’t always work out. Sometimes, students need to receive feedback from someone other than their teachers. A professional writer can look over an already written essay and help the students to make some revisions. The professional writing service will know how to make these changes and help the student to understand why things need to be edited.
5. You don’t have to worry about plagiarism. Plagiarism is a big deal, and students can face terrible penalties for it. Even if papers contain a very small percentage of plagiarism, the student could receive a zero on the entire essay. This is stressed immensely by teachers, so students understand the seriousness. Most students try their best not to plagiarize, but accidents happen. Using a writing service can ensure that no plagiarized work slips into the essay.

Different websites offer unique features. gives you a variety of excellent features, including:
- 24/7 support. You don’t have to be online at a particular time or worry about making specific hours work. You can access assistance at any time, making this a great option for busy students!
- Support for ESL writers. It can be a challenge to find services that are specialized for ESL students. This website makes this possible and offers help to all types of students.
- It’s affordable! Not everyone has a lot of money to spend on these writing services, and this service understands that. They keep their prices low, giving everyone a chance to get a quality essay written.

Many students choose this website for all of these reasons—and more! Become one of them.

Project Mc2 Camryns Nail Polish Doll

We were sent some fab Project Mc2 items for review and this is the first review I am going to share with you. If you haven't heard of Project Mc2 then here is a little low down...Smart is the new cool with Project Mc2! The team of four super smart, seriously cool girls combine their love of science and spy skills to take on different missions for a secret organisation, NOV8 (that’s “innovate”!). Real girls with real skills who are ready to take on anything! 
There are 4 dolls to collect and each doll comes in her signature outfit - stylish and smart, and with a clever project for you to complete. Enabling you to conduct your own experiments at home with the help of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). We were sent Camryn Cole.
Camryn Coyle is the construction queen! Make your own colourful nail polish using safe household ingredients with the included hammer, excavator and funnel. You can follow Camryn’s footsteps and learn to create your own nail polish experiment by combining simple household ingredients such as eyeshadow powder and clear nail varnish to create your own unique colour combinations. 
The doll comes with some of the items you need to make your own nail polish but you will need some powdered eyeshadow and some clear nail polish to create your own custom coloured nail polish. 
We had great fun creating our own nail polish and loved playing with the doll on its own too. Camryn has a pretty dress which has detachable wings and mask. We love that we can use Camryn to conduct or experiments and then use her in some imaginative doll play with our others dolls too. 
You can find the Project Mc2 collection is most good toy shops. The Camryn nail polish doll retails at £24.99.
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Judge Glassware Range Review

The new range of glassware from Judge offers a cooking solution which will not stain, or retain flavours. In addition, cooking with Judge glass allows for great visibility, displaying the ingredients and recipe to the full.  Finally, being manufactured from Borosilicate glass means it can cope with rapid temperature change, allowing confidence when moving from oven to table, and freezer to the oven. On offer in the collection is casserole dishes in either 1 or 2 litres, roasters in 700ml and 1.5 litres and mixing bowls in 1, 1.5 and 2 litres, with prices starting at just  £2.50, quality cookware isn't going to break the bank!
The mixing bowl was perfect for mixing the stuffing in for our Easter Sunday lunch, the glass allows you to see through and ensure that the mix is combined. The mixing bowl has a good weight to it and looks good quality. I loved that I could then pop the bowl straight into the oven and save on extra dishes to wash up.
The glass mixing bowl is heatproof up to 240 degrees and is dishwasher safe. It's not, however, suitable for on the hob or under a grill, so do bear that in mind when using the product. This bowl is a great addition to my kitchen supplies, the 1-litre bowl is also ideal for making my homemade salsa in.
I already own a casserole dish but as a family of 6 it's a large one, so not much use for smaller meals or smaller dishes. Mr RTR works evening, so I occasionally have to make cottage pie for one! This 1-litre casserole dish with a lid would be great for a one-pot casserole too.
The hubby and I love cauliflower cheese, but the kids despise it, so there no point making a huge portion. We usually have the microwave stuff, so it was a real treat to make it from scratch. The heat from the glass casserole dish made the cheese bubble up lovely.
Honey glazed parsnips are a family favourite and I have always cooked them in a metal oven tray and they always burn, so I knew that I would be putting the glass roaster to the test on Easter Sunday. Even the 1.5-litre roaster was big enough for a full bag of parsnips.
I'm definitely a glassware covert, I have always used metal oven dishes, but the food definitely tastes better when it comes out of the glass roaster, fresher I think, and the parsnips were cooked evenly, with a nice crisp edge to them. All of the judge glassware washed extremely well after use and looked good as new. These are sure to become well used in our cooking adventures.
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Autism - Facts & Myths

So apparently April is deemed autism awareness month, however in our house it doesn't matter what month it is every single day is about autism awareness. When your a family of 6 and 4 of those people have autism its hard to escape it. As someone has deemed April as autism awareness month I thought I would share with you 10 facts and 10 myths about autism.

Fact - Autism is a lifelong neuro-developmental condition that affects more than 700'000 people in the UK alone
Fact - Autism is a hidden disability, you can't tell by looking at someone if they have autism
Fact - Autism is incurable, but the right support at the right time makes a huge difference
Fact - Over 50% of children who have autism are not in an educational setting deemed appropriate by their parents to meet their needs
Fact - 1 in 5 children with autism have been excluded from school more than once
Fact - Fascinations, repetitive behaviour and routine can be a source of enjoyment
Fact - Special interests in children with autism can help develop self esteem and encourage socialising
Fact - People with autism demonstrate above-average levels of concentration, reliability and accuracy
Fact - People with autism can lead fulfilling lives with the right understanding and support
Fact - If you have met one person with autism, you have met just one person with autism. Each one is so wonderfully different

Myth - Autism is a mental health condition
Myth - Autism is the result of emotional deprivation, emotional stress or bad parenting
Myth - People with autism are being deliberately rude when avoiding eye contact
Myth - People with autism prefer to spend time alone
Myth - People with autism are incapable of leading a normal life, getting a job or having a family of their own
Myth - ADHD and autism are the same condition
Myth - Aspergers Syndrome is a middle class condition made up by parents to excuse bad behaviour
Myth - Non verbal autistic are severely mentally impaired
Myth - A child with autism will not be able to attend a mainstream school
Myth - All people with autism are geniuses like Rainman
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The Tale Of The Easter Bunny With Frankie Bridge

Singer-songwriter and mum of two, Frankie Bridge, is getting ready to launch her debut storybook, ‘The Tale of The Great Easter Bunny,’ in partnership with Cadbury this Easter. The downloadable book, a re-adaptation of The Tale of the Great Bunny created by Cadbury 20 years ago, celebrates The Easter Bunny and encourages families across the nation to take part in their own magical Easter Egg Hunts together over the Easter season.
The story, available to download free from the Cadbury website from Tuesday 13th March, follows siblings Jack and Molly as they discover a series of mysterious clues and embark on an enchanting Easter Egg Hunt alongside their parents, Tom and Sarah. The tale takes place within the family home but what the family don’t know, is that there is a secret, hidden rabbit-hole at the bottom of their garden… where The Easter Bunny lives.   
Speaking on the launch of The Tale of the Great Easter Bunny, Frankie said: “It’s actually a little bit of a secret but Easter is my favourite holiday!  We used to have Easter Egg Hunts every year and now I love to do the same for my own children.  Creating a book is also something I have always wanted to do and in many ways, it’s not so different to writing songs.  I really do hope families will love the book and it will inspire them to go on their very own magical Easter Egg Hunts.”
The Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts National Trust are also back for 2018 and there are over 300 hunts to choose from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, guaranteeing a fun-filled Easter for everyone.  To discover the nearest hunt to you, visit
We have just finished for the school holidays today and we received a copy of the book and these lovely Easter treats from Cadbury to enjoy. Mr C and Miss S will love the book and I'm sure they will make short work of the eggs! I'm hiding the Daim one from me and Mr RTR though!
Happy Easter

Ready Player One Movie Merchandise

You all know Paladone is one of my favourite companies, their ever expanding range is amazing! Its been a while, but I'm back with a new Paladone bundle and its a goody! Released tomorrow, Ready Player One is the film adaptation of a science fiction novel, written by an American Author, Ernest Cline. It is a contemporary sci-fi story set in a dystopian future, but most of the narrative takes place in a virtual reality game called OASIS. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Warner Bros. In celebration of this new epic movie, Paladone has got all the merchandise you will NEED after you have watched the movie and they have sent it to me to show you!
Protect your table with these stylish Ready Player One Coasters featuring some of the films most loved characters. These coasters are perfect for fans of the original novel or the film, and feature fantastic characters including Parzival, Art3mis and Aech. These stylish coasters have black backgrounds and bright, eye-catching designs. This pack contains a set of eight double-sided card coasters and are priced at just £2.99. Mr L has already nabbed these for his computer table in his bedroom
In my line of work you can never have too many notebooks, so this one has been securely sneaked into my office draw! Plot your next victory inside the OASIS with this super-cool Ready Player One IOI Notebook. This hardback notebook, which has 200 lined pages, features the famous Innovative Online Industries logo on its cover, along with the Standard Issue Laser Rifle design drawings and some other sketches taken from the fantastic Ready Player One movie. This notebook is great for use at home, at work, or at school and is the perfect gift for any organised Ready Player One fan! I'm really impressed with the quality of this notebook, the paper is really thick and good quality, retail price is £6.99.
As much as I would have liekd this, Mr RTR has swiped this from me! He does the school run and goes out to work, so I thought it was only fair he was allowed the travel mug, I rarely travel, so he will definitely get more use of it! Enjoy a hot beverage on-the-go during your next adventure inside the OASIS with this super-slick, stylish Ready Player One Gunter Travel Mug. This stainless steel travel mug is perfect for commutes, long journeys, and short walks to the office and allows you to keep your hot beverage warm whilst out and about. The mug features the slogan 'Gunter Life'™ on one side and the official Ready Player One logo on the other, both in bright, vibrant neon colours. The mug is double-walled for extra insulation and also comes with a plastic lid making it easy to drink from wherever you are! The travel mug retails at £11.99.
Now I have saved the best of the collection for last! I LOVE this infinity light and its now got pride of place in the boy's bedroom. They are huge gamers, so the Ready Player One slogan is right up their street! Escape the crazy dystopia that surrounds you and dive headfirst into virtual reality with this stylish Ready Player One Infinity Light. The design features the words 'Ready Player One'™ in bright colours on the shiny, mirrored background, which works to create an optical illusion when the light is switched on. Gaze into the light and escape to the OASIS. This infinity light is dual powered either by USB or batteries and creates a nice optical illusion disappearing off into the distance. It can be wall-mounted or free-standing and is 31.5cm tall. It takes three AA batteries, which aren't included. However, a USB cable can also be used to power the light, which is included. The boys have it on the bedside table so we use the USB option, but I love the battery option too. Its a fab looking light and looks great in the boy's room, the infinity light retails at £34.99.

How fab are these items, were off to the cinema during half term to check out the movie as its right up Mr RTR street! You can see these and more Ready Player One merchandise over on the Paladone website.
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