Stretch Mini Justice League - Batman

We adore Character they are the home of all the children's favourite toy ranges. With Christmas around the corner, I am getting lots of requests for toy reviews. I tend to only agree to things I know the kids will love and play with. Character got in touch and asked me to try out one of the Stretch Mini Justice league figures.
The figures claim to be super stretchy fun, the boys loved the Super Stretch Armstrong we reviewed last year, so I knew they would like to try these mini justice league stretches. Plus they are a great tool for getting out your stresses and aggression on after a long day! Like a fun stress ball!
There are 3 in the collection and we got sent Batman, the other options are Superman and Flash. The figures are 7 inches tall and retail at £12.99. They are suitable for ages 5+ and you can stretch them and stretch them and they will return to their normal size. My boys were obviously keen to put this theory to the test!
Cody gave it 100% in the stretching skills department and gave Batman a good old twist and squeeze. It's really pliable and not too stiff, so really easy to pull and twist. He loved pulling it and was eager to give it a go with his brother when he got back from school.
Together the boys really put it through its paces and true to the promises the figure goes back to its normal size. This is the perfect toy for Dayton as he gets himself stressed out and he has his Sats coming up. This is the perfect distraction when he needs a break from studying.
The Stretch Mini Justice League figures are available to buy online from Character. You can choose which figure you like if your child has a favourite. They are a fab price and ideal stocking filler.
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