Its Family Games Night Time

It's hard finding an activity that all of the children like and will do together. The team at Character sent us over some family games in an attempt to get the boys playing together. With Christmas just around the corner, they have sent me 2 of the games that are going to be pretty popular this Christmas.
The boys are huge FNAF fans so when they saw one of the games in the delivery was Five Nights at Freddy's jumpscare game. Boom Blast Stix is a game we have recently seen advertised on the tv too, so it really got them excited to play.
Forst up they wanted to try the Five Nights At Freddy's suspense-filled, thrill-seeking game brings the world's most popular jump-scare mobile game to life in 3D form! Players take it in turns to spin the spinner wheel to determine how many and what colour of pizza tokens they must steal from Freddy's tray as he snoozes. Whenever a player wakes and disturbs Freddy he jumps up and screams at the player eliminating them from the game. Play continues until there's only one player left in the game. Steal his Pizza if you dare but beware the jumpscare!
The boys loved the anticipation of this game, you just never know when Freddy is going to jump scare you. You have to be super careful when getting those pizza slices. We managed to clear the pizza tray and reload it without getting someone jump scared out. So you reload and carry on. The boys loved it when one of them finally got a jump scare and it made them want to carry on even more. Ths is sure to be on top of most FNAF fans Christmas lists, its available from the Character website priced at £24.99.
After the excitement of the previous game, we thought we might be able to calm it down with a nice relaxing game! But that's not the case with Boom Blast Stix, its another anticipation game of skill.
The explosive high stakes game that's loaded with excitement! You have to lock the sticks and stack them high. Each player takes it in turns to add a locked stick to the pile. The anticipation is knowing who will be the one to make them fly? Do you have the skills to cope with the pressure?
I was impressed with the boy's skills, they managed to get quite a stack going on before one of the stix finally popped! Watch your eyes as when they go, they go fast and high. The boys thought it was a hoot. You can play with the container lid on the floor or for more action put the lid on the container and play it high. The boys liked playing up high, it gave more a thrilling effect. This will be a fab family Christmas gift, we will definitely be playing it at our family boxing day get together. This is available from the character website for £10.99.

We really had fun with these family games from Character and it has got us really excited for Christmas and all the fun we will have then.
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  1. They look really fun! My friends little girl loves Five Nights At Freddy's - Ill have to tell her about that game!


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