Christmas Guide 2017 - Kids Gifts

It's that time of year again, I can't believe it came around so quickly! I have been busy since the end of August searching and gathering all the best items you need to have this Christmas. Rather than have an endless guide I have split it into sections again, as this worked well last year. This guide is for the kids from cheeky stocking fillers to full-sized gifts.
The Beau & Elliot Outline Water Hydration Bottle by Navigate from Katie Jane Home is made from BPA free Tritan. Perfect for water, fruit juice, squash and cordial drinks, this hydration bottle holds up to 500ml of fluid and has a screw top lid and carry handle. Just perfect for lunch on the go, this hydration bottle forms part of the outline lunch range by Navigate and has a smart and contemporary heart design. 
The Boy With His Head Stuck In A Book is a clever little stocking filler. An Interactive educational book for just £5.99 available from Amazon. With kids increasingly turning away from books and toward their tablets and smartphones, Zappar has provided a solution – marrying the two with its latest book launch. At only £5.99, this product is an affordable way of keeping children engaged with education in an interactive way over the Christmas break.
Aimed at 6 – 12 year oldsWonder Workshop Dash and Dot aid the development of STEM subjects at home with the dancing ‘bots helping kids learn while having fun. Dash is a real robot in a brilliant blue and orange design appealing to both boys and girls. Children can bring it to life with free apps available for iOS and Android. Dash comes with hundreds of exciting coding adventures and projects available in Wonder and Blockly apps. Kids can use an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, connected via Bluetooth, to program Dash to move, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to their voice. Kids can program Dash to be the real robot pet, pal or sidekick of their dreams. No instructions needed! The Wonder and Blockly apps feature built-in challenge tutorials that teach you how to program Dash from the very beginning of each program! Forget robot camp - you can easily learn Blockly and Wonder right in the app! Whether making Dash dance or navigate a homemade racetrack, children can soon discover the cause and effect of coding, while inadvertently absorbing the core principles of STEM subjects, (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) which are very often lacking at school, helping parents bridge the gap at home.
Detective Dot is a nine-year-old coder and part of the CIA: Children’s Intelligence Agency, a global network of young spies who assemble to solve worldwide problems. She must investigate teenage trillionaire Shelly Belly and her global tech empire. Alongside her flying robot sidekick Drone, and selfie-loving, Tumble. Dot must utilise all her gadgets and sharp skills to solve the case! Detective Dot knows a smartphone is nothing without a smart brain to use it. Kids can become a part of the CIA and Dot’s world with the MegaPack priced at £18.99
Electro Dough Kit is the best-selling kit allows you to make your own dough with household items or play dough to begin sculpting scientific creations straight out of the box. It uses electronic components to learn how electricity flows through a circuit, and your dough will come alive with LEDs and buzzers. The kit is suitable for ages 4+ and retails at £22.99.
Sleepzzz Until is a collection of products which help your little ones to understand how many sleeps until their special day, whether it is their birthday or your family holiday. Sometimes it can be hard for children to understand how long it is until their birthday or even Christmas, Sleepzzz Until is here to save you from ‘how many sleeps till Santa comes’. Each set includes One soft Bear approx. 30cm - One Calendar with tear-off slips counting down from 14 days before the special day 
This Greedy Granny from Tomy Games is sure to give you lots of giggles. She’s not called Greedy Granny for nothing. Greedy Granny loves her biscuits so much she’s fallen asleep with the entire tray on her lap. There are 4 types of biscuits on granny’s tray. The aim of the game is to collect a biscuit of each type. Sounds easy but one wrong move and you could wake granny and send her teeth flying! Will you risk it for a biscuit? Or will your mischievous moves wake Granny?
From ‘Hygge’ to parenting, the Danish way of doing things is often widely talked about and it would appear that bedtime is no different. The Children’s Meditations in My Heart by Gitte Winter Graugaard is a collection of meditations designed to help children drift off to sleep within minutes. An immediate hit in Denmark, Graugaard’s book has since been translated into English and is now available in the UK, where it retails at £14.95 on Amazon. A collection of four meditations for parents to read to their children, Graugaard’s book shows parents how to teach their child the importance of self-esteem and self-love, enabling them to drift off into calming, reparative sleep, their hearts full with love.
Little Brian Paint Sticks come in a variety of colours, suitable for children of all ages to paint with no need for water or brushes or the mess that goes with it! That’s right, it really is welcome news to all parents’ ears! It's a fun and clean way to paint and the sticks are child-friendly and twist up and down to get the paint out – just like a glue stick. They dry within 60 seconds of touching the surface, the paints can be used on all surfaces such as paper, card, canvas, wood and even on windows as it can be washed right off.
Rock and Ruddle are natural bristle hairbrushes available in 2 sizes. The natural bristles have microscopic scales that release and spread the natural oil produced in the scalp (sebum) down each hair shaft making it shiny, supple and healthy. The bristles also keep the hair clean as the scales pick up dirt and excess oils as they go through the hair. Our rubber cushion pad minimises pulling on the hair. A Rock & Ruddle hairbrush both cares for your hair and feels comfortable to us. There are lots of lovely designs available but this ballerina design is so cute.
Are you ready for Pop Up Pete’s next adventure with this fun Tickle Me Feet game by Tomy Games. Each player takes it in turns to place their feet in the stocks then gets to spin the dial to see what pirate-themed challenge they will get. Sing the song in your best pirate voice without laughing while your contestants tickle your feet and you get to win the treasure. With three different times available for difficulty who can hold their nerve to win the most amount of gold.
From Wonderbly the My Golden Ticket book gives every child a unique adventure in Willy Wonka’s factory. They’ll explore wondrous new rooms and uncover their own delicious secrets.The perfect personalised gift for kids 5-12 years.On his way around the factory, a kid called Jack might collect flavours like Juicy Jello, an Airy centre, some Colossal effect and even a hint of Kindness! By the end of the story, your child will discover something truly tremendous – a one-of-a-kind Wonka bar inspired by their name. Check out the giveaways for your chance to win a copy of your own!
Christmas is the perfect time to get the competition flowing within the family with a game. Luckily Rascals have the perfect selection of games to either bring out your festive side with The Very Merry Christmas game, available from Amazon for £19.99. Move around the board collecting presents (present cards) to put in your stocking. Presents have a value depending on whether they’re nice… or naff. All players’ presents are placed face down in the stocking so nobody knows what they’ve got but there are opportunities to take a sneaky look to find out which ones to get rid of and which ones to keep. Land on the singing space and you have to sing a verse from a Christmas song or carol to avoid losing one of your gifts! Watch out for the two dreaded sprout cards as they could have a bad effect and make you lose out… The player with the best presents at the end of the game is the winner. All the joys of Christmas in this one box!
Drumond Park brand new high energy Bang On! board game (rrp £27.99 age 8 to adult – for two or more players in teams) is all about gaining more time! It revolves around an electronically controlled ‘Bang On’ unit and a hammer. It sees teams compete to name as many items from their card as possible, in multiple highly-charged, tension-inducing bursts - before the red timer knob comes plunging down! Think ‘name round fruits’ and ‘Queens of England’ and you’ll see there are plenty of opportunities for absolutely everyone to get involved, right from the off. The premise of this quick-fire game is simple. One team member is picked to be the Banger for that turn and holds the hammer. The other team takes a card and calls out the topic. The Banger hits the big red button to start the game. Then it’s an excruciatingly exciting free-for-all for the competing team - as every correct answer shouted out by any team member wins another bang with the hammer, sending the timer knob whizzing back up to the top again.
Disney Pixar Cars fans will love this LEGO Juniors Disney Pixar Cars Willy's Butte Speed Training 10742 Set. Drive Sheriff into place and get ready to time the champion race car with the speed radar as he zooms past, knocks the Radiator Springs road sign spinning and bursts through a roadblock. Aimed at the younger Lego fan with bugger pieces that are easier to put together, rrp £15.99.
Another delight from little tikes thats perfect to use during bath time or if visiting a pool, the Swim To Me Puppy will be delighted to join you in some splashing water fun! He has his own goggles and comes in a variety of Dalmatian combinations. He will walk on his lead too, the perfect solution for the child who is always asking for a pet! He retails at £29.99
From Orchard Toys, Cheeky Monkeys is a fun game of chance for all the family. There's no hanging about in this fast-paced game, as players battle to collect and count the most bananas – but watch out for other players trying to steal them! Players must make strategic decisions by choosing whether to play it safe after their first turn or spin the spinner to either collect or risk losing more bananas! At less than £10 its the perfect little gift.
Drones are for kids now too, introducing My First Drone from little tikes your child’s first lesson in going up, up and away. Using a simple one-touch remote, this little flyer is super easy to take-off, land, turn and stop. The auto-hover technology keeps the drone suspended in mid-air for easy flying. LED lights and sounds add even more fun and to ensure maximum playing time, the charge time is quick too! Suitable for ages 4+ and retails at £34.99.
Have some snow fun with this LEGO Friends Snow Resort Off-Roader 41321 Set. Put your snowboard on the roof rack, jump inside the Off-Roader and head off to look for some winter sports action at the snow resort. Open the trunk to make sure your suitcase is packed inside and check your map to look for the best snowboarding spots. Here's a ramp for pulling tricks and a rail for grinding help Emma put her helmet on and practice her skills. RRP £12.99
How cute is this Dubble Trubble set from Daniel Galvin Jr? This refreshing summer-scented Strawberry 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash is packed with nutrients, delivering over 70% organic ingredients in one tube. It is bursting with Aloe Vera & Strawberry extract to help nourish the hair, scalp and skin. It’s packed with antioxidant-rich Strawberry extract, which is a gentle astringent and acts as an anti-inflammatory on the body and scalp and leaves your hair and body smelling sweet. A must-have for every child’s bathroom, the knot-combating Cool Cucumber Detangling Spray is designed to complement and enhance the skin and hair loving benefits of the hair and body washes. 
If you know a child who's just the smallest bit excited about Christmas, this is the gift for them! The popular Christmas book from Its Your Story is back, but bigger and better. It's now available in the large A4 format with updated illustrations, making it the perfect present for Christmas 2017. The story follows the adventures of a young boy or girl who wakes on Christmas morning but is far too excited to go back to sleep. The child creeps around the house discovering that there's plenty of fun to be had while the rest of the family sleeps - from nibbling some icing from the Christmas cake to finding reindeer tracks in the snow and feeling their presents under the tree.You can add photos and personalisation and prices start from £17.50
This line of Build-It-Yourself construction sets come equipped with all the pieces needed to build your favourite Cat machine! The machine operator figure is included and fits into the driver’s seat. Collect them all and mix and match pieces to create your own machine! Each model includes a chunky screwdriver and reusable carry case for storage. There are 5 models to collect; Excavator, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Service Truck and Wheel Loader. Suitable for ages 3+ priced at £11.99 from Toy State.
Make learning your alphabet fun and engaging with this beautifully illustrated large-format Alphabet book starring the child on every page from Its Your Story priced from £17.50. Each letter is accompanied by a picture and a simple sentence which emphasises the sound, making it the perfect book for children in pre-school and reception who are starting to learn their alphabet. Look out for Oliver Octopus with his Orange socks and the Violin-playing Vet! Not only will the child learn how letters sound and what they look like, but they will also get to go on an adventure - meeting lots of different animals, building a sandcastle at the beach and even riding a rocket to the moon!
Another great item from Toy State is the Hero Rider. Watch as The Incredible Hulk weaves left and right on top to control the van. This motorised van also has great sound effects, you press the button on top of the van and watch as hulk takes control. It can also be used for some free wheeled play, it retails at about £20.
Scrabble Original is the classic battle of wits and words, it's the game everyone knows and loves. In the game of Scrabble, each player must make the best use of 7 letter tiles drawn at random. Scores are given for letter values and are boosted by premium squares on the grid. The player with the highest score at the end wins, you can play with 2-4 players.
Your child’s name in their very own personalised workbook with Write My Name. Your child's name is featured throughout and the set comes with a dry wipe pen so you can use this set again and again. Its perfect for your kids who are learning to write or need to improve their writing. It comes gift boxed and includes stickers and a certificate to. You can also opt for cursive or manuscript, this gift set retails at £39.99
How about a delightful little sage green door to allow fairies and magical friends to live in your home! Simply sit the door on or above your skirting board in the kitchen, bedroom, nursery or on the stairs or landing for the whole family to share. Once the door is installed, you need to write a little invitation on the notelet supplied. You can accessorise your door with our range of little accessory kits. Its a solid wooden door, hand-painted using chalk paint. Each door has a rustic appearance as it’s hand-finished. They have not sealed the wood to shine or spray painted it with gloss/lotions and potions. Instead we use toxin-free, water based chalk paint which does leave a texture, but so much better for the environment and for little people. From £19.95 at Magical Little World.
Speed and hand/eye co-ordination are needed, in this fast, frantic stacking game. Race your opponent to clear all of your cups. If the base colour of your cup, matches the top colour of one on the podium then stack it quickly! Race your opponent against the clock to see who is the fastest at stacking their cups. Colour co-ordinated, this fast-paced game is all about reaction times and hand eye co-ordination. Will you be the first to stop the clock with your cups colour co-ordinated. Available from Argos for £12.99 courtesy of University Games.
Magformers is one of the fastest growing Educational Toy Brands in the UK & Ireland mainly due to the benefits magformers offers children of all ages (parents too!!) You can build in 2D nets into 3D structures in seconds - due to their unique spinning magnets which are encased in each geometric shape. Magformers are proud of their 100% global safety record dating back over 10 years and to date they have won over 60 International  awards. They only use the best materials when manufacturing magformers such as Neodymium magnets (rare earth magnets which are the strongest magnets in the world!) and ABS plastics - ensuring our products are super tough, durable and safe. There are sets available that are suitable for ages 18 months, the sets are really educational and thought provoking. You can follow the guidelines and build what the sets intend or free build. They really help younger children with colour and shape recognition. The sets start from around £15 and are available from the Magformers website above.
I love children's books and a book with a message behind it is even better. I am Who I am is a lovely book available from Amazon for £7.75.  Elle the elephant is excited to venture out into the jungle and discover new friends. She soon discovers something far more important. She learns that she's very different from the other animals in the jungle but more importantly, she learns it's okay to be.
Santa Sacks are giving you the opportunity to add a personal touch to this festive Santa Sack. Impress your loved ones this Christmas with this detailed screen printed design that has the look of a vintage Royal Mail postage bag, and wouldn’t look out of place on the set of an adaption of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The sack is personalised with the name of your choice, each name and letter is designed, machine cut and heat pressed onto the hessian sack. The perfect gift for presenting gifts in for £19.95.
Everyone loves Smiggle! We are no exception in this household. I have done a Smiggle Christmas Reveal over on Youtube which you can check out. With a range to suit every budget you can get stocking fillers from just £1, to full on mermaid effect pencil cases. Want some Christmas hair accessories, well they have those as well! I'm a bit of a Smiggle addict, so I can't promise all of the above items will find their way into the kids stockings this year!
For those of you with a magnetic personality, this is definitely the gift for you from Menkind . These magnetic putties come with their own little magnets to cause mayhem with. The are available in cool cobalt blue or shining shimmer gold, which makes for an awesome modelling goop, mouldable and mashable. But the real joy of these putties is seeing them react to the supplied magnet. Watch as they move, squirm and twist of their own accord in response to the awesome, invisible power of magnetism! Awesome stocking fillers for £9.99.
This Magic Notebook From Menkind, rrp £9.99 wouldn’t look out of place in Hogwarts and is an ideal place for all your notes, calculations and potion recipes. With 90 sheets of spellbound A5 paper, there is plenty of room for every spell known to wizard kind. Just don’t forget to cast your Aparecium spell to stop unwanted eyes reading your notes! Each page has easy to understand spell movements and you even get a new magic wand pencil specially designed with engrained magic abilities, so you can keep adding more and more tricks and incantations.
I was really excited when I saw The Hair Helper as a Mum of a girl with an unhealthy bow addiction! The hair helper is the perfect station for all your hair accessories, including the brush! You can choose your ribbon colour options, personalise with a name and even chose some fun stickers to jazz it up. It came fully assembled, I just had to attach the brush holder with the 2 screws provided. The frame is available in pink or white and you can make it as colourful as you like with your ribbon choices. The basic frame is £17.99 and you can pay extra for additional accessories as you like them. This is a must have for all you girl Mummas!
Head to your favourite capital city and create high rises, bustling streets and whole neighbourhoods with a selection of pastel building components and angled roofs. You can use the coloured floor tiles to represent grass and roads. This kit from Arckit retails at £18.99 and can be expanded by buying more sets. The perfect gift for your creative child.
These Itty Bittys from Hallmark are the perfect stocking stuffers this year. These collectors edition festive Mickey and Minnie are adorable! Itty Bittys are highly collectable and have lots of different designs available from Star Wars to Disney Princesses, they retail at around £6 each!
I hope you enjoyed this guide and found some helpful suggestions for your loved ones this Chrismas. If there is a particular item in this guide you love leave me a comment below and let me know which it is! Whats top of your list this Christmas.
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