Weekly Weigh In - 3/10/17

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that there was no weekly weigh-in post from me last week. That's mainly because there was no weight loss, there was no weight gain either which was great. I had a good week food wise, but I didn't drink as much water as I usually do, I also didn't move anywhere near as much as I should have. I was happy with a maintain in my weight but knew I could have done better. I started off the following week with a mindset of smashing it and getting myself moving a bit more. The week started off really well and I have really nailed the food choices now, I find I am naturally making better food choices. I still believe calorie counting is the way forward for me, it's not restrictive and as long as the food fits in within my daily allowance I can eat it. I definitely find if I feel restricted in what I can eat it throws me right off the track. This then leads me to binge eat and make bad choices, so calorie counting is working as I haven't binged now for over 5 weeks. I feel more on balance with my food so it's time to sort out getting moving more. I hate going to the gym and finding time to go in my busy schedule isn't working for me. I have come up with some ideas to get me moving and boost my weight loss. 

1. Make sure I hit my daily step goal on Fitbit. I have a goal of 8000 a day which I hit with ease and exceeded on a weekday. I pretty much never hit it on the weekends, so I plan to get them in on the weekend by taking the dog out for a walk a few times a day.
2. Use the fitstar app on my Blaze watch. these are a set of really simple daily exercises to follow. It gives me a demo and then I have to compete them as I am told by the app.
3. Lookin into getting a home gym, I don't have time to be travelling to the gym so why not bring the gym to me. We have plenty of room and the outside shed is waterproof, with a bit of a clean up it would be the perfect spot.
4. Go out for a ride on my bike, the hubby just got himself a new one which means I inherited his old one. It's the perfect size for me and although I haven't ridden for years its something you never forget! 
5. I really want to get back into swiming, my local pool has really restrictive swim times. There is a pool further away with open swimming but it would take 30 minutes to get there and then 30 minutes back!
Obviously, on top of this, I will continue to meal plan and make sure I'm hitting my protein goals for each day. I'm going for a 4lb loss this week, with 3 weeks left till we go away I would like to lose a few more lbs before we go.
See You Next Week

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