Hats that Make Great Christmas Gifts for Men

It’s that time of year again. You know, the time when you begin to wonder how you are going to find gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. Locating just the right gift for your significant other, family member or friend, one that reflects genuine thought and produces joy as well can seem like a tall order. This year, why not take the angst out of shopping? Offering as much fun in the shopping as in the gifting, hats make great Christmas gifts, particularly for men. 

Whether he’s a “hat man,” with an extensive collection, or a man who owns only one knit cap, donned solely on the most frosty mornings, there is a hat to suit every man. Simply consider his personal style and you are sure to pick a winner. To help you make that individualized selection among all of the available hats for men — and elicit a smile that unmistakably says, “thank you” as well — here are a few stellar choices, based on each man’s persona:

The Sophisticated Man
Some men just seem to exude a debonair charm. Elegant even in the most casual of attire, this man looks dashing without even trying. It’s just who he is. For him, a black fedora like the Capital is an excellent gift. Classic style, with a high, creased crown and broad brim, is what a fedora is all about. Worn with a trench coat and suit for the office or with jeans and a leather jacket on the weekend, the fedora’s suave and understated style is all the sophisticated man needs in his hat wardrobe. Of course, that’s another reason it’s the ideal Christmas gift when selecting a hat for this man. 

The Casual Man
Relaxed and comfortable is the style of choice for the casual man. Not given to fancy fashions nor black-tie affairs, he’s more at peace with a low-key wardrobe of fewer pieces that all coordinate with each other. Wearing jeans and a cozy sweater is more his style. Likewise, a flat cap is his kind of hat. With its unobtrusive profile and unembellished design, a flat cap such as the ivy cap is the perfect accompaniment to the casual man’s daily looks as well as the Christmas gift he will still be wearing years from now.

The Style-setter

Creating the styles that other men emulate, the stylesetter enjoys accessorizing. Hats are just one type of accessory that he uses to individualize his look. A Panama hat is a Christmas gift that is sure to work for him. Similar to the fedora in its design, but with a teardrop-shaped crown, the straw construction makes it a summertime staple for this stylish man.

The Hat Connoisseur
Hats, hats and more hats — the hat connoisseur never has too many. In fact, they are his sartorial claim to fame. Indeed, he never leaves home without one. That’s why the pork pie hat is such an outstanding gift choice for this man. Small and ever so stylish, with its low crown and small brim, this hat is for a man who takes pleasure in looking good and wears hats as part of that look.

The Western Aficionado
The style of the American West, with its cowboy boots and high hats is quintessentially American. Therefore, for the man from this region or just enamored of it, not just any hat will do. A cowboy hat or gambler — each epitomizing western style — is as intrinsic to his daily attire as his cowboy boots, regardless of the occasion. Select either of these styles as a Christmas gift for him, and you can’t go wrong.

With their personal styles in mind, choosing hats that make great Christmas gifts for the men on your list will be a cinch this year. You might even have time to pick up a fabulous gift or two for yourself.

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