Doing Halloween Our Way

As an autism family, we don't do Halloween the same as most families. The idea of knocking on strangers doors and asking for treats goes against everything we have tried to instil in our kids. We have spent all of the children's lives explaining about strangers and not accepting things off people you don't know etc. So to take them out doing exactly that would be a little confusing for them.We did try it and our eldest boy began to question why we had lied to him and told him its wrong to talk to strangers etc. With the children being autistic they live a very black and white existence, you cant tell them one thing and then do the total opposite! It's been a learning curve and the reason why we always do things a little different for occasions such as Halloween. This year 2 of the boys are going to a local Halloween disco and the other 2 are staying home to hand out sweeties to any children who knock on our door. Skye in particular loves to do this as she loves looking at peoples costumes. We decorate the house, get out our inflatable ghost and stick a pumpkin in the window. This year Wilko has sent the 3 youngest members of the family a fab outfit each to celebrate Halloween. Wilko has a fab range when it comes to all festivaties and Halloween is no exception. Whether you are looking for cobwebs for your door or sweeties for your cauldron they have you covered. Their costume range starts from just £3!
The Zombie girl costume sent for Skye is quite ironic as she NEVER sleeps! Although it is usually me left looking like a zombie and not her. The set comes as a one-piece dress and has a grey and green skirt, the bodice has a funky 3d effect on it. 
Cody is going to be a little vampire for the night, his set contains a cape, waistcoat and trousers. The material is soft and shiny and the watch on the pocket lights up in the dark. The shiny waistcoat is really eye catching too. He is the cutest little vampire ever! 
I love this werewolf costume for Dayton, it's just a top and 3d mask, so you need your own trousers. But plain school pants are fine. All Wilko Halloween costumes have been safety tested against fire, which gives you piece of mind. 
 I think they all look great and they love their Wilko costumes!
It's too late to order online but you can still find plenty of stock available in your local Wilko stores and they are scattered all over. My local store has all 3 of the about costumes still in stock as well as plenty of others. So hurry on down to your local Wilko.
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