Cooking With Stellar Rocktanium

My old wok was looking in a bit of a sad state, it's a well-used kitchen item, but I've had it for a few years now and it was in need of replacement. The team at Stellar got in touch and offered me the chance to review one of the new Rocktanium range. The standout feature of this collection is the rock hard revolutionary titanium based non-stick formula, Quantanium, this PfoFA-free coating gives a scratch-resistant finish that is more durable than conventional non-stick. 
The pans are created from thick aluminium with an induction base to ensure even heat distribution on all hob types, the five pans in this collection cover all today’s needs. The comfortable, hollow, stainless steel cast handles are strong and stable and enable each pan to be hung for easy storage. The vented glass lids on the saucepans and sauté pan allow you to see inside at a glance and the reinforcing stainless steel rim and lid-handle combine style with practicality. The pans have a lifetime guarantee and with prices starting at just £30 you will enjoy cooking with them for years. I was sent the 24cm saute pan.
The first thing I wanted to test out was the non-stick claim, I would usually pop a dash of olive oil or some fry light in the pan, but didn't. I was really pleased to see the meat cooking happily on the non-stick surface. The meat cooked evenly and quickly and I was able to add the veggies
The vented lid is great, I didn't have to stir the veggies I added, I just popped the lid on and let the veggies soften and the meat mingles in. The non-stick claims continued to dazzle me. The pan is plenty big enough to cook a meal for me and the Mr in. The pan is a nice weight and not too heavy to handle. The handle is stainless steel and really comfortable to use. The pan is also suitable to use on all hob types and is dishwasher safe. The pan as an amazing 10-year non-stick guarantee. Our meal we made was yummy and thanks to the lid all the flavours really infused together. The last thing I wanted to show you was how the pan looked after we served dinner from it!
It was soo easy to clean, I was able to wipe it out with a soapy cloth. No scrubbing or soaking required! I'm really impressed with the saute pan, it retails for £60 which is great for a great quality product that comes with a quality guarantee.
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