Weekly Weigh In - 18/9/17

Hey, welcome back to the weekly weigh-in, I've had a bit of on and off week this week. I've not really felt into it and had a varied diet of good and bad food. I am trying to put too much pressure on myself and not beat myself up about making bad choices. This just makes me feel even worse about making the bad choices and makes me eat more. On a positive note, I have carried on drinking out of my big water bottle all week. I was expecting a big gain this week after a few days of binge eating and a few days on the wagon. I stepped on the scales and was pleasantly surprised by the result...
I'm pretty happy with just a 1lb gain, it could have been so much worse. I think the water flushing out my system helped and also the fact that I did a few school runs last week and had a few appointments to keep. I managed to meet my step goal for each day, even on the days when I wasn't feeling great. I am hoping for a great week this week coming. I have my meals planned, all 3 of them. I find planning brekafast, lunch and dinner help me stay on track. If I know what I am having it stops me standing in front of the fridge debating on what to make and eating the wrong thing. I have a super busy week with 3 appointments, 1 parenting course and a volunteering placement interview! So I will definitely be getting my step goal in!
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