Weekly Weigh In - 11/09/2017

Hello and welcome back to my weekly weight loss update. I've had a pretty good week on the whole. I have been cracking on and using my fitness pal to track and log my meals, I have also been using my Fitbit to track my steps. I have also been using my Diet Chef meals as part of my meal plan. On top of my Diet Chef food, I am allowed around another 500 calories. I use this up by adding pasta, potatoes, bread or crackers to my meals. I have really enjoyed the spicy beef and tomato soup this week. I'm a little sad I only added 2 of them to my hamper. I haven't used my Diet Chef meals every day as I am taking a more flexible approach to my weight loss. Some days I will use weight loss products, some days I will have chicken fingers and chips with the kids. The most important thing is that I am tracking everything that passes my lips. Another new addition to my weight loss mission this week is fluids. I have a whole host of water bottles in the house and I fill one up daily. The trouble is I forget to refill it, so I am usually only getting 1 litre a day. I was out shopping and spotted a huge water bottle that holds 2.2 litres. So for the second half of last week and over the weekend, I was having 2.2 litres each day. I think this definitely helped my weight loss this week.
So I guess the most important part is what did I lose this week! I lost a whopping 6 pounds!! I was astounded when I stepped on the scales this morning! I think its more than likely water weight, but I will take it non the less. It really spurred me on to make sensible choices this week. I went out today for afternoon tea for my little sisters birthday and I tracked every little thing I ate. Normally if it was as special occasion I would have thought sod it and ate what I wanted! Roll on next week.
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