Rainbow Toy Awards - Spiralite

We were really excited to be chosen as Rainbow Toy Award testers again this year and a few weeks ago we got our first product to try out. We were sent Spiralite from John Adams, I couldn't wait to try it as I was a big fan of Spirograph when I was younger and loved making designs. 

Spiralite allows you to make designs on the plastic screen using the wheels and then light up your design. The set comes with 2 different size wheels with teeth edges, 3 different coloured pens and the frame to attach your design wheels to and display your design afterwards.

Bethany was excited to give it a try, she is 9 and never tried anything like it before. I showed her how to insert the wheels with the teeth. She got it really quickly and was soon off designing. Once she used her wheels to create a design she used the pens to do some freestyle designing around the edges too. We did find that we had to hold the edge of the wheel frame in as the wheels just kept on falling out of the teeth grips, which was frustrating.
We stood the frame up in the in-built edge of the stand and pressed the button on the top to light up the design Beth had made. We were pretty disappointed as it didn't light up much at all. We added the included silver card to see if that made it look better and it still wasn't amazing. 
Overall we did have a few teething problems with this toy, the wheels wouldn't stay in the frame without falling out and the light up effect is underwhelming. On the plus side Beth still really enjoyed the design elements of Spiralite and the fact you can wipe your design off and start again. So its a product you can use again and again. To remedy the light up effect you could light it up in a dark room to get the effect. Spiralite retails at £19.99 and is available from most major toy shops.
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