What The Postman Brought - 24/9/17

Its Sunday again which means it's time for another look at what the postman delivered this week. There have been some lovely Christmas gift guide additions. I also had a few confirmations of some giveaway for the Christmas gift guides, so keep your eyes out for them the first week of November.
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The A-Z Of Autism - R Is For

Mr L was diagnosed way back in 2007 and I didn't have a clue what autism was, 10 years and 2 more children diagnosed its safe to say I am learning new things every day. It's a tough and confusing time when you first get that diagnosis and I couldn't find any real information anywhere. So say hello to the A-Z of autism, written by me with the aide of other SEND bloggers and parents. Each time there will be a different letter of the alphabet and lots of words associated with that letter. I am hoping it can become a bit of a reference point for parents who have children with special educational needs. Do check out last times post Q is For, this time is R is for.

Rhythm - Our Altered Life
My son has incredible rhythm. He taps out a beat perfectly and taught himself to play the piano from the age of 2 and a half. Notes and music and predictable and safe so it's no surprise that he's so brilliant. I'm really proud of him.
All 3 of my ASD children have fabulous rhythm and Mr L can beat match really well. 

Repetition, Routine, Respect & Reluctant - Faith Mummy
Both repetition & routine are standard in my house. If only society would respect my kids for who they are and not ridicule. I am reluctant to go to new places with my kids, try new therapies and my daughter reluctant to try new food.

Rainman - Stephs 2 Girls
This is a reference that is usually made when someone hears autism, in reality, the film is majorly off the mark for most of us SEND families.

Runner, Routine & Remembers Everything - First Time Valley Mam
My 3 are all runners, we have to leave all doors locked to stop them legging it. They are 100 miles a minute all the time. They definitely remember everything in tiny detail, I learnt pretty quickly never to make a promse as they never forget!

Routine, Rocking & Reality - Autism Mumma
Another vote for routine here, the children take ages to get into a new (more relaxed?) routine during school holidays. Also rocking, something that T still does without realising, when he's either concentrating our eating. Also reality, my two teens with autism will grow into adults with autism, I worry about society accepting them for who they are.

Reasonable Adjustments - Living Life Our Way
This is another I think us parents wish would be a given, it wouldmakee life easier if adjustments could be made to suit our and our child's needs. 

Rewards - Rainbows Are Too Beautiful
Rewards, not in the traditional sense, but in a token economy ABA type style. It's part of Davids every day. See her post Getting Responses Using Token Economy

Rules - A Blog About Raising My Autistic Son
Having to stick to exactly whats been said. Check our her post Rules Rule!

Refusal - Rikos Blog - PDA and More
My kids refuse to do almost everything, cant blame them as I'm the same lol PDA life!

Rote Memory
My kiddos have amazing rote memory, they can recall the smallest details of the most obscure things. Mr L knows all the winners, racers and tracks of the grand prix for the past 10 years!

Are there any R's you can think of that you would like to add, leave a comment and let me know. 
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Weekly Weigh In - 18/9/17

Hey, welcome back to the weekly weigh-in, I've had a bit of on and off week this week. I've not really felt into it and had a varied diet of good and bad food. I am trying to put too much pressure on myself and not beat myself up about making bad choices. This just makes me feel even worse about making the bad choices and makes me eat more. On a positive note, I have carried on drinking out of my big water bottle all week. I was expecting a big gain this week after a few days of binge eating and a few days on the wagon. I stepped on the scales and was pleasantly surprised by the result...
I'm pretty happy with just a 1lb gain, it could have been so much worse. I think the water flushing out my system helped and also the fact that I did a few school runs last week and had a few appointments to keep. I managed to meet my step goal for each day, even on the days when I wasn't feeling great. I am hoping for a great week this week coming. I have my meals planned, all 3 of them. I find planning brekafast, lunch and dinner help me stay on track. If I know what I am having it stops me standing in front of the fridge debating on what to make and eating the wrong thing. I have a super busy week with 3 appointments, 1 parenting course and a volunteering placement interview! So I will definitely be getting my step goal in!
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What The Postman Brought - 17/09/17

It has been a quieter week of door knocking this week, but I have still had some beautiful packages delivered. A few more additions for the Christmas gift guides and even a nice competition win. Check out my video and see what the postman delivered this week. Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel for all my updates.
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Appy Kids Co Drinks Review & Giveaway

With school back in full swing, I have been busy in a new routine of school runs, packed lunches and school uniforms. The team from Appy Kids Co got in touch and wanted to send the kiddies some of their Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig juice drinks to try. Appy Kids Co values families before profit, so all their wholesome products are created using ethically sourced premium ingredients, to ensure that they are always affordable, approved by the family, and loved by kids. They believe that you should have the freedom of choice when choosing better produce for your family. They offer a range of great juice drinks in some of your child's favourite characters, in a range of different flavours. They are available in juice box style and pouch style. You can buy them from Tesco, Ocado, Poundland and Spar stores.
The Paw Patrol orange drinks went down a storm in our house, Cody loved them. I also tried them and thought that they were a nice orange flavour. They are 100% natural, low in sugar and fortified with vitamins ACE. They also come in Paw Patrol pouch drinks also come in delicious apple flavour.
The Peppa Pig carton drinks come in 3 yummy flavours orange, tropical and apple & summer berries. The tropical is really fruity, I really noticed the pineapple flavour coming through. Skye loves the orange flavour. They are 100% sugar free and packed full of yummy fruit flvaours. Both the pouches and the carton drinks come with straws attached so they are great for picnics and packed lunches.
I have teamed up with Appy Kids Co to give one of my readers the chance to win 8 packs of their fab drinks. For your chance to win 4 pack of TMNT drinks and 4 packs of Dora drinks, that's a massive 40 pouches of juice drinks just enter below. Do read the terms and conditions before entering. Appy Kids Co
Open to UK & Ireland residents over 18years. 1 prize for 1 winner, chosen at random via Gleam. All entry methods are optional. Make sure you complete each entry correctly or you will be disqualified. Come back each day for extra entries. Winner will be contacted within 3 days of the giveaway ending. If they do not respond within 28 days a new winner will be chosen. Your details will be passed to the PR/Company and nobody else. Delivery is the responsibility of the PR/Company. Raising the Rainbows is not responsible for any damaged or missing prizes. Please allow up to 28 days for the prize to arrive. The company reserves the right to substitute the prize for one of similar value if the original isn't available. Bulk or automated entries will be disqualified. Giveaway open until 11.59pm on October 14th 2017
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Weekly Weigh In - 11/09/2017

Hello and welcome back to my weekly weight loss update. I've had a pretty good week on the whole. I have been cracking on and using my fitness pal to track and log my meals, I have also been using my Fitbit to track my steps. I have also been using my Diet Chef meals as part of my meal plan. On top of my Diet Chef food, I am allowed around another 500 calories. I use this up by adding pasta, potatoes, bread or crackers to my meals. I have really enjoyed the spicy beef and tomato soup this week. I'm a little sad I only added 2 of them to my hamper. I haven't used my Diet Chef meals every day as I am taking a more flexible approach to my weight loss. Some days I will use weight loss products, some days I will have chicken fingers and chips with the kids. The most important thing is that I am tracking everything that passes my lips. Another new addition to my weight loss mission this week is fluids. I have a whole host of water bottles in the house and I fill one up daily. The trouble is I forget to refill it, so I am usually only getting 1 litre a day. I was out shopping and spotted a huge water bottle that holds 2.2 litres. So for the second half of last week and over the weekend, I was having 2.2 litres each day. I think this definitely helped my weight loss this week.
So I guess the most important part is what did I lose this week! I lost a whopping 6 pounds!! I was astounded when I stepped on the scales this morning! I think its more than likely water weight, but I will take it non the less. It really spurred me on to make sensible choices this week. I went out today for afternoon tea for my little sisters birthday and I tracked every little thing I ate. Normally if it was as special occasion I would have thought sod it and ate what I wanted! Roll on next week.
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Rainbow Toy Awards - Spiralite

We were really excited to be chosen as Rainbow Toy Award testers again this year and a few weeks ago we got our first product to try out. We were sent Spiralite from John Adams, I couldn't wait to try it as I was a big fan of Spirograph when I was younger and loved making designs. 

Spiralite allows you to make designs on the plastic screen using the wheels and then light up your design. The set comes with 2 different size wheels with teeth edges, 3 different coloured pens and the frame to attach your design wheels to and display your design afterwards.

Bethany was excited to give it a try, she is 9 and never tried anything like it before. I showed her how to insert the wheels with the teeth. She got it really quickly and was soon off designing. Once she used her wheels to create a design she used the pens to do some freestyle designing around the edges too. We did find that we had to hold the edge of the wheel frame in as the wheels just kept on falling out of the teeth grips, which was frustrating.
We stood the frame up in the in-built edge of the stand and pressed the button on the top to light up the design Beth had made. We were pretty disappointed as it didn't light up much at all. We added the included silver card to see if that made it look better and it still wasn't amazing. 
Overall we did have a few teething problems with this toy, the wheels wouldn't stay in the frame without falling out and the light up effect is underwhelming. On the plus side Beth still really enjoyed the design elements of Spiralite and the fact you can wipe your design off and start again. So its a product you can use again and again. To remedy the light up effect you could light it up in a dark room to get the effect. Spiralite retails at £19.99 and is available from most major toy shops.
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What The Postman Brought - 10/09/17

My door constantly knocking at the moment, I'm in the midst of planning the blogs ever popular Christmas gift guides. Last year I started filming a look in my letter box videos for my Youtube channel, to give you a sneak peek of what will be featured before the guides go live in November. They were really popular videos, so here they are again. Stay tuned for the gift guides and a host of competitions which will go live the first week of November.
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Life Update

So it's been a while since I did a catch-up, the school holidays were hard going. All 4 of my kiddies are back to school now so I thought a little catch up is in order. Rather than sit here and write a long ramble I got my camera out! 
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Skyes New Bedroom

We recently moved Skye back into the box room, she was in a much larger room but it just didn't suit her needs. She found the acoustics to much and as she listens to a radio it was too loud bouncing off the walls. Skyes room is quite minimal as it has to be set up to be all about sleep. So it has a few toys but mostly books, the box room was a better choice for her. But it was a terrible green and brown combo, no idea why we decorated it that colour in the first place. We asked her what colour she wanted her room and she said pink! I knew that would be the response and I found a stunning vibrant pink in Wilko's, at only £10 per pot it only cost me £20 to transform the room colour. 
It so much nice than the snot green! She was in need of a new carpet and as the pink was a little dark I went for a stunning pale grey carpet, its velvet touch and Skye loves the feel of it, I have to admit its quite relaxing running your hands through it. My carpet fitter had it left over from a previous job so it got it for just over £100, which is an epic bargain its usually £15.99 per square metre.
Her bed was another bargain, I got the bed and mattress for just £160 including delivery at Argos. It's a full metal bed and its solid. It took me about an hour to fasten all the fiddly screws! I am going to get a pool noodle float and put it over the steps on the ladder as Skye finds them a bit hard to climb up. 
If you get a new bed, you have to have some new bedding! The team from Ollie & Leila sent us the beautiful Butterfly-Flutterby Single Duvet Set to feature in Skye's new room. The stunning appliqued butterflies embellish the fresh white 100% cotton bed linen in lovely pink, purple and turquoise hues. Mixing textures, colours and fabrics, this delicious 100% cotton bed linen set is beautifully finished - with gorgeous details such as a contrasting pink trim with pleated detailing on the pillowcase and polka, gingham and stripey butterflies. Go Check them out they do a stunning range of girls beds.
I love a bit of a bargain and like to shop around before I buy something. I spotted these curtains on a website for £29.99 but thought that was too expensive and shopped around! Her curtains are my best bargain buy, they are fully lined and a nice match to her Ollie & Leila bedding. They were £9.99 from eBay and bonus they included tie backs.
I purposely chose a mid sleeper as it's the perfect space to hide her book storage. We have had the cabinet for a few years and it has really stood the test of time. Skye doesn't have many toys, she doesn't see the point of them, but she loves a good book. The lovely bunting hung around the underneath of her bed is from Kiddies Kingdom. Its 100% cotton and a mixture of the polka dot, striped and a pretty floral print, its 2.7 metres long and it's completely machine washable. You can get lots of coordinated pieces to match also if you are planning a matching theme.
Skye will only sleep with a light on and I have tried and failed a few times to introduce a lamp. I decided to try again when introducing her to her new room for the first time. The main difference being this time is that I have removed the bulb from the main light in the room, so its either a lamp or nothing! It's working so far, I have put an energy saving 30-watt bulb in so its casts a nice soft glow over the room and it's in the corner away from her bed. This lovely lamp cost is about £10 from Argos.
Skye hates silence, it hurts her ears and if she walks into a room with no sound she covers her ears. So, the final and most important part of the room is the radios, Skye will not sleep without some kind of background noise. The Team over at My VQ sent me a Retro Mini DAB radio for each of the kiddies rooms.
The VQ Retro Mini is small but perfectly formed with making it a stylish and functional addition to any home. Retro Mini will compliment any décor thanks to its premium leatherette wrap which is available in 11 design influenced colours & 3 Emma Bridgewater patterns. Both the childrens radios are Emma Bridgewater and I love them both. The Retro Mini features DAB, DAB+ and FM radio reception which means you have access to the full range of digital and analogue services across the UK and Europe. You can simply connect any smart device via Bluetooth, or if you’d prefer use the 3.5mm aux-in connection. Other cable connections include, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB charging port so you can charge up your device as you stream. It also features a single premium ultra-wide full range stereo speaker with a room filling 5 Watt total output. The acoustics of Retro Mini can be further enhanced with the MyEQ equaliser which offers 6 presets. I'm so in love with the radios and a little jealous so I am definitely putting one on my Christmas list this year! I made a Youtube video of the whole makeover from start to finish, take a look at it below.
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