Weekly Weigh In - 13/08/2017

So there are no big speeches about how this is a new beginning and how I'm going to stick to it this time and be really good all time. I have a lot of weight to lose to be classed as a healthy weight, even when I first joined slimming world I was classed as morbidly obese, such a joyous word morbid isn't it. I lost almost 3 stone on slimming world and then got disillusioned with the plan. I hated feeling so restricted and filling myself up with mullers and mug shots! It's just not real food, how can you be healthy eating sugar-free crap. I was also fed up with only being able to have tiny amounts of fibre and dairy each day, If I had Weetabix for breakfast I couldn't have a sandwich for lunch, well I could if I synned the bread lol, im a sucker for a sandwich lol. I have nothing against slimming world but after nearly 2 years of yoyoing up and down its no longer for me. 

My lovely friend introduced me to my fitness pal and macro tracking, she worked out how many calories I am allowed to eat each day based on my daily calorie burn on my Fitbit and I have been tracking and logging for a whole week. I am loving the freedom calorie tracking has given me, I can pretty much eat whatever I want as long as I track it and it comes within my macro allowance. 

I have just come to end of my first week of tracking and have enjoyed a really varied diet this week. I have even had and tracked a McDonalds, which was still under my daily allowance. The main thing I have noticed from tracking is how it makes you look at the food you're eating and what it contains. At the end of my first week I have lost............
So it's not as much as I used to lose each week with slimming world, I would lose on average 5lbs a week, but I am happy with a 3! Just 3.5lb a week would mean a stone in a month! I also think considering what I have eaten this week 3lb is a great first week result. 
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