Top Tips For Stress Free Back To School

So there are just 2 weeks left until the children go back to school and we are already planning stages, with 4 children planning is essential. We want to back to school process to be as smooth as possible for the children. I thought I would share with you 5 top tips for preparing for back to school.

1. Back Into Routine
We are pretty laid-back in the holidays, obviously, with the children being autistic we have a pretty solid routine, but are a bit more relaxed around bedtime. With a short time left till we go back, we have started enforcing the normal school day evening routine. The children are allowed an hour on their technology after dinner. Then it's time for pyjamas, teeth and quiet time in bed. I believe by enforcing this 2 weeks early it makes it less of a shock to the system than doing it the night before they go back to school.

2. Stand Out From The Crowd
The kids all need bags to take into school, especially my daughter who travels by bus. I always go for a bright and colourful backpack. She will never lose it amongst the boring black and blue ones. She will identify it's hers and it's got plenty of space for all of her school things.
3. Personalise It
You really can't go wrong with school items you can personalise. We have these 2 items from The Personalised Gifts Shop and they are great. Dayton can take his water to school every day and not get his mixed up in the sea of water bottles. For Cody I went for a pe bag, the children all have plain navy bags, this royal blue with the alien on the front will have him finding his bag straight away.
4. Spend A Bit More
I used to buy the standard supermarket shoe for the kids priced at around £10. After about 6 weeks I was finding that they needed a new pair. Last year I deiced to splash out on Kickers for them, they cost £40 per pair, but they lasted the whole of the year. So I have done the same this year. 
5. Don't Go For The Same As Everyone Else
When it comes to coats all the kids tend to have the same. blue or black coat. I always try and go for something a bit bright and funky. You can always guarantee that Regatta has a nice selection to choose from. They are completely water proof and in the winter you just add a base layer underneath for the perfect winter coat.
Do you have any back to school tips of many saving advice for parents?Please do share them below.
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