Toot Toot Drivers Fire Station

We are very familiar with the Vtech Toot Toot range, 2 of my 4 children have loved playing with them as little ones. The youngest of my gang is now 6, so a bit old for the Toot Toot range but I have younger nieces and nephews who visit and I know they would love playing with the  Toot Toot Drivers Fire Station.
The fire station provides hours of fun for little ones and is suitable from 12 months. The set is made from quality moulded plastic and there are no small parts, all are nice and chunky. I love how brightly coloured the station is and it comes with its very own fire engone that plays lots of different tunes.
The fire station has lots of moving parts to keep them entertained, the kids can ring the bell, wind the doors open and closed, move the engine up and down the 2 movable ramps and 4 interactive smart points. The smart points are a great additional feature to the toy and when the fire engine is placed on the different smart points the kids get a different response from each one.
The Toot Toot fire station encourages motor skill development and is a great toy for learning about cause and effect. My little ones always loved cause and effect toys, their little faces used to light up when they saw they have done something magic! The fire station inspected with cause and effect mgic that will keep them playing with the fire station for hours on end. I also think it's great for some imaginative play, it's lovely to see the kids making up their own rescue stories as they play.
My 2 testers Mr C and Miss M had a lovely time playing together with the Toot Toot Fire Station, they particularly liked watching the engine zoom down the yellow ramp, knocking down the flames as he goes. They also loved the little singing fire engine that comes with the station, if you press the button on the front he says lots of different phrases and sings songs. With Christmas speedily approaching you can't go wrong with a toy from the Toot Toot range, the Fire Station retails at around £30 and is available in most toys shops.
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