Teenagers Autumn Wardrobe

This awful weather we have been having has got me thinking about sorting our wardrobes out for the winter. Luckily the shops all seem to have the same idea and have started showcasing their autumn and winter ranges. My biggest issue when it comes to clothing is definitely my teenage boy, he is 13, but the size of an adult male. He is almost 6 foot and takes a size 11 shoe, plus at 13 he wants to be fashionable! So I have been shopping around on the web trying to find some stylish bargains to make an autumn capsule wardrobe that doesn't cost the earth. I'm thinking he needs a good pair of men's jeans, a few polo shirts, a hoodie, a winter coat and some good all-round boots.
 A pair of skinny jeans are a must have item for any teenager, Mr L prefers all of his clothes dark so these black skinnies are perfect. Jeans are a great autumn/winter item as they keep you warm from the draft and they can be dressed up or down. I opted for a navy t shirt to match his colour preference. You can go wrong with a polo shirt as you can add a hoodie on top on the cooler days. The hoodie is an autumn essential and great for the winter as it can be added underneath a jacket for extra warmth. The teenager just likes to wear a hoodie around the house in the winter.

I think the Joe Browns coat is really stylish, it's not too thick so perfect for layering up for the autumn and winter months. It's waterproof so ideal for those rain showers that we are susceptible to in Manchester! A pair of boots is the last thing on my list, it's important that the boots are hard wearing. The tread is the most important thing as it needs to cope with the wet and possibly snowy weather. These fit the teenages bland colour criteria but the laces give them that subtle hint of colour. I think all of the items I have chosen for his capsule wardrobe are great, they fit his criteria and they will last the autumn/winter season. Are you preparing for autumn/winter yet? 
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